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  1. Anne Iredale
    Anne Iredale at |

    I really enjoyed compiling this one.

    1. pantera d
      pantera d at |

      good call on the crazy diamond, ive cried to that one before

    2. Robert
      Robert at |

      tim mcgraw dont take the girl that should so be on this list

  2. demi
    demi at |

    they forgot hey there delilah

    1. blah
      blah at |

      i hope you're joking

    2. adfklmwe
      adfklmwe at |

      you better be joking

    3. Kimmy
      Kimmy at |

      I have to agree..sadly.. if I hear Hey There Delilah I want to cry jn pain as well.

    4. Willow
      Willow at |

      I think Concrete Angel by Martina McBride should be on there. Its so sad :'((((

  3. shane
    shane at |

    superb list, hurt has to be number one, gets me everytime.

  4. Anne Iredale
    Anne Iredale at |

    Thank you Shane. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Joey Bassani
    Joey Bassani at |

    I'm sorry everyone but these songs just didn't make me cry, I've always been looking for something that could really make me cry, does anyone know anything that might work?

    1. David Sanders
      David Sanders at |

      To Joey Bassani:

      Try listening to:

      "Hallelujah" cover by Jeff Buckley

      "The Woman's Work" by Kate Bush or the cover done by Maxwell.

      "One" by U2

      "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane

      "Someday We'll Know" by the New Radicals

      Let us know if any of these turn on the faucets.

      1. pantera
        pantera at |

        man you really have to get into the music, it helps if you know or could imagine the feelings and the soul that the artist was trying to bring across, like the song "shine on you crazy diamond" was written for a man that they felt very strongly and had mixed emotions toward, paired with there passion for music, the wrote almost a masterpiece, certainly one of the greatest most heartfelt song that has ever been written as a tribute, and sometimes those lyrics become relevant to your own life..

    2. Miu
      Miu at |

      Try some Celine Dion… no not Titanic! Goodbyes the saddest word which has me suicidal, in the good way, every time!

    3. Nicola
      Nicola at |

      One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and boys II Men – does it for me

      Missing you – by P Daddy and Faith Evans

      1. vanessa
        vanessa at |

        try some like

        "i can't live"- Mariah carey

        "you are not alone"- Michael Jackson

        7. Alone Without You – The Nightwatchman

    4. Sienna
      Sienna at |

      James Blunt's song 'Carry you home' always manages to bring a tear to my eye.

    5. jade
      jade at |

      ok here is a list

      carnival – natalia merchant

      maybe tomorrow – stereophonics

      damaged- plumb

    6. Marv
      Marv at |


      concrete angel and runaway love

    7. Jahzmyn
      Jahzmyn at |

      Definitely My heart will go on (titanic song) it makes me cry every time.

  6. Unrelated
    Unrelated at |

    Something I Can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails

    It's a Wonderful Life – Neil Armstrong

    Hollow – Pantera (Especially if you've ever had a loved one in a coma)

    Boys Don't Cry – The Cure

    Daddy – Korn

    Teardrop – Massive Attack

    Photograph – Nickelback

    1. pantera
      pantera at |

      try 'the sleep' from pantera, off the cowboys from hell album, the solo is an amazing piece of composition, mind blowing even, make me miss dime soo much

  7. Deby
    Deby at |

    Warwick Avenue – Duffy

  8. Katy
    Katy at |

    Try Warren Zevon, Please Stay – recorded while he was dying of cancer – gets me every time, especially if I listen to the whole album in one sitting (album is called The Wind, and also includes a cover of Knockin' on Heaven's Door).

    Also No-one but you/Only the Good Die Young or These are the Days of our Lives by Queen.

    And not exactly a song, but an orchestral piece – Gabriel's Oboe, from the soundtrack to The Mission.

  9. Orangejuice
    Orangejuice at |

    Missy Higgins- The Special Two, Ten Days, and Where I Stood

    Sara Bareilles- Between the Lines

    U2- With or Without You

    and how about some Daddy/Daughter songs:

    Bob Carlisle-Butterfly Kisses

    Tim Magraw- My Little Girl

  10. Paul
    Paul at |

    Just needed a cry and couldn't find the key… then I found…

    PiL – order of death

    Joy Division – Love will Tear us Apart

    Ladytron – Tomorrow

    Go Betweens – Bye bye pride

    Queens of the Stone Age – I never came

    The Cure – In Between Days

    and some others. Ladytron and PiL especially worked a treat! Look forward to much more cathartic music induced crying…

    1. Beth
      Beth at |

      If you want a slower version of the Joy Division song, try Love will tear us apart by Broken Social Scene, i love the origional but the cover is slower and more moving i would say 🙂

  11. kristy
    kristy at |

    good riddance (time of your life) – green day

  12. Helen
    Helen at |

    The Drugs don't work by the verve


    1. Juliette
      Juliette at |

      i concour

  13. mars
    mars at |

    Hurt-NIN or Johnny Cash

    Welcome Home-Radical Face (the chorus is so calming it gives me chills and makes me cry)

    Through the Roof 'n' Underground-Gogol Bordello

    1. mars
      mars at |


      Sunrise Sunset- Bright Eyes

  14. George
    George at |

    Everybody hurts was also featured in the early 90's movie Night at the Roxbury.

