1. Banksy is a revelation to art. I think that staying anonymous is critical as he could be pursued by the police, he produces his work in the name or art and nothing else init.

  2. i really like the work of Banksy, and i think it’s very good of him to get his opinions out into the world whether he does it anonymously or not. i hope that one day i’ll be able to support what i think to be important on as large a scale as banksy does. even if you don’t really see the meaning behind his work, if i saw this on a street it would make me smile, or just give me something to look at or brighten my day a bit. i think the fact that he does this anonymously just shows that he’s doing this to make a difference to what he thinks is important rather than just for fame and if he gets satisfaction from seeing people enjoying it then that’s just a bonus.

  3. I love how every praises Bansky’s work. He is nothing but a self-titled rebel who makes claims that his art has meaning. He is no different than any other anti-establishment thinkers. He just happens to be a good artist. But hey, what do I know? I’m probably going to be called an idiot or something because I’m not praising Bansyky as some genius

      • Thank you, I appreciate that. I think he is a very talented artist, just I have a different opinion of his intent lol.

        • i agree with toptenzmaster…i disagree with you, respectfully, quay. I believe his art holds purpose and sure he may someone who is anti establishment, but hey where is the establishment taking us now? i think greater than his anti establishment sentiments (which i agree he does have those) are the messages he leaves behind. he makes you think, he makes you feel, he makes you want to experience his work, not just look at it and think, ‘oh that’s nice’ or ‘oh that has a good message’. his purpose to me is that he wants you to not only think about things, but then go out and teach yourself, educate yourself and eventually maybe influence yoU to be the change that he wants to see.

          ^^^also to whoever wrote he was a coward, i would be too if i was facing the same charges he was

  4. Lol keith got burned.

    Dude your a douch, what O-so great cause do you back that gives you the right to judge?

  5. Keith Watabayashi on

    Interesting list of a very talented artist whose work and message(s) will only last until the walls he/she paints on inevitably crumble. Meanwhile the cabinets, the tourists, and the art they serve, endure. I wonder if Bansky realizes how passing his/hers work is, and the establishment he/she fights against will only ever consider the art nothing more than a nuisance and the truth it seeks to reveal does nothing to help the plight of the condemned.

    Basically, if Bansky cares so much he/she should go out and get a job where their passion and creativity can actual help solve the problems the art highlights. To me, this kind of work is nothing more than hypocritical self-satisfying expression from a distance. If you care so much that you are willing to break the law (even a ridiculous law), but are too afraid to come forward and accept responsibility for the act and the message, then you are a coward , and I don't respect a coward's art.

    Interesting top ten list though. But screw Bansky.

    • That is certainly one way to view an artist's work. But I think there is something to be said for awareness of a problem. If his art brings awareness, then he is serving a purpose. The mystery around him adds to the sensationalism of his work. If he were to expose himself and be arrested it would take away from his intrigue and popularity to some degree, I believe.

    • Claudia De Lioncourt on

      “Basically, if Bansky cares so much he/she should go out and get a job where their passion and creativity can actual help solve the problems the art highlights.”

      We don’t really know what his background is, and what work he does since he stays anonymous, so you really can’t say that.

      • Keith Watabayashi on

        Hmm. That is a good point. Bansky could be a disgruntled social worker or teacher for all I know. I Still think it's shameful not to step forward and stand behind your art.

    • BongoShaftsbury on

      " Banksy reported that Israeli soldiers pointed guns at him as he worked"

      Yeah, what a coward, unlike Keith, who bravely posts banal twatwafflery from the comfort of his parents' basement.

    • That’s childish, make up your mind. You either like the art or dont. It’s stupid of you to flat out be like “I like the art but not the way its presented”. FOR YOUR INFORMATION the way art is presented is considered part of the art itself. And no he’s not being a coward. He’s SPEAKING in a LANGUAGE only he know’s how to speak. And if you cant understand it it’s your loss. NOT only that he is not only speaking for himself but for those around him that dont dare question anything or speak for themselves. Better to raise peoples awarness with a 20foot painting than with what? a 2foot canvas? Whats gonna inspire people? Whats gonna make someone move to action? The 20 foot painting or the 2foot one??? He SPOKE VOLUMES. Street arts a great way for no names to go out and speak words they cant speak outloud. ART is a LANGUAGE. The way he’s presenting it just doesnt speak to you. But you have no right to call him a coward.