Top 10 Chick Flicks for Guys


Since the beginning of cinema there have been movies that have appealed more to the fairer sex than to the hairy behemoths in the crowd. At the height of the 80s, those movies were given a new moniker – Chick Flicks. And since then every beer-toting, sports-spouting guy has dreaded that general movie genre. The genre has evolved as women have over the years with stories that feature more empowered and stronger women characters. A relationship film still rules the roost for the quintessential Chick Flick, but there are many movies that feature those strong, butt-kicking women that can make a guy turn his opinion around.

This Top 10 features 10 of those Chick Flicks that have the most potential for a guy not to cringe while watching the movie. They’re still Chick Flicks, but they could be categorized as guilty pleasures for some guys.

10. When Harry Met Sally

By modern standards, this movie starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is an archetypal hit based solely on the relationships of the title characters. There are two things that make “When Harry Met Sally” tolerable for guys. The first is Crystal’s humor, neurotic and self-effacing at his best; and Ryan’s fake orgasm. ‘Nuff said.

9. Romancing the Stone

This 80s movie was not your typical Chick Flick of the time. Featuring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, “Romancing the Stone” tells the story of an adventurer who literally runs into a romance novelist who desperately needs a man of action to swing in. Fortunately, this movie had the spirit of a “Indiana Jones” movie without the moxie or main character, though it had plenty of laughs

8. Roxanne

What guy doesn’t like laughing at someone with a huge schnozz? Based on the French play “Cyrano de Bergerac,” this 80s movie featured hottie Daryl Hannah and affable funnyman Steve Martin. Martin plays the Cyrano clone who has a killer attitude about his nose; he is perhaps at the top of his game for being funny without playing an outrageous character ala “Saturday Night Live.” While Hannah is a nice incentive, the 25 jokes about his schnozz are what make this a fixture on this Top 10 list.

7. Flashdance

One of the earliest examples of a Chick Flick with an empowered woman, “Flashdance” features Jennifer Beals playing an exotic dancer/welder trying to get into ballet school. There are only two reasons that a guy would sit through this movie: the dance scenes with very scantily clad women and the scene where Jennifer wears her would-be beau’s tie to dinner. The catch – she really didn’t have much on besides the tie.

6. Heathers

Besides being the anti-“Breakfast Club,” this movie features bad boy Christian Slater and bad girl Wynona Rider. As the outside girl in a decidedly in-crowd of mean girls, Ryder falls for the new boy who has a homicidal side when taking revenge. And what guy doesn’t like seeing the stuck-up girls of high school get what’s coming to them? The recent Chick Flick “Mean Girls” could only wish to be so mean, vile and brilliant as “Heathers.”

5. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Perhaps the least Chick Flick like, this movie is listed on several Chick Flick lists simply because “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” features a strong, kick-butt character that can handle anything that comes her way. While there is less about the relationship in this movie, the female lead in Angelina Jolie showcases a woman who knows how to survive at all costs despite playing in the male-dominated world of tomb raiding. And who said that Chick Flicks had to have romance galore? This movie features a bit of sexual tension, quite a bit of action and Jolie in skin-tight, eye-popping outfits that should keep any guy – gamer, geek or not – glued to his seat.

4. Charlie’s Angels

The trio of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu has most men sweating just thinking about any one of them. This movie, which features the trio as “Charlie’s Angels,” highlights all of their assets, has abundant humor and a bit of action to curtail the fact that it was really a poorly conceived follow-up to a TV show that was not trying to intentionally make fun of itself. However, the camp in the 90s film and sequel may very well, besides the hot actresses, be what reins in a guy’s criticism of the somewhat lame action.

3. Thelma & Louise

Two women rebel against the system, wreak havoc through the desert and make the biggest statement that they don’t need gas or men with a bullet in this early 90s film. “Thelma & Louise” has Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as the title characters though the film could just as well have been called an all-female version of “Bonnie & Clyde.” This movie gave Brad Pitt his start and many other men second thoughts about hitting on strange women in a desert.

2. The Witches of Eastwick

Truly a gem among Chick Flicks, this movie features three smoking hot women in their prime: Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon. They play three witches who working together summon Jack Nicholson who plays the devilish Darryl Van Horne. Perhaps the greatest part of “The Witches of Eastwick” is the scene where the witches exact revenge on bad boy Nicholson as his devilish worst with a simple bowl of cherries. The irony of that scene is amazing and kudos to Nicholson for holding his stomach in check.

1. The Princess Bride

Based on a book of the same name, “The Princess Bride” is a tale of a man struggling to rescue the love of his life from a power-hungry would-be king. The adventure and inherent comedy of this Chick Flick make it tolerable, while Mandy Patinkin almost single-handedly steals the movie. What guy hasn’t uttered the phrase “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”?

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  1. 99% of males that i’ve encountered that display utter dislike for chick flicks are obssessed by the “macho ” gene./ the remaining 1% watch the movies but don’t own up to itfor fear of being intimidated by their male friends. there’s nothing wrong with guys watchijg and enjoying chick seriously believe that real men don’t watch them is absurd and (proving obviously)somebody has a serious insecurity problem.

  2. Sweetestsadist on

    Why does every list on this subject suggest that a man will watch a crappy movie just because one or two scenes has a scantily clad woman. Why not point out chick flicks that are actually good (Princess Bride is your best example) and not throw us a movie that only got popular because many women relate to the characters and say, "Men will like it, because they get to see a nearly naked woman." Ladies, if your man is that stupid, you should consider trading up.

  3. Best chick flick of all time IMO was Some Kind of Wonderful. Amazing movie by John Hughes.

  4. Just to let you know I stretched quite a bit for this list considering that there are many true chick flicks that I would not be caught dead watching. That said once I did some research I found that many lists of Chick Flicks now include movies such as Heathers, Tomb Raider, Charlie's Angels, etc. They are included because of the strong, empowered women who have the lead role in the movie. I'm pretty sure the same concept for those movies would definitely have to be severely reworked to feature a male lead – it would not be the same movie whatsoever.

  5. Sorry, but Tomb Raider, Heathers, Charlie’s Angels and Romancing the Stone are not chick flicks. They’re not even close to being chick flicks. And the Princess Bride is a good movie, but its much closer to being a kids movie with humor that adults will enjoy than a chick flick. This list is awful.

  6. Tomb Raider? That’s a serious stretch to call it a chick flick, and it’s 19% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes too. Heather’s & Charlies Angels are rather loose interpretations of the genre, unless your definition is any movie staring a “chick”.

    About Flashdance, no way can I sit through that movie, if all I want is to look at some female skin, the interwebs is faster.

    What about Pretty in Pink, Say Anything, Pretty Woman, A League of Their Own & Erin Brockovich?

  7. The best chick flick ever was "Sixteen Candles." I loved it as a teenager and still love it as a rapidly aging woman. We saw six young actors who went on to become major film stars — I forget all their names, but you'll recognize them when you see them. Unforgettable John Hughes film.

  8. I thought chick flicks were supposed to appeal more to women than men? Half the movies you list are more guy films than chick flick.

    Definitely, Maybe should make the top 5. It's smartly written, funny and stars three beautiful women (Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher, and Elizabeth Banks).

    I enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada & Serendipity also.