  15. ransom
    ransom at |

    lover you shouldve come over by jeff buckley.his voice alone will make u go a big rubbery one

  16. Classical Emotion
    Classical Emotion at |

    Samuel Barber 1936: Adagio for Strings and Agnus Dei (the choir version) Most famous use was in movie Platoon.

    1. David Sanders
      David Sanders at |

      Wow, you are so right about the Agnus Dei chorus version, located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkObnNQCMtM

      It is such a moving piece! The voices sound like angels piercing your soul. This song had me in tears with its sheer beauty.

  17. !5@4c
    [email protected] at |

    this songs makes me cry

    Lets try again – New Kids On The Block

    Snuff – SlipKnoT

    Valentines day – Linkin Park

    One – U2

    i'm very sentimental jejejeje

  18. zann
    zann at |

    nice compilation, but unfortunately i didnt cry to any of these. am i emotionless?

  19. Gee
    Gee at |

    James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover

  20. sam
    sam at |

    casimir pulaski day – sufjan stevens.

  21. sadsongs
    sadsongs at |

    Southern Comfort – Arrah and the Ferns. If you've ever been suicidal or know someone who is… this shoud make you sad. Some may find it sad in a "happy way" if that makes sense, or just plain sad.

    Between the boy's line "I don't want to be your burden. I don't you to worry for me. Just know it will be better now, it will be better we all agree. When I don't have to be so many things…" and The final verse by the girl "You know it could be better here… it could be better if you just try." and "I won't try anymore, I won't build you a house. I won't cry when when you leave, I know that you're weak. I did all that I could, you know I tried to give you a reason. You can die if you please, but remember the ones who have to bury the seeds. Just know that when you go, you place death upon every life." I cry every single time. Actually the whole song. The lyrics are so sad, but accompanied by the up-beat yet somehow melancholy "oh la la oh la lu"'s it just gets to me.

    Nothing to Lose – Billy Talent. The music video made me cry like a little kid. Okay well I was like 13.

    Jeremy and Last Kiss – Pearl Jam. Kinda… self-explanatory.

    Missing – Evanescence. Now I feel kind stupid for crying over an Evanescence song… hahaha.

    Song to Say Goodbye – Placebo.

    Follow You Into the Dark – DCFC actually made me more sad when I realized I'd probably never find anyone, that we'd be so in love like the way the singer talks about…

    Speeding Cars – Imogen Heap. It's just so sad, and the lyrics make me cry.

    No One Will Ever Love You/I Don't Love You Anymore – The Magnetic Fields. These songs don't make me cry…. I just feel incredibly sad.

    Song For A Friend – Jason Mraz. Again, just makes me fell really sad…

    A Change is Going to Come – Sam Cooke. I just get so sad, because he's dead… and he never got to see that change…

    Wow… I notice that 99% of these songs have a common topic of Suicide…

    Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley. It's just so comforting to know that he's never gonna give me up, or let me down, or run around and desert me, it brings tears to my eyes. …….. Okay just kidding about this last one.

    Actually… I love sad songs. I don't know why, but I really really love listening to sad songs… I love happy songs too. I have so much eurobeat and bubblegum pop. I like hardcore songs, like I listen to metal a lot too… but I just have some morbid love for sad songs.

  22. anacoral
    anacoral at |

    i juzt n33d3d a mom3nt of p3ace so that i can cry alil' bout somthang.

  23. Janice
    Janice at |

    Happy by Leona Lewis, Teardrop by Massive Attack, Hey There Delilah, Sweet November Theme, Look What You've Done are some songs that I could think of.

  24. Jemma
    Jemma at |

    The ultimate song that makes me cry every single time i listen is Bird york- In the deep. Featured in the movie "crash", you can't not cry!

  25. Dr McKay
    Dr McKay at |


  26. Shaymanus
    Shaymanus at |

    Definately the live version 1995 Jeff Bcukley playing in Chicago Halelujah…. beautiful harmonic real

  27. Danielle
    Danielle at |

    Definitely Tears In Heaven- Eric Clapton, just the story behind the song brings tears to your eyes.

    ANYTHING Jeff Buckley too, he had a beautiful voice and its so upsetting that he died so tragically.

