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  • Good List

    Very nice list that could easily be expanded. Many great people have done incredible things in spite of their disabilities. Still, this is nice start. I did not know that about Albert Einstein.

  • Czech composer Fredrich Smetana also went deaf as did Beethoven and also kept composing; his "Furiant' from his opera "The Bartered Bride" has been used on nearly every Road Runner-Coyote chase sequence. And other musicians, such as Paul Pena and George Shearing, have mastered blindness.

  • Mitch

    Michael Milton-Fastedt skier in Australia even though only on 1 leg.

  • Jeremy Parker

    Not on the level of what these have overcome, but John Stossel used to have a severe stutter and overcame that to become (in my opinion as a journalist myself) one of the best journalist of our day.

  • lewis Tommy Small 11

    dude this site is awesome

  • Skl

    This guy is a triathlete despite being an arlequin (this disease is usually fatal at birth)

  • SallyBeam

    I vote for Nick Vujicic.

  • patrick

    i am surprised that you did not include Terry Fox

  • 007

    Where is Andrea Bocelli?

  • hakeem

    It is great list, but you must keep in mind that a lot of these people were infact genuises and had exceptional intelligence. In short, God gifted them with brilliant minds even if they had a dissability. Some of the people listed may not have achieved greatness if they had not very high IQ. For example, Einstein was autistic but had a very high IQ

  • Stephen Cook

    Controversial & will probably get flamed, but Rush Limbaugh has been the top rated radio host in the US for nearly thirty years and is totally deaf, (although he can hear some with implants.)

  • Dalton Daily

    The end to this otherwise entertaining list is the worst I have seen in a long time. FDR was a man, who was elected president even though he was always on a wheelchair. This alone would be a 1st deserving accomplishment. Then you realize FDR saved America from the Depression and set the course for Allies victory in WW2. In a war when the people needed a hero and a strong leader, he looked and was the part even with polio. The fact that a person who made little to no actual achievements, beats FDR in your opinion is appalling and basically moronic.

  • Inos Famous

    Thanks for the information, it my wish that people living with disability will know that, disability is not the end of life that they can challenge that challenge and become another example of our days.

  • srilekha shaji

    it is wonderful information……………………………….

  • Ashish sharma

    It is wonderful information….