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  1. Stephen Wild
    Stephen Wild at |

    ummm… it’s Lake Erie and all….

  2. Jack
    Jack at |

    The gray wolf is not only no longer endangered, it is over populated and moving into territory it doesn’t belong in. Gray wolves are devastating the moose population in places like northern Minnesota. Now they are moving into the plains and starting in on the deer population. So what did we really accomplish?

    1. Bicycle Bill
      Bicycle Bill at |

      And what’s so great about the deer population?  Many farmer suffer more economic loss from deer browsing their field and crops than the occasional wolf or coyote taking down a cow or two.  And in most states, the deer population itself is allowed to grow almost unchecked — so that the various state departments of Natural Targets … sorry, departments of Natural Resources … can literally sell them for slaughter to the armies of “Great White Hunters” who don their blaze orange coveralls and take to the woods for a 10-day period of ‘managing’ (or as it is sometimes called, ‘harvesting’) the deer herds.

      THAT’S why people in the Midwest are down on wolves; they prevent some downstate Bubba with his AR-15 and his shiny new, fully-chromed, almost-never-leaves-the-pavement 4WD pick’em-up truck from “getting his deer” that he paid that license money for.


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