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  1. Denis Jimenez
    Denis Jimenez at |

    souvenirs pmb

  2. Don
    Don at |

    I never knew that anti-fascists had murdered people, assuming that’s who you’re talking about when you say “foremost hypocrites”, but let’s be honest you really couldn’t be talking about anyone else when they continually demand that people do what only they agree with because forcing people to do things they don’t want to do is wrong. In fact ISIS are probably more reasonable than anti-fascists, at least they’ll let you off the hook if you apologize and convert. No such luck with the AF crowd.

  3. JRajBali
    JRajBali at |

    Not surprising that they’re all either Muslim majorities or (pseudo-) dictatorships.

  4. KLD
    KLD at |

    I had no idea Japan was that strict.


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