Top 10 Signs That Your Teenager Threw a Party


10. The following Saturday cars loaded with kids keep cruising by your house.

They slow down with hopeful facial expressions until they see you peering through a crack in the curtains and then they speed off.

9. You go to get a glass of water before bed and all of your glassware is missing.

Several ‘Big Gulp’ cups are in their place.

8. Your pot stash is missing.

Either that or it suddenly smells like oregano

7. Even a growing teenager can’t eat eight large pizzas in two nights.

So what’s with all the pizza boxes? And who paid for it?

6. You find a dried up puddle of vomit behind your couch a few weeks later.

Of course your kid could have just been sick from eating eight large pizzas…

5. You suddenly have a much higher threshold for alcohol.

Not to mention the liquor in your bar looks faded and tastes, well, watery.

4. You get a call from a rental company to tell you that they are keeping your damage deposit because the stage and smoke machine were returned broken.

This one is more likely if your kid is in a rock band or dating someone in a rock band.

3. Your next-door neighbor suddenly has a recycle bin overflowing with empty beer cans.

She’s 85 years old and you’ve seen her disapproving looks over the fence when you’re enjoying a glass of wine in the backyard so this doesn’t quite add up.

2. Your area rug has been moved or your furniture has been rearranged.

Tip: Look underneath – bet there’s a stain or burn mark there!

1. Your house is very, very clean. Too clean.

You should expect your house to be messier than it was before you left it. If it’s noticeably cleaner, you should be suspicious. If that dirty skylight you’ve been meaning to get to is now spotless, be scared.

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  1. The TABC has your son in handcuffs, a drunk girl is passed out in one of the bedrooms, and your other son is trying to "lawyer" the cops…(or is that just my parents' experience?)