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Top Ten Things To Know About Anne Iredale She’s for hire! Email: [email protected] A full time freelance writer, she has written SEO articles, reviews and feature articles on almost every subject under the sun and has contributed to numerous web sites. Her special interest is music, movies, literature, and travel. She is also a creative writer, writing poems, short stories, and song lyrics. Her book of poetry, ‘Bread and Circuses’, was published in May, 2009 at She’s from Yorkshire in England. She could bore you for hours about the Zen of Badminton and loves playing. The most difficult thing she has ever done was climbing the Great Wall of China. She is a little obsessed with the Beatles. She is learning to play the guitar. Her favorite Top 10 List that she has written is Top 10 War Films because she found it a moving experience. Her favourite Top 10 List that someone else has written is Top 10 Songs By The Beatles. Great job done on an impossible task. You can visit her site: You can buy Anne's book of poetry, Bread and Circuses.