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  1. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    Ohhhh! Such lovely and amazing works of art! Yum! Yum! and delicious too! I must send this article to my granddaughters. They are very artistic and will love this!

    Thanks for posting!!

  2. Zoidy
    Zoidy at |

    Good pictures and Funny commentary!!

    Great Post!!

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Oh my gosh when i first saw these gingerbread house my world went wild. i couldnt beilive my eyes. i for real got up went and got my husband and we went and bought all the ingrdients and made this miracle hapen. i love movies hbu??

    Love, Sinthia

  4. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    These gingerbread houses are amazing! I could do without the dumb commentaries. They're really a sad attempt at humor. How about some information on how they were constructed?

  5. owen
    owen at |

    gingerbread white-trash trailerpark

  6. nicole
    nicole at |

    those gingerbread houses are soooooooooo amazing i would love to live in one of thoses (by one of those i mean the gingerbread mansion)

  7. Matt
    Matt at |

    Uhm isn’t the second one (Gingerbread Mansion) the Winchester Mystery House? I am fairly certain it is, in the museum next to the gift shop. If so no one was “living their dream” in that mansion.

  8. Peggy
    Peggy at |

    If you are want to make the mill… use marshmallow creme for the water, just add a little blue food coloring and smear it on, it will drip down like water and it dries shiny and smooth

    1. cadie
      cadie at |

      you are correct i built that same mill and did what you suggested and it tottally made it so much better i tottally agree with you

  9. Viktor
    Viktor at |

    Me and my family always make different gingerbread houses every year. We’ve done a boat, a fort, a lighthouse, a sled and so on…

  10. Sasha (Global Table Adventure)
    Sasha (Global Table Adventure) at |

    These are beautiful gingerbread houses. I’m looking for inspiration for my Global Gingerbread House contest this year. I might do something like the brownstone one… very cool.

  11. pat
    pat at |

    nice list. but i don’t get why the first one is a cat house. do i miss something?

  12. tim
    tim at |

    I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything but (even though i liked the houses) the obvious attempt at humor fell way short of expectations. Sorry writer, i’m not trying to be mean but it wasn’t funny.

  13. Lady Gray
    Lady Gray at |
  14. Monique Madrid
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  15. brickhouse
    brickhouse at |

    These are beautiful! Looking for inspiration with my son. Thought the comments were very cute!

  16. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    The houses are great.

    The super racist commentary is really, really not. Brownies? Really?


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