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  1. Sarah at |

    Ok, so I know if you open this list up to country songs it would be a Top 100 list(and Im really not a huge fan of country music). However, there is a country song that makes me sob every time I hear it. Its called “Streets of Heaven” by Sherrie Austin. Anyone with kids would definitely understand.

    1. R.Ivor.Pavlek. at |

      man…no offense, but non of those are nearly sad enough…they don't touch me….

      my top whatever:

      David Bowie and M.J. Keenan-bring me the disco king

      NIN-great below, hurt, something i can never have, right where it belongs….

      the cure-lost…..

      joy division-she's lost control…

      korn-alone i brake…

      moby-extreme ways, natural blues…

      placebo-twenty years…

      radiohead-paranoid android, creep…

      slipknot- they are so deranged of sadness-scissors…


      and instrumental-clint mansell- requiem for a dream soundtrack, together we will live forever, the last man….

      tired of writing….get the picture??

      1. Robs230587 at |

        Well i agree with this i've listened to the songs and not one of them really makes me cry. You need to find some more to be honest, if you find ones which are sad enough they will make people cry and then you have accomplished it :)

        1. tabby at |

          concrete angel by martina mcbride gets me every time!!

          1. Danielle at |

            i agree its is an amazing song!

            remember everything
            by:five finger death punch

            1. Kamal at |

              Remember everything yes.. a really sad song

          2. molly at |

            i totally love that song. im twelve and i think that one is one of the saddest songs ever. martina mcbride sings it so well

        2. Cathy at |

          How about “Me and Little Andy by Dolly Parton” and how about Teddy Bear by Red Solvine

      2. Bobo at |

        If I could only Fly

        by Blaze Foley

        1. guy at |

          No surpises – Radiohead

      3. Watson at |

        Nutshell- Alice In Chains.. Nuff said.

      4. Casey at |

        I agree.
        The ones that hit me the most are:
        You promised- Brantley Gilbert
        I’m already there: Lonestar
        Amazed: Lonestar
        Travelin Soldier: Dixie Chick

        Thats just a few. But thanks for some vids!

    2. debra at |

      I am so, so sorry, I felt your pain as I watched your video. I too lost a child, and I feel your pain, the pain only a parent that has lost a child can feel. I will pray for you. God Bless

    3. Jasmine H at |

      oh my gosh i am sat here with tears STREAMIN down my face so beautiful :(

    4. None O. Urbisness at |

      That’s so sad :'(

    5. vanessa st johns at |

      Im a child but i understood every word that it was saaying

    6. Sandra at |

      Hmm,you missed Fix you-Coldplay and
      maybe Hey there Delilah-Plain White T’s.

    7. Hancock at |

      1- turning pages by sleeping at last
      2- you were my everything- aviation
      3- mess i made- parachute
      4- drop in the ocean- ron pope
      5- Forever and always- parachute
      6- stay- blue october
      7- paper float- cassettes wont listen
      8- speechless- Lady Gaga
      9- so happy i could die- Lady Gaga
      10- why no me- enrique iglasis

      1. Angie at |

        umm…. Lady Gaga? Really? Have you ever heard whiskey lullaby by Brad Paisley? THAT is a sad song not enough to make you cry but really sad.

      2. Melville at |

        I’m shocked you’re the first person to mention Forever and Always by Parachute! In my opinion that is the saddest song of all time, hands down. I’m guessing most people just haven’t heard it, because I know it would place highly on these saddest song lists. Anyway, my point is I completely agree with you, and I’m very surprised that more people don’t!

        1. L at |

          Man I just read the lyrics and I teared up

    8. Sameera at |

      AHEM! Where’s The Scientist by Coldplay? It makes me cry all the time. We Might As Well be Strangers by Keane as well.

    9. Stephen at |

      The cutters lullaby- Tamara Minaoui (poem/ lullaby. Not a song)
      How to save a life- The Fray
      Welcome to the black parade- My Chemical romance
      If it means alot to you- A Day To Remember
      The last night- Skillet
      Drown- Three Days Grace

    10. Grace at |

      SO sad darlin’
      i love country too

  2. Monica at |

    You're missing one of the saddest songs of all time, Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. I cry BUCKETS all the time. It's sooooooo sad!

    1. random at |

      OMG the song last kiss by pearl jam made me cry after i listened to it and read the lyrics

      1. jax at |

        yes this one makes me cry every time

    2. That one Guy at |

      THANK YOU!

    3. Baber at |

      its the beutyful song for the one who wana listn sad song….

    4. Justin at |

      Yeah for sure this has to be in the top10, i first heard this song along time ago when i was a kid

      When i first heard this song not gonna lie i ccccryed my eyes out.. about 11,12 ;((

    5. Brenda at |

      Ummmm … This is a remake, the 1964 version by J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers is much better. Pearl Jam mucked it up.

      1. liberalchick at |

        I knew J. Frank Wilson personally. I visited him the nursing home where he ended up passing away. And yes, you are right…his version is and will always be the best! Thank you for bring this to light! XOXO, libchick4

    6. Lars at |

      Don’t you mean Last Kiss by Dicky Lee? That’s the original and I like it way better :-)

    7. Meelosweasel at |

      Isn’t this song by J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers?

    8. Ainara at |

      Yes, this song is soo sad! But, in my opinion “Black” is even more heart breaking. There are loads of songs that make me feel emotional, but no song except this one has ever made me actually cry.
      But all Pearl Jam song are great and emotional, they’re just an amazing band :)

  3. CK at |

    Even though it's from a cartoon (Toy Story 2), everytime I hear Sarah McLachlan sing "When Somebody Loves You" makes me misty-eyed. "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton makes me sad too, especially after finding out why he wrote/sang it.

    1. Maddiee at |

      oh my god i love that song so my i cry everytime i listen to it.. it is amazing:/

  4. Paige at |

    Every time I hear Martina McBride's Concrete Angel I just… If you listen to it you'll understand.

    1. justice at |

      omg i say this video and thought man this should be the song for people against abusing children i am only a teenager and have been abused and i thank god it wasnt horrible and i got out of it

      1. sammie at |

        I totally agree! and along with that (even though it's country) The Little Girl by John Michael Montgomery. It's about a little girl whose dad is an acholic and mom is a druggie. She hides behind their couch as her dad kills her mom, then himself and at the end Montgomery sings "She said I know that man up there on that cross I don't know His name But I know He got off Cause He was there in my old house and held me close to His side As I hid there behind our couch The night that my parents died"

        1. Angie at |

          uhmmm…. What do you have against country?

  5. Will at |

    Very surprised the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes" didn't make the list. Isn't that the ultimate sad song?

    1. jax at |

      omg yes

  6. Tyler the Web Design at |

    A second for Tears in Heaven and Last Kiss. I don't think it gets much sadder than those.

    1. jax at |

      i third this comment

      1. Wilde Finn at |

        Tears In Heaven, Clapton only song that really got me.
        Last Kiss, and I