Top 10 Finest Red Wines Under $15


Sacred Hill Shiraz Cabernet

Hello my name is Flynn Balshaw I was a former wine maker at Wynns Coonawarra. In my spare time I love to sip a nice glass of red wine in the serenity of my home and try to find a bargain as well. In my opinion these wines were very easy to drink and not as harsh and very dry as you would expect from most $6-$12 bottles, But again its only my opinion. Bon apetit.

1. Sacred Hill Shiraz cabernet – $6.00
2. Mcwilliams Hanwood Cab Sav – $10.00
3. Angoves Long Row Cab Sav – $8.00
4. Jacobs Ceek Siraz Cabernet – $10.00
5. Stepping Stone Cabernet – $12.00
6. Banrock Shiraz Cabernet – $7.00
7. Mcguigan Black label (red) – $9.00
8. Mcwilliams Inheritance – $7.00
9. Houghtons Shiraz Cabernet – $12.00
10. Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot – $6.00

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1 Comment

  1. Are you kidding me? What's with all the cabs? I have been finding extremely drinkable bargains among Malbecs and Spanish Tempranillo blends. Red Zins are usually very reasonable as well.

    Syrah/Shiraz can still be a bargain, but a lot of the world has discovered Australian wines now. Look to Spain, and South America (Chile and Argentina, mostly) for your bargains.