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  1. opschief
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    Even though I may agree with your last sentence for #7 Jeffery Miller (you’ll never know now), you used the list as your soapbox. Never, I repeat, NEVER do this. It diminishes your list’s validity and pretty much ruined an otherwise nice list for me and thousands of other listheads.

    Lists are about cold, hard trivia which is then left open for the readers to apply opinion and discuss. You denied us that joy by speaking out of turn. Even if you wrote the list, it is bigger than you.

    Lists are a remarkable thing of which I and thousands of others are nuts about, but opinions are NOT to be part of the list. Only by writing coherently and intelligently and letting facts be the beauty of the list can you have truly written a good list.

    In the future, add your opinions afterward along with the rest of us in the comments section. Try again soon, my friend.

    1. Kenzie
      Kenzie at |

      Agreed. Also disagree with some of what was said about Bonnie and Clyde. Far too opinionated to be a favorite.

      1. Jibby
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        Agreed. I was thinking the same thing as I was reading the list.

    2. Soapbox speaks back
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      Oh oh, here come the list police. Shame on you, Bryan. *eye roll*

      Never, I repeat, NEVER pay attention to vapid Internet trolls.

      1. Jizzamie
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        lmao…..yes. Just yes.

    3. Dreth
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      Funny how you seem to think things HAVE to be given to the public in an unbiased way. I'm sure if the author's real intent was to be neutral and just hand out info, he would've done so.

      It's as simple as telling you that if you don't like it, don't read it, don't gulp it and don't come back.

  2. Bryan
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    I hear what you are saying opschief. I usually try to keep my lists open minded and let the facts speak for themselves. It might have been a poor decision to use the phrase “I strongly feel” as others might feel different. I just thought it was a striking picture that really captured the horrible day at Kent State University. I will keep your suggestion in mind during my further endeavors. I hope you enjoyed the list for the most part.

  3. opschief
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    Thanks, and honestly, I really did enjoy it, as i'm sure others did…it had all the things a good list should have. Keep up the good work!

    Ok, now for opinion and discussion of what you have offered up as fabulous subjects…

    Did anything other than that (except for the instances of self-immolation) catch peoples' attention better during those and the following years? CSN&Y had that great song "Ohio," remember?

    "Four dead in Ohio…"

    Jeff and the other three didn't die in vain as long as someone still remembers.

    1. mike
      mike at |

      I'll remember not to piss off soldiers with guns. Anybody that thinks the NG's just flipped out for the hell of it has got their heads in buried in a hole.

      I'll be glad when the last baby boomer keels over so we can stop bs'ing about how great they were.

  4. Jill...NOT Jillian
    Jill...NOT Jillian at |


    Brilliant. I like a little commentary with my lists.

    I do admit that they're supposed to be about facts, but sometimes it's nice to get another person's take on it too.

  5. Cole
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    Great list. Another one I was thinking of was RFK. Remember the picture of him dead on the ground with a busboy crouched over him? Pretty iconic if you ask me.

  6. Joe
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    Hey Bryan

    Great and informative list!

    But I was kind of hoping that you'd included the picture of Christopher J. McCandless.

    You know the famous picture of him sitting in front of the abandoned bus in Alaska.

    But hey, importance is relative and you did a good job.



  7. e cigarette
    e cigarette at |

    I agree w/ previous comment that RFK shot was more memorable than some of the ones on your list, as is JFK in the convertible. More recently though, what about Neda, the young woman who was shot during civil unrest in Iraq?

    1. ML
      ML at |

      Neda was killed while observing protests during civil unrest in IRAN after it was suspected that the re-election of President Ahmadinejad was the result of fraudulent activities.

  8. Pepperman
    Pepperman at |

    This was a great list! Somewhat chilling & somber, but I really enjoyed it.

  9. Anna
    Anna at |

    What about Che Guevara?

  10. JH
    JH at |

    Michael Jackson one of the "greatest musicians of all time"?

    No. Not even close.

    1. Ben
      Ben at |

      How about greatest entertainers of all time? That works for me. The man was a dynamo.

      1. Tom Mc Carthy
        Tom Mc Carthy at |

        In 1981 I went out with a gal photographer who worked for Miko Brando, Marlon’s son. He also handled Jackson’s security. This was during his ‘Off the Wall’ days. Some of his best, I thought.. This gal was from Saugus, Mass. and i was from Boston. Michael acted pretty normal and looked great. We took a trip to Chicago with an entourage ending up in Gary Indiana which at that time was 50/50 racially. A tough dirty city. In the 8 months I lived and traveled with her you see how Michael hid his drug use by using others. It wasn’t hard at all in 1979 to walk into an urban Clinic and ask for powerful drugs. That’s exactly what Jackson did. You could tell because his voice would become hoarse.

    2. Rocky Sisemore
      Rocky Sisemore at |

      So what musical instrument did he play?

      Waiting.. Still waiting……..

      He wasn't a musican. He was a performer. His father and music mogul fed him female hormones when he was young (while the Jackson 5 was going strong) to stop his voice from changing.

      Like Madonna, Reba McEntire and others, their talent are enhanced by choregraphers, special effects, lights, stage dancers, etc.

      Personally, I would rather one person with a gutair by themself, playing songs they wrote themself rather than a mechanical stage show where songs where written by computers and the concert was a larger than life Las Vegas chorus line.

      1. Maelini
        Maelini at |

        Just so you know,MJ Played the Piano and Drums.He played the drums on Beat it.So yes,he could play an instrument.

  11. dan
    dan at |

    This is really stupid. That paparazzi picture of MJ "is quite revealing as he is being put into the ambulance with a respirator over his mouth"?? Revealing of the fact that he is dead?

