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  • someteen

    I only know everybody hurts, maybe because i’m twelve?

    • someteen

      And I always cry when listening to it

  • Alex

    For me it’s not the lyrics, it’s how beautifully they are sang and these two brings me to tears.
    Lisa Kelly – You Raise Me Up
    Kate Voegele – Hallelujah

  • Jole

    I have two words for you, “Cats in-the-cradle”, never played it without tears. Teardrop – Jose Gonzales, from House episode when Wilson’s girlfriend dies, is also nice.

  • Alex

    How is Wind Beneath My Wings never mentioned in this list or in any of the comments? C’mon people!! That one gets to you like no other

  • Joe G

    Where is Whiskey Lullabye. It is impossible not to cry when listening to that song

  • Valeria DL

    When I hear Jeff Buckley sing Hallelujah,my eyes start tearing up lol It happens every single time :’)

  • Emma

    what about concrete angel? that song had me bawling at the one minute mark

  • Grace

    My top 10

    10. Precious child by Karen Taylor Good
    9. Hurt by Christina Aguilera
    8. Vienna by Billy Joel
    7. Wish you were here by Avril Lavigne
    6. Because of you by Kelly Clarkson
    5. Goodbye yellow brick road by Elton John
    4. Concrete Angel by Martina McBride
    3. Slipping through my fingers by Abba
    2. Never grow up by Taylor Swift
    1. Somewhere out there by Linda Rondstant

  • me

    What about ronan by taylor swift?

  • me

    I cry everytime I listen to it.

  • Jal

    ‘Immortal’ by Evanescence
    ‘Emptiness’ by Rohan Rathore

    • wow I can’t believe this list doesn’t have a YouTube playlist yet – I am going to make one –

  • GNF

    “Somewhere out there” always made me cry as a kid. It was in the movie “An American Tale”, you know, the one with Fievel the mouse? The waterworks didn’t seem to stop.
    Also, “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx. Quite sad…always makes my sister cry :,(

  • Blargh Yarghs

    Small Bump – Ed Sheeran

    I cry every time…

  • BOB

    Honestly, “Talking to the moon” by bruno mars is extremely sad

    • anne Iredale

      This was not my original title – I would not have put ‘depressing’.

      • Shell Harris

        Sorry, Anne. Sometimes we take artistic license. Good to hear from you though!

  • Jules

    Dont forget Friends Forever by Vitamin C
    Fallen by Sarah McLachlan
    Here With Me by Susie Suh ft. Robert Koch (heard it on The Blacklist)
    Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream
    Yesterdays by Switchfoot

    I, too, is a fan of hauntingly weepy songs

    • LoLo

      The category is “classic songs” these are not classics, too recent.

  • Jules

    I agree with Taylor Swift’s ‘Ronan’ and Snow Patrol’s ‘You Could Be Happy’.
    and wow, Radical Face’s Welcome Home is beautiful and soulful. heard it on The Blacklist as well.

    New Additions from my side:
    Forever and Always – Parachute. made me cry alot. beautiful voice n story.
    I Have Always Loved You – Enrique Iglesias

    I enjoyed this post and suggested list of songs, guys. cheerios!

    • Jules

      just remembered this song i heard on Criminal Minds.

      As It Seems by Lily Kershaw. 🙂

    • Jules

      Dream About You – Stevie B
      Somewhere Down The Road – Barry Manilow
      Somewhere – Il Divo
      Looking Back – Kerry Muzzey
      Take Your Sweet Time – Jessie McCartney
      My Baby You – Marc Anthony
      Na Man Eh Nuh – Kim Hyun Ah (Korean drama series: Stairway to Heaven) waterworks at its best!!

      whewww! hehehe enjoy!

      • LoLo

        These are not “classic songs” which the category states. They may be tear jerkers but are too new to be in this category.

  • LoLo

    Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks it’s about someone dying & saying goodbye to family & friends & Everything I Own by Bread about the singers deceased father. Both, get me every time.