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  1. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    The houses are great.

    The super racist commentary is really, really not. Brownies? Really?

  2. brickhouse
    brickhouse at |

    These are beautiful! Looking for inspiration with my son. Thought the comments were very cute!

  3. Monique Madrid
    Monique Madrid at |
  4. Lady Gray
    Lady Gray at |
  5. tim
    tim at |

    I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything but (even though i liked the houses) the obvious attempt at humor fell way short of expectations. Sorry writer, i’m not trying to be mean but it wasn’t funny.

  6. pat
    pat at |

    nice list. but i don’t get why the first one is a cat house. do i miss something?

  7. Sasha (Global Table Adventure)
    Sasha (Global Table Adventure) at |

    These are beautiful gingerbread houses. I’m looking for inspiration for my Global Gingerbread House contest this year. I might do something like the brownstone one… very cool.

  8. Viktor
    Viktor at |

    Me and my family always make different gingerbread houses every year. We’ve done a boat, a fort, a lighthouse, a sled and so on…

  9. Peggy
    Peggy at |

    If you are want to make the mill… use marshmallow creme for the water, just add a little blue food coloring and smear it on, it will drip down like water and it dries shiny and smooth

    1. cadie
      cadie at |

      you are correct i built that same mill and did what you suggested and it tottally made it so much better i tottally agree with you

  10. Matt
    Matt at |

    Uhm isn’t the second one (Gingerbread Mansion) the Winchester Mystery House? I am fairly certain it is, in the museum next to the gift shop. If so no one was “living their dream” in that mansion.

  11. nicole
    nicole at |

    those gingerbread houses are soooooooooo amazing i would love to live in one of thoses (by one of those i mean the gingerbread mansion)

  12. owen
    owen at |

    gingerbread white-trash trailerpark

  13. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    These gingerbread houses are amazing! I could do without the dumb commentaries. They're really a sad attempt at humor. How about some information on how they were constructed?

  14. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Oh my gosh when i first saw these gingerbread house my world went wild. i couldnt beilive my eyes. i for real got up went and got my husband and we went and bought all the ingrdients and made this miracle hapen. i love movies hbu??

    Love, Sinthia

  15. Zoidy
    Zoidy at |

    Good pictures and Funny commentary!!

    Great Post!!

  16. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    Ohhhh! Such lovely and amazing works of art! Yum! Yum! and delicious too! I must send this article to my granddaughters. They are very artistic and will love this!

    Thanks for posting!!


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