    I'd also say Eva Cassidy- Somewhere Over The Rainbow, the way she sings is so amazing and touching.

  28. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    I have two songs: 1) Mother by John Lennon and 2) I want you by Elvis Costello. But if you really want to cry, listen to the Fiona Apple/Elvis Costello live version of the song on Youtube. It's Haunting.

  29. dane
    dane at |

    You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol is sad

  30. TyGuy
    TyGuy at |

    try the following

    Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

    When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge (original, not bolton's unsoulful remake)

    More Than Words – Extreme

  31. Henry
    Henry at |

    Number one almost pissed me off because I thought you weren't going to give Trent credit for it.

    But I do agree, Cash sounds as if he's uttering his last words almost.

    Just how it should sound.

  32. destiiny
    destiiny at |

    i loved her first is also one:)

  33. destiiny
    destiiny at |

    i loved her first is also one

  34. rose
    rose at |

    Snuff by slipknot makes me cry every time i hear it.. so sad 🙁

  35. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. Honestly, I love this list but that should have been #1! I don’t think there’s a time I’ve heard it that I haven’t cried.

  36. Revan
    Revan at |

    Hurt is the only song that gets me, and not the Cash cover version. Good to god trent reznor. He gets me time and time again. Cash im afraid to say doesn’t have trent’s balls. I don’t see him saying the things that need to be said to get me gone. And the instrumentals are nothing compared to NIN’s. NIN’s are way more powerful.

  37. DAVEY90
    DAVEY90 at |

    Coldplay-Politik, made me cry.
    the harsh and powerful intro of the song then the slow music coupled with Chris martin singing beautifully. That really gets you…

  38. Paige
    Paige at |

    You COuld Be Happy by Snow Patrol. I can’t even listen to the intro without bursting into tears.

  39. Dawnimo
    Dawnimo at |

    Never went to church by The Streets.

    It’s about his dad passing away.

    First time i heard it i burst into tears in the middle of a packed train.

  40. Saw Rub, a lonely one
    Saw Rub, a lonely one at |

    Josh Groban – You raise Me Up
    Mj – Little Susie
    Bee Gees – Be Who You Are
    Eels – Elizabeth In The Bathroom

    1. jimbob
      jimbob at |

      This list is crap. Only 2 that affects me:
      Last Kiss – Pearl Jam
      The Grave – Don Mclean

  41. dAN
    dAN at |

    Radiohead – Videotape
    Radiohead – Last Flowers

    Those songs espicially in the Basement sessions, can be fond on youtube.

  42. Nanlisa
    Nanlisa at |

    Not necessarily in order, but here’s my list.

    1. Stormy-The Classics IV
    2. The theme from the 1966 French film “A Man and a Woman”
    3. “Hungry” and “Kicks” -Paul Revere and the Raiders
    4. Willow Weep for Me-Chad and Jeremy
    5. You and Me Against the World-Helen Reddy
    6. Bluesette-Various Artists
    7. Summer Wind-Frank Sinatra
    8. Nothing But a Heartache-The Flirtations
    9. Dirty Water-The Standells
    10. In the Rain-The Dramatics
    11. Don’t Cry Daddy-Elvis
    12. Wives and Lovers-Jack Jones
    13. Ask Any Girl-Diana Ross and the Supremes
    14. A Girl Like You-The Rascals
    15. Summer Samba-Walter Wanderley

  43. TeresaJo
    TeresaJo at |

    Call me by Shinedown, Accoustic version of rapture by hurt, in this river by black label society.

  44. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Just for the fun of it. Listen to the fourth movement of Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony and see how you react. This is what I want to hear as I die in my sleep…..

  45. Tedz
    Tedz at |

    Fix you – Coldplay

  46. Cece
    Cece at |

    I feel like a heartless fool but I havent cried to one of these songs…I don’t know why…

  47. Pepper
    Pepper at |

    THe one song that always makes me cry is “Tell My Father” from the musical “Civil War”

  48. Rebecca
    Rebecca at |

    Why isn’t ‘Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross’ on here?

  49. Clem
    Clem at |

    Vandross’ Dance with My Father.

  50. Epic Joey
    Epic Joey at |

    I Loved Her First, The Theme For Halo 3, Dance With My Father, Call Me, Friend Of Ours, Snuff,
    The Scientist, Hurt, Slipped Away, You Could Be Happy, Last Of the American Girls, Walk,
    Daddy Is Dead, Hold On, Fix You, Hungry, The Love Theme For The Godfather, She Is Gone,
    Never Thought I Would Lose, Don’t Cry, Lost My Girl, Crazy Jerk, Tell My Father, Sheets,
    Dumped Into Sadness, Betrayed By My Boyfriend, Mama Come Home, A Man And A Woman,
    Dirty Cleanse, Wounds That Never Heal, Extraordinary Pain, I Love You, The Weeping Willows,
    And My Favorite Yet Most Sad Song I Know Is The Pain How Mom And Dad Died.

