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  1. Ankit
    Ankit at |

    I am From India. I like your post

  2. RTM
    RTM at |

    i love india thanks for sharing . MORRIS M

  3. Reem
    Reem at |

    I love Georgia, and India. I am from New Hampshire, in the United States, but we moved to India when I was 3. Now I am 11, and we just moved back to the United States last year. I lived in India for about 7 years. IT WAS FUN!!!

  4. Taimoor
    Taimoor at |

    Well thanks for Adding Karachi, Pakistan. Although most of the information regarding the city is inaccurate. I live in Lahore which is the 2nd largest city in the country after Karachi and we get plenty of tourists here but i’m quite certain the number of people visiting karachi would be much higher. Although i do admit there was political unrest but the situation has changed a lot. I think you have mixed up the whole country which includes 5 provinces in one city and there are no sucu insurgents at Balochistan because Balochistan itself is a province not a city or any insurgent group, get your facts straight

  5. Sadaf
    Sadaf at |

    You seriously need to know more about Pakistan than you actually think you know 🙂

  6. Harshit
    Harshit at |

    Dude, there is only a small percentage of people who suffer from shocking inequality, extreme poverty, deadly diseases, sporadic ethnic violence. Like less than 5-8% at the intersection of all these problems and about 15-20% who suffer from one of these issues . So if you think you ‘ll be able to be in top 1 billion out of 1.25 billion , you can manage a smooth life .


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