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  1. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    My favorite romantic dance scene ever is from "The Fisher King" when Robin Williams dances with Amanda Plummer in Grand Central Station. It is absolutely magical.

  2. Erin
    Erin at |

    I absolutly love Labyrinth and that dance scene made me want to be Jennifer Connely so bad! So seductive and romantic. AHHHH.

  3. markus
    markus at |

    i would say the joker and vicki vale but i guess there was no romance there hunh lol

    1. CatChick
      CatChick at |

      Before I even finished reading the first entry I knew the dance scene from Labyrinth would HAVE to be here. Connelly was the quintessential Cinderella and Bowie was (and always will be, I think) the mysterious romantic stranger.

      Oh.. and I know it’s not a movie… but you couldn’t go wrong with Tom Petty and Kim Basinger in the video Last Dance With Mary Jane.

      And also of note… though note a romantic dance scene, When the title character, Marie Antoinette goes to the ball and their dancing to rock music. Luv it!!

  4. markus
    markus at |

    also the slow dance between demi moore and whoopi goldberg while being possessed by patrick swayze

  5. Roderick McGwier
    Roderick McGwier at |

    Any list with romantic dancing has to have Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly on it.

  6. dance
    dance at |

    thanx super style good

  7. Mrs Gooda
    Mrs Gooda at |

    The sexiest dance scene I have seen a a non-dancing film is the scene in Children of a Lesser God – you should check that one out!!

  8. Uncle Roz
    Uncle Roz at |

    julie andrews & christopher plummer doing a folk dance ( outside with the children watching ) in sound of music. very graceful & oh so romantic ( watch ms. andrews’ facial expressions )

  9. cherrytart
    cherrytart at |

    channing tatum & jenna dewan in step up


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