10 Reasons Not to Run for Political Office


Many people throughout history have thought it noble to run for political office. Some have felt it their civic duty, while others have truly wanted to affect a change in their world. Unfortunately there are some people who just have no business running or being in a political office, no matter how noble their intentions are.

10. You and everyone else think you’re a shoe-in


If you’re the only candidate who has a prayer of winning because everyone hates the other candidate, that is really no reason to run. If you think it will be an easy win, that’s no reason to run. Just because the other guy is a jerk, doesn’t mean that you’ll be any better.

9. Grudge against the other party or candidate

Talking of jerks, you think the Republicans (or the Democrats, or whatever class) are just a bunch of losers and haven’t done anything good since before you took notice. However, that’s just an open invitation on your part to do some bashing and name-calling that will not do you or your party any good. In fact, your blind opposition to the candidate or their party will make your case worse when it comes down to actually doing something in office due to the likely chance that there will still be remnants of that party in other offices.

8. Authority issues


You think you’re a great leader. But when it really comes down to it, you just like bossing people around since you think you have the best ideas anyways. Great leader is only a stone’s throw away from being a great big bully.

7. Drug problems

Sure it’s only recreational use. That marijuana or liquor or even cigarette problem that you have is no big deal – to you and you alone. However, there are plenty of constituents out there who would like to see someone who can handle themselves in a clear, concise manner at all times. Illegal recreational use is obviously worse for your run, but if you’re a raging alcoholic, it can be just as incriminating.

6. Sex addiction


No one wants to know that you’re into S&M. If you’re that kinky in the bedroom, there may be a problem with your thinking in everyday life. And what happens when your sexual fantasies are brought into the spotlight in full view of your possibly-knowing or unknowing family. How does that make your family feel? Imagine your daughter in school and all the boys leering and quipping about Daddy’s little girl. If you’ve got problems like this, it’s better to keep yourself out of the public eye.

5. Criminal record

Blagojevich Distraction

Sure it was only misdemeanor breaking and entering when you were 18. It doesn’t make a difference – there are some people out there that think people cannot change. And you will be forever branded as someone who breaks the law. Why would your constituents want someone leading them who is supposed to be the ultimate example of an upstanding citizen?

4. For the perks of office

In some cases, the perks may only be the trip to the convention in the big city. In other instances, it may be the insurance that you desperately need since you’re elderly and retired. Or maybe it’s the car that you automatically get with the office. Any way you cut it, if you’re doing it because of the perks, your heads not in the game for what it should be.

3. No one else will take the job


When you’re the only candidate because no one else will take the job, why are you running? This may not be as much of an issue in larger cities, but in smaller and/or rural municipalities, there are a number of positions open like this where no one wants the job. Someone tells you, you should run, you’d be great and look at all the perks … So why is it that you’re in office, because you feel it’s your duty or just because you’re the best of those who didn’t want the job?

2. Your own personal agenda

When you’re in local politics, you get a bit of a heads up on what’s happening. When you’re a business owner, say a real estate agent, that could be highly beneficial to your business. How’s that for insider trading? When you have a personal stake or agenda in taking the office, it might come back to bite you in the butt because someone will call you on being corrupt.

1. You don’t want it

You’re the only candidate or no one else will take it, that’s fine if you want it. But if you don’t want it and run anyway, that’s like admitting you’re just there to punch a clock until some other poor schlub comes along and gets snookered into the job. What does that say to your constituents?

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  1. Actually, XUSNLT, I think this list is a service. If more people followed it, we'd have less problems.

  2. This list is worthless. What's the point? Change the focus to reasons why someone SHOULD run for office and the list suddenly becomes interesting. Don't run if you're a leader but may be a bully? Come on! The public is uninformed enough already, don't add to the mountain of ignorance with lists like this one.