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  1. Mark Howard
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    I was at a flea market in Rogers, OH and Virgil was there. Just as described in the article. Standing arms crossed in front of a big picture of himself. I actually felt kinda bad for him. I thought,”how desperate must he be to appear at a flea market in Rogers, OH?” And Lex Luger once made an appearance at a local gym in my town. Not some chain like World Gym or anything either. Just a locally owned one called Steve’s Gym. Kinda sad that this stuff happens to wrestlers.

  2. marcel
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    Sin Cara: original was one of most popular luchadores in mexico. what you missed in your article is that he at an earlier time he and hunico were in a promotion. hunico was wearing a mask and going by mistico, luis came in and took that name/gimmick and shot to stardom. then he changed to sin cara to make the move to wwe, while hunico started in wwe as a thug/gangster character/knock off of chavo and eddie guerrero. sin got hurt and they put hunico in the mask, and here’s where you were wrong: EVERY one watching KNEW about the change. Then Sin healed and came back and there were matches with them fighting each other over who the REAL sin cara was. eventually luis got hurt a few more times and was let go, not just because of that, but because he refused to work with wwe on learning and improving his english for interviews, and his well, ‘soft’ for quitting matches early with minor injuries others fought through.


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