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  1. KLD
    KLD at |

    These are all pretty much unsubstantiated claims from the past or by so called psychics and mediums. I call bullsh$t. I just don’t believe in ghosts or spirits but would welcome any occurrence to prove me wrong, good or bad. The only story that gave me any hint of possible reality would be #2 but only if the folks involved were actually harmed as in the story.

    1. Vilim Kalin
      Vilim Kalin at |

      LOL…unlike all those those other “real” ghosts. All ghost stories are bull because ghosts aren’t real.

  2. Christina P
    Christina P at |

    I was eating dinner when I thought my son came beside me because out of the corner of my eye I saw a black mass. I thought it was the top of his head because he had a mop of dark brown hair. Well it happened fast and the black mass swirled went against my cheek to behind my neck which lifted my hair. My ears popped like I was experiencing going up in elevation. My sister had recently passed away. I was eating her favorite food, I don’t know what it was but I cant explain it either. My mom was sitting next to me and witnessed the whole thing. She was in shock.

  3. Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell at |

    I looked all over Find A Grave for Carl Pruitt”s gravesite in Kentucky…no info whatsoever!


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