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  1. jpm1 at |

    impressive Che Guevara pics are missing

  2. Dan at |

    If anything can be learned from Jeffery Miller it’s “don’t throw rocks at soldiers”… his death wasn’t particularly noble, at best it was in the wrong place at the wrong time associating with the wrong people, at best it was the consequences of assaulting an armed man.

    I also question calling the sinking of a nazi military ship a “disaster”

  3. Stacked Stone Bloke at |

    never actually saw the photo of Michael Jackson in the back of an ambulance until today.

  4. realAniram at |

    Is it just me, or does the picture of the red baron look like his shoes are on fire? At first I was thinking to myself, “What the hell is he doing smiling like that when his boots are in flames?”

  5. Dr. R. Sundar Raj at |

    There is no past or future life. Only children who are brought up in chaotic environments talk about their past life. This is encouraged by their parents. They train them thoroughly and often are the spokespersons of the children.
    If two thoughts enter our conscious mind at precisely the same time our mind becomes blank. This gives us false peace and false self control.
    Sigmund Freud believed that by blocking unwanted present thoughts with thoughts from our childhood mental diseases can be cured.
    A still better idea is to block it with thoughts from our imaginary past life.
    There is no past life. If there indeed is a past life then everyone should have had one.

  6. Bob Bobson at |

    Why are the people in the background of the Jeffrey Miller photo so nonchalant? Didn’t a bunch of guards just fire a bunch of guns? Why are they just walking around like it’s no big deal and some woman is simply making noise? o.O


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