    Rock solid reporting. and truly a picture that will persist through the ages as the epitome of photo journalism.

  12. T_075
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    Picture #4 shows Salvador Allende during his last stand at the chilenean presidential palace on 9/11/73. Allende was overthrown by Augusto Pinochet, a general in the Chilenean Army. The coup was sponsored and set up the US government. After that picture, the presidential palace was bombarded by the Chilenean Air Force, Allende is believed to have survived the bombardment but later killed by the chilenean army.

  13. Health E-Smoke
    Health E-Smoke at |

    I was expecting morgue photos since THOSE are TRULY the LAST photos to be taken of any of these people.

  14. Catish
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    Wasn't there another pic of Allende that also claims to be the last one ? One where he's either on a balcony or looking out a window (can't remember which) at some students going by ?

  15. rowell
    rowell at |

    i was expecting ninoy aquino on the list. all photos were famous people in the west.

  16. Britt
    Britt at |

    the Tupac picture is pretty upsetting

  17. Tomsk
    Tomsk at |

    The Allende picture was taken during the coup d'etat. They are watching up towards the incoming jet fig fighters and you can see that he has an AK47 hanging from his right shoulder.

  18. Brad
    Brad at |

    In regard to #10….. Pictures are hung. People are hanged. Pet peeve of mine. Thanks for the list.

  19. Emilie Watson
    Emilie Watson at |

    That final photo of Chris Benoit still creeps me out! To think my lil bro worshiped him.

  20. G McConnell
    G McConnell at |

    Interesting list, but you should keep your politics OUT of it.

    At least until you can figure out why no one was prosecuted for “murder” at Kent State.

    Otherwise you run the risk of sounding as silly as that so-called poll that listed John Lennon as the 8th greatest Briton of all time — which is more of a statement of the failure of schools to teach history anymore.

  21. Shashi Bhushan Singh
    Shashi Bhushan Singh at |

    Thanks for all this information.

    I just wished Jackson lived a more 100 years. His news was an extreme shock to me.

    But he will be remembered by all and people will worship him and his work till eternity…

  22. Sean
    Sean at |

    I just have a couple of corrections on the Chris Benoit entry:

    Benoit only won the WWE World Heavyweight Title once, not twice.

    Also, "He is the second of only three men to hold the belt in both the WWE and WCW." is not true. There have been far more than three wrestlers to hold the WCW World Heavyweight Title and either the WWE Championship or WWE World Heavyweight Title (WWE has had two "top-tier" belts in recent years, one for its Raw brand, and one for its SmackDown brand). Among them are: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, The Big Show, Bret Hart, Sid Vicious, and Booker T. There may be others, but those are just the ones I can remember off hand. Technically, you could also add The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho to that list, although they won the WCW Title after WCW was purchased by WWE.

  23. jtripper
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    What about Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby?

  24. Tennessee Budd
    Tennessee Budd at |

    Most authorities agree that von Richthofen was killed by ground fire, not by Capt. Brown. All in all, good list, though.

    1. Carl LeGrice
      Carl LeGrice at |

      Budd is correct. The Red Baron was killed by a lucky shot from an Australian machine gun. An examination of the body after the crash revealed the fatal bullet had an upward trajectory. The Germans gave credit to the RAF because having a "lowly" foot soldier end the career of one of their heroes didn't fit the script and the English were happy to take the credit and decorate Captain Brown. The RAF did have a hand in Richthofen's demise; it was their intense pursuit that forced the German ace too close to the ground and his luck finally ran out. Almost a century later the legend is still more popular than the truth.

  25. Nick
    Nick at |

    John Lennon was a hack — Ohhh he preached peace and love, great! He was a money-hungry fool (just like all of us) who would sell anything to make a dollar. And he treated his oldest son poorly.

    1. Debra
      Debra at |

      Amusing when people make sweeping generalizations about people who they never knew, basing all their knowledge on the opinions of others Pathetic, unless you either were John Lennon OR his son, keep your ill informed comments to yourself. Judge not and all that.

  26. jpm1
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    impressive Che Guevara pics are missing

  27. Dan
    Dan at |

    If anything can be learned from Jeffery Miller it’s “don’t throw rocks at soldiers”… his death wasn’t particularly noble, at best it was in the wrong place at the wrong time associating with the wrong people, at best it was the consequences of assaulting an armed man.

    I also question calling the sinking of a nazi military ship a “disaster”

  28. Stacked Stone Bloke
    Stacked Stone Bloke at |

    never actually saw the photo of Michael Jackson in the back of an ambulance until today.

  29. realAniram
    realAniram at |

    Is it just me, or does the picture of the red baron look like his shoes are on fire? At first I was thinking to myself, “What the hell is he doing smiling like that when his boots are in flames?”

  30. Dr. R. Sundar Raj
    Dr. R. Sundar Raj at |

    There is no past or future life. Only children who are brought up in chaotic environments talk about their past life. This is encouraged by their parents. They train them thoroughly and often are the spokespersons of the children.
    If two thoughts enter our conscious mind at precisely the same time our mind becomes blank. This gives us false peace and false self control.
    Sigmund Freud believed that by blocking unwanted present thoughts with thoughts from our childhood mental diseases can be cured.
    A still better idea is to block it with thoughts from our imaginary past life.
    There is no past life. If there indeed is a past life then everyone should have had one.

  31. Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson at |

    Why are the people in the background of the Jeffrey Miller photo so nonchalant? Didn’t a bunch of guards just fire a bunch of guns? Why are they just walking around like it’s no big deal and some woman is simply making noise? o.O


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