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  • Yogesh Sawant


  • Hi ma ppl, Yahweh have written in genessis about Eden & the Garden, about two different locations, but inter twined by river Eden & general location. Eden the higher ground & the Garden the lower. *The garden must have been inter connected with an inlet of water with the one & the first ocean in order to bring the whole marine’s & it’s neighboring multitudes of extincted & existing variety of animals & fishes to be named by Adam. Later on Adam have tasks to do in the garden with the whole animals,to work in it & look after the Garden. from whom? Did Adam made & used killing weapons? Did Adam made & used security monitoring devices? What was the best & the most secret of the The Garden? Were there evolution after creation? Where did Mary hide Baby Jesus Christ when he was wanted to be killed? I have had researched all in all about the garden, & in near future am gonna release articles about it & other most disputed subjects of The Holly Bible.

  • Onyedika Salvator

    The garden will be restored on earth as Christ restored mankind on earth

  • Dassise

    do not try searching.God told Noah,no one of his offspring will never see nor have access to the garden.the place He id taking him to is new a new where the ark barres is a new land.where wé are today.thanks.

  • Joyce Gaines

    EDEN is Gods name for Earth! Science has proven that LIFE OF MAN began in EAST AFRICA. God created man IN THE EAST OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN, the earth was one solid land mass eons ago (before sin)-science has also proven. EAST AFRICA-EAST IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN.

  • tornado hunter

    no one knows where the garden is its the most hard 2 find place on Earth so don’t bother looking or u will die bye G-d’s Angel so good luck on researching where it is 🙂

  • Mark Carter

    The best answer Is Turkey I have a new website that shows the true location

  • Mardrette Kemp

    Did everyone forget Pangea? Put the continents together first. Then, use the scriptures and search.