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  1. Russ Cross
    Russ Cross at |

    One more factoid for the Ferris Wheel entry. The original Ferris Wheel was built by Luther V. Rice of my hometown, Ladoga, Indiana.

  2. Lynda Appell
    Lynda Appell at |

    Fascinating post. Never realized so many inventions we take for granted started out so long ago back in the 1890s. Crackerjack First junkfood. Well something had to be the first. Right. By the way Dave Appell , the musician, composer, arranger , record exec was my father His first musical instrument was a uekelele. It was his older brother Joseph’s. Joe told him if he ever played it he’d really give it to him. Well dad play it and much better than Joe ever could. So Joe told him you keep it. From arranging for jazz greats such as Benny Carter, Earl “Fatha” Hines, Ben Pollack to recording Grover Washington , my father was a true musician and I’m very proud of him.

  3. Kaniya Purdis
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    I really want you to tell me mores,,. Like how and why did they invented the



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