10 Oddly Romantic Movie Dance Scenes


Apologies to Dirty Dancing, but here are 10 Movie Dances, not group dances, but one on one romantic dances that are sure to inspire. These dances include husband and wife, beauty and beast, beast and beast. These are the two-person dances that will live forever!

10. Frankenstein

Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter

Haunting, disturbing and heartbreaking, Dr. Frankenstein trying to bring his dear Elizabeth back by dancing with her even though she is a monster already.

9. Beauty Shop

Alicia Silverstone and Bryce Wilson

Funniest character twist, the only white girl working in the beauty shop ends up booty dancing better than anyone else.

8. Pumpkin

Christina Ricci and Hank Harris

A genuinely sweet moment in a darkly hilarious comedy, beautiful music and a nice dance. A sorority girl dancing with her mentally challenged dream date.

7. Scent of Woman

Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar

Al Pacino coaxes a lovely young lady into dancing the tango during a lunch encounter. The fact that he is blind and she is a stranger adds to the beauty of this moment and the dance.

6. She’s All That

Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddy Prinze Junior

At the end of the night of the prom, these two lovebirds resolve their problems and end up dancing in her backyard, her father lighting it up from the inside and they get their first dance with each other the whole night.

5. Enchanted

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey

Giselle and Robert share a magical dance to John Mclaughlin’s ‘So Close’ in a huge ballroom full of other dancing couples, both of them wanting the same happy ending, and the whole scene is like a flashback to classic Disney moments.

4. Beauty and The Beast

Belle and Beast

Who ever thought a giant wolf man and his slave girl in a golden dress dancing to a song sung by a teapot could be so beautiful and incredibly romantic?

3. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The Assassin’s Tango is an appropriate song title for this scene, Angelina in a killer black dress, Brad in a dapper tux, both threatening each other cheek to cheek and disarming each other in the sexiest ways possible before getting rough with each other, kicking shins, stomping on feet and slamming one another into a mirrored wall.

2. Pulp Fiction

Uma Thurman and John Travolta

A thug and another man’s wife dance the night away in a tacky fifties imitation diner, and end up taking home the Twist Contest trophy. Bare feet and immortal moves make this movie dance scene an instant classic.

1. Labyrinth

Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie

After taking a bite out of a poisoned peach our heroine is transported into a masquerade dream world in which she dances with and is almost seduced into oblivion by her mysterious tormentor, eventually she snaps out of it and literally shatters the world apart and returns to reality. But the gorgeous scene and haunting use of Bowie’s ‘As The World Falls Down’ stays with all lovers of this movie for life.

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  1. julie andrews & christopher plummer doing a folk dance ( outside with the children watching ) in sound of music. very graceful & oh so romantic ( watch ms. andrews’ facial expressions )

  2. The sexiest dance scene I have seen a a non-dancing film is the scene in Children of a Lesser God – you should check that one out!!

  3. Roderick McGwier on

    Any list with romantic dancing has to have Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly on it.

  4. also the slow dance between demi moore and whoopi goldberg while being possessed by patrick swayze

  5. i would say the joker and vicki vale but i guess there was no romance there hunh lol

    • Before I even finished reading the first entry I knew the dance scene from Labyrinth would HAVE to be here. Connelly was the quintessential Cinderella and Bowie was (and always will be, I think) the mysterious romantic stranger.

      Oh.. and I know it’s not a movie… but you couldn’t go wrong with Tom Petty and Kim Basinger in the video Last Dance With Mary Jane.

      And also of note… though note a romantic dance scene, When the title character, Marie Antoinette goes to the ball and their dancing to rock music. Luv it!!

  6. I absolutly love Labyrinth and that dance scene made me want to be Jennifer Connely so bad! So seductive and romantic. AHHHH.

  7. My favorite romantic dance scene ever is from "The Fisher King" when Robin Williams dances with Amanda Plummer in Grand Central Station. It is absolutely magical.