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Top Tenz about William O’Dell

  1. My name is Bill. Don’t call me Billy or Will. If you call me William, you better be my mother.
  2. Bill is the proud father of young twins after almost 10 years of marriage to a fabulous Canadian lady! He recently moved NOB from the U.S. where he had lived in eight states from the Southeast to the Midwest over about 35 years.
  3. His dream is to one day be featured on the New York Times Bestsellers List.
  4. Bill’s a gamer, but is too cheap to purchase an X-Box or Wii! He has a perfectly good computer that works just fine thank you very much!
  5. He’s also a closet comics reader...again too cheap to get them on a monthly basis. But he has an almost complete collection of recent superhero movies and knows more about most of the origins and other comic minutia than most of his fellow moviegoers.
  6. Bill has to know the ending – and the beginning and the middle – of just about every movie he really wants to see. He’s a spoiler, trailer and movie freak. His wife hates it, so he doesn’t tell her anymore!
  7. He is a chili-head who loves to cook for friends and family. Who knows, perhaps the reason he’ll be on the NYT Bestsellers List will be because of a cookbook?
  8. When not watching “Smallville,” “Dr. Who” or “Heroes,” Bill also tries to spend loads of time with his wife. That is when she’s not watching sitcom reruns.
  9. His favorites Top Tenz article so far has been one of the most popular on the site – the Top 10 Phobias.
  10. Bill enjoys being creative and having other people share in his creativity – hence continually writing for Top Tenz. You will soon be able to check out his new blog – an update on the web site address will be forthcoming.

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