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  1. Wendy Louise Sells
    Wendy Louise Sells at |

    with all of the Ghost ships I(WENDY SELLS) think that the Movies of the Ghost Ships would be a great movie to show to the Public for every-one to see from Wendy Sells

  2. marc
    marc at |

    IDK, I bet Burt Reynolds could have done well as Han Solo. Think “the Bandit” in space. Cool means of transport, cute chick by his side, a history of smuggling and evading the law, big ugly ass-kicking sidekick.

    1. Cam
      Cam at |

      Agreed 🙂

  3. gray
    gray at |

    a famous film role refusal..lee marvin was spielbergs first choice to play quint in Jaws, he turned the role down as he was already going on a fishing robert shaw got the role..the rest is history!

  4. Cam
    Cam at |

    I’ve heard about Cary Grant considered for Bond, but the guy was nearing 60 when the film series started… Way too old for a character who was meant to be in his early 30s.

    Walken and Pacino would’ve been interesting Han Solos, but I think the only other guy ( besides Harrison Ford ) to play him would’ve been Kurt Russell.

    Maybe he was thought to be too young ( 25 at the time ) for the role.

  5. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Speaking of “The Wizard Of Oz”, Judy Garland was the third pick. MGM originally wanted Shirley Temple as Dorothy, she refused. The second choice for the role of Dorothy was Deanna Durbin and she refused. So Judy Garland took the role and the rest as they say, is history……..

    1. Stephen Cook
      Stephen Cook at |

      Good point. Garland was actually a little old to play Dorothy, but I can’t imagine an actress with a better voice for the part. IIRC, the studio thought she was too heavy & made her lose weight for the part. That’s the reason her clothes are particularly loose, because they thought she was too fat. I thought she was beautiful, but what do I know.

      1. Peter Boucher
        Peter Boucher at |

        Hello Stephen. Thank You for responding and yes, I am familiar with the anecdote of her loose fitting clothes. She took “uppers” to lose the weight but then turned to Barbituates so she could get to sleep. It eventually led to her untimely death of an overdose in 1969. There was a made for TV movie entitled “Rainbow” which I believe came out in the late 70’s. The Broadway Star Andrea McArdle (of “Annie” fame) portrayed Judy and its very hard to find. The movie primarily focuses on her youth growing up. Her actual name was Frances Gumm.

  6. tone
    tone at |

    people only think these actors would have made things odd after the fact of seeing the roles already played. i would have liked to see will as neo..sophia stewart had a man of color in mind to play the lead role.

  7. Timothy Miller
    Timothy Miller at |

    There are six they have forgotten on hear, A. Tom Selleck was originally chosen as Indiana Jones but do to his Magnum P.I. Committment he declined. B. Clint Eastwood was considered for the part of Superman before Christopher Reeve. C. Richard Geere was considered to play John Macclain ( did I spell that right?) but the producers wanted a blue collar look. Here are two from The Rocky series: D. Stallone originally wanted James Caan to play Rocky not himself, what happens I am not sure… E. Stallone originally wanted Joe Frasier to play Clubber Lang in Rocky 3 but during a try Frasier gave him a head butt that split Stallone open and after Stallone chose Mr. T and the rest is history. Finally, Blazing Saddles: Mel Brooks originally wanted co-writer Richard Pryor to play Sheriff Bart, but Pryor said: ” No, I have good drugs and good women you have your movie, see ya.” That last part is an embellishment and I know it is a bit different but is a nice supplement….

  8. GML
    GML at |

    1. Al Pacino – Han Solo, Star Wars


    Can you imagaine? There might have never been an Indiana Jones after that.

  9. Charles Diggie
    Charles Diggie at |

    Vivien Leigh ?? You mean Janet Leigh, don’t you ????

    On a related topic, why wasn’t/isn’t there a woman “Han Solo” considered?????

    Last, to me, Harrison Ford was/is the perfect person for the role of Mr’ Solo.

    And, I would’ve really loved it (the movie) if there was more romantic action in ‘the alien bar.’ Can be a same sex liaisons.

  10. KTSMOM
    KTSMOM at |

    Bette Davis didn’t turn down GWTW. She wanted it badly and made Jezebel as a kind of you know what to David Selnick when he didn’t cast her in the role. Paulette Goddard almost was cast and maybe would have played the part but Vivien Leigh came along. Selnick had issues with Goddard and her relationship with Charlie Chapman – also, in my opinion, her screen tests (that can be seen on the DVD special features) were just not quite right.

  11. JYP
    JYP at |

    Other worthies-

    Peter Boyle turning down the Oscar winning role of Popeye Doyle in the French Connection (he fired his agent after that).

    One of the strangest was Anthony LaPaglia turning down the role of Tony Soprano (yes I know it’s TV but stil it’s a biggie). Can’t imagine anyone but James Gandolfini in the role.

    Another winner – Jack Lord as James Bond. He had the role but had to bow out because he was already in contract for Hawaii 5-0 so he took a smaller role in the movie Dr. No

  12. Blue Silver
    Blue Silver at |

    Kevin Costner made a poor choice to direct, “Open Range”, instead of taking the role of Bill in “Kill Bill”?
    Are you serious? “Open Range’ is a great film and one of Costner’s BEST. Things worked out perfectly….and NO, Costner did not make a poor choice!!!!

  13. Vicky
    Vicky at |

    What about Back to the Future.
    Well I guess Eric Stolz actually didn’t pass on the roll, but just think of how different the movie would have been without Mchael J Fox!

  14. Ron
    Ron at |

    Regarding Kevin Costner — OPEN RANGE is very highly regarded as one of the great Westerns made in the last 20 years. The fact that it didn't fit your criteria does not make it a bad career choice….now WATERWORLD, on the other hand, would have been a bad choice for Flipper…


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