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  1. Tom Davis
    Tom Davis at |

    Your Choices seem very odd. You left off Rome which has Vatican City in
    It. Home of the world’s largest religion. Washington DC was not included
    Seems that has a lot of political pull. There is Brussels capital of the EU.
    I think any of these would be a better choice then LA.

    1. noone important
      noone important at |

      The choices may be strange, but undoubtedly LA with its Hollywood is very influencial – nothing has done more to make the USA look like the best country in the world, capital of democracy, world’s benefactor etc.

  2. noone important
    noone important at |

    Hmm, let me put it this way:
    1.It’s nice to know, that in the eyes of an average (or even a better educated!) American, the Cold War was about USA competing with… Russia, and it’s only goal was to humilate that country and make it imposssible for it to rise again. Very educative…

    2.”One of only three city states in existence (the others being Vatican City and tiny San Marino)” – What about Monaco? The city has a different name, but there’s nothing more than it in the state. What about Malta, Lichtenstein and Luxemburg? Maybe technically not city-states, but in reality – definately.


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