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  1. Ui Odey
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    I need a toothpick production machine.

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  2. Sergey Lipatov
    Sergey Lipatov at |

    The Mriya is not Russian aircraft, it’s Ukrainian. The word “Mriya” is also Ukrainian. It was designed to be the air transport system not for Russia’s reusable space shuttle, but for Soviet space shuttle, and it was designed in the capital of Ukraine, in Kiev. It would be nice for you, guys, to read at least Wikipedia before posting the “russian” bullshit on internet.

    1. tweety
      tweety at |

      OK.. Its Ukrainian bullshit. An 225 … Made by antonov company and it is Russian Mr. Nationalist.

  3. construction equipment Philippines
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    The bucket-wheel itself can be over 70 feet in diameter with as many as 20 buckets, each of which can hold over 15 cubic metres of material.

  4. Priya
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    Nice enough


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