1. Wow, interesting facts! lol I swear I read an article where two lovebirds met while working at Disney, so how does Don’t Date Disney apply? lol

  2. What was your source for #9? I’ve been looking everywhere for something to verify that fact so I can use it in a project and this is the only site that says it was Pinocchio. Another site says Snow White, while a ton say it wasn’t even Disney at all. Everyone has a different answer to who released the first soundtrack. AGGRAVATING! lol

  3. I’m a former castmember. I worked for what was then called the DRC, or Disney Reservation Center (a call center.) We went through an 8 week training period, part of which was about Disney History. According to the company, the policy of only trimmed mustaches has been around since the early days of the animation studio in California, because Walt got tired of seeing little hairs and bits of beard dander showing up in his animation dailies, and the policy that was initially for the animators only was eventually adopted by the whole company. The only way you can have a beard at Disney is if your religion requires it or you have a note from the Dr saying shaving every day irritates your skin.

  4. As with some of the other commenters, as a former cast member at Disney World I can assure you that not only are cast members allowed to date/marry other cast members, but many of them do – it’s extremely common for cast members to find The One at the most magical place on earth! Many of the other cast members at the Attraction I operated were dating and several were married.

  5. I have been to both Disney’s but the 1 in florida many time, I think back in the 80’s there use to be
    a surger cone i think the name was Hamwich, not to sure now, if that was it. what ever happen to it.
    it was good eating. I only remember seeing it for 1 year only.
    Just wondering.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


  6. Well, since others mentioned it, so will I-our school band went to Disneyland to play, and they brought the choir along-of which I was a part. The band director had formerly been the leader of the Disneyland band, so he had some ins there. We sang at Carnation Square, Christmas songs. It was a weird day! But fun.

  7. Number 6 is incorrect. In my time working at Disneyland I never came across that rule. In fact i met my wife when we both worked at Disneyland. I know countless others who met their spouses working at the park. This isn't just limited to the hourly employees either. While working there i had and knew managers that were married to each other. Even some that were just dating.

  8. A friend of mine once told me that there is some kind of secret night club in Disneyland/world with something like a three- or five-year waiting list. I was so blown away by the idea, I almost missed my exit on the freeway.

    • It's called Club 33.


      quotes from his posts:

      The fancy restaurant shots are inside the ultra-posh

      and expensive "Club 33" which consumes most of the second floor of the New

      Orleans Square area.. a membership-only private Club which Disney built in

      the mid-1960s to entertain VIPs and corporate guests and sponsors, but

      which is open to anyone who wants to pay the incredibly steep yearly dues..

      I am not a member, just a friend of one who can get me in. Buffet lunch is

      about $45.00 a head. Dinner.. I don't even want to guess 🙂

      However, someone else made a good point and one that has always festered in

      my mind.. considering what a membership to Club 33 costs.. the meals really

      should be comped (free).. at least the food. I could understand them

      charging for booze, but paying $2500.00 a year dues (plus a huge initiation

      fee, after waiting years to reach the top of the invitation to join list)

      and then paying for the food on top of that seems.. well, beyond excessive.

      Sure, a member gets free admission to the park, 365 days, but any Joe

      Schmoo can get that for $200.00 a year with the fanciest Annual Pass. But

      what Joe Schmoo can't do is call down to Guest Services and reserve 10 or

      12 free park admissions in one shot for his friends, which a Club 33 member

      can do, apparently as often as they wish, but with about a month's lead


      I was only in Club 33 once.. in the early 1980s. The table was

      reserved (by the host company of whom I was a customer) in my name,

      and there were real matchbooks on the table with my last name stamped

      in gold leaf on the covers. Like an idiot, I used all the matches in

      them but kept the empty covers :/

      • Club 33 was related to the Masonic Lodge, 33 being the highest degree in the Scottish Lodge. Interestingly, Walt is buried at plot # 33 at the cemetery he was laid to rest. While the info is hard to find, I suspect Walt was a good Mason.

        • The plot #33, in relation to Club 33, I’m sure would be significant, had he been buried. But he wasn’t. Walt Disney’s body was cremated and his ashes interred at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA in ’66.

  9. Actually, just recently there was a death of a College Program participant when there was a monorail crash.

  10. Just an interesting fact:

    For a psychology course in college we discussed the atmosphere of different large corporations. The main one was Disney.

    Technically, no one has ever died at Disney World. Yes, several people have been completely crushed, or decapitated, or what have you. But, no one is ever pronounced dead until they are outside the park.

    Other wise it might spoil the magic.

    • sounds like auto racing. noone ever dies at the track, even if the car ‘spodes into a bazillion tiny bits in a roaring ball of fire. they are called at the hospital.

  11. I never noticed the window above the firehouse when I went to Disneyland a few years back.

    If I ever return, I'll have to check for that :

    And since someone mentioned band in Disney…

    I went with my high school's marching band to Hong Kong back in March, and we went to HKD.

    A much smaller park, but still fun.

  12. its not that youre not allowed to date disney, you just shouldnt. the reason that cm got fired was because the picture was taken and put on the internet.

    we are allowed to date other cast members of our level. mangers with managers cms with cms

  13. When I worked there, we were encouraged to date and marry other cast members – they did want to keep it in the family. With characters – face characters especially, I could see the problem. But they did ask us not to marry within our departments. Or if we did, someone would get transferred.

  14. Re #6: When I was in high school, our marching band performed at Disneyland. While talking backstage with an employee (can't remember what character she was), someone mentioned that it must be like one big happy family there. Her reply? "Well…one big incestuous family."

  15. Carrot Flesh on

    "A policy was born requiring all male employees to have short hair and no facial hair at the theme parks. It took until 2000 for the theme parks to renege on the policy. Now male employees are allowed to have neatly trimmed moustaches."

    Hmm.. interesting philosophy. They don't let people have long hair, but they'll allow someone to have a Hitler mustache.