  51. someteen
    someteen at |

    I only know everybody hurts, maybe because i’m twelve?

    1. someteen
      someteen at |

      And I always cry when listening to it

  52. Alex
    Alex at |

    For me it’s not the lyrics, it’s how beautifully they are sang and these two brings me to tears.
    Lisa Kelly – You Raise Me Up
    Kate Voegele – Hallelujah

  53. Jole
    Jole at |

    I have two words for you, “Cats in-the-cradle”, never played it without tears. Teardrop – Jose Gonzales, from House episode when Wilson’s girlfriend dies, is also nice.

  54. Alex
    Alex at |

    How is Wind Beneath My Wings never mentioned in this list or in any of the comments? C’mon people!! That one gets to you like no other

  55. Joe G
    Joe G at |

    Where is Whiskey Lullabye. It is impossible not to cry when listening to that song

  56. Valeria DL
    Valeria DL at |

    When I hear Jeff Buckley sing Hallelujah,my eyes start tearing up lol It happens every single time :’)

  57. Emma
    Emma at |

    what about concrete angel? that song had me bawling at the one minute mark

  58. Grace
    Grace at |

    My top 10

    10. Precious child by Karen Taylor Good
    9. Hurt by Christina Aguilera
    8. Vienna by Billy Joel
    7. Wish you were here by Avril Lavigne
    6. Because of you by Kelly Clarkson
    5. Goodbye yellow brick road by Elton John
    4. Concrete Angel by Martina McBride
    3. Slipping through my fingers by Abba
    2. Never grow up by Taylor Swift
    1. Somewhere out there by Linda Rondstant

  59. me
    me at |

    What about ronan by taylor swift?

  60. me
    me at |

    I cry everytime I listen to it.

  61. Jal
    Jal at |

    ‘Immortal’ by Evanescence
    ‘Emptiness’ by Rohan Rathore

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      wow I can’t believe this list doesn’t have a YouTube playlist yet – I am going to make one –

  62. GNF
    GNF at |

    “Somewhere out there” always made me cry as a kid. It was in the movie “An American Tale”, you know, the one with Fievel the mouse? The waterworks didn’t seem to stop.
    Also, “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx. Quite sad…always makes my sister cry :,(

  63. Blargh Yarghs
    Blargh Yarghs at |

    Small Bump – Ed Sheeran

    I cry every time…

  64. BOB
    BOB at |

    Honestly, “Talking to the moon” by bruno mars is extremely sad

    1. anne Iredale
      anne Iredale at |

      This was not my original title – I would not have put ‘depressing’.

      1. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        Sorry, Anne. Sometimes we take artistic license. Good to hear from you though!

  65. Jules
    Jules at |

    Dont forget Friends Forever by Vitamin C
    Fallen by Sarah McLachlan
    Here With Me by Susie Suh ft. Robert Koch (heard it on The Blacklist)
    Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream
    Yesterdays by Switchfoot

    I, too, is a fan of hauntingly weepy songs

    1. LoLo
      LoLo at |

      The category is “classic songs” these are not classics, too recent.

  66. Jules
    Jules at |

    I agree with Taylor Swift’s ‘Ronan’ and Snow Patrol’s ‘You Could Be Happy’.
    and wow, Radical Face’s Welcome Home is beautiful and soulful. heard it on The Blacklist as well.

    New Additions from my side:
    Forever and Always – Parachute. made me cry alot. beautiful voice n story.
    I Have Always Loved You – Enrique Iglesias

    I enjoyed this post and suggested list of songs, guys. cheerios!

    1. Jules
      Jules at |

      just remembered this song i heard on Criminal Minds.

      As It Seems by Lily Kershaw. 🙂

    2. Jules
      Jules at |

      Dream About You – Stevie B
      Somewhere Down The Road – Barry Manilow
      Somewhere – Il Divo
      Looking Back – Kerry Muzzey
      Take Your Sweet Time – Jessie McCartney
      My Baby You – Marc Anthony
      Na Man Eh Nuh – Kim Hyun Ah (Korean drama series: Stairway to Heaven) waterworks at its best!!

      whewww! hehehe enjoy!

      1. LoLo
        LoLo at |

        These are not “classic songs” which the category states. They may be tear jerkers but are too new to be in this category.

  67. LoLo
    LoLo at |

    Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks it’s about someone dying & saying goodbye to family & friends & Everything I Own by Bread about the singers deceased father. Both, get me every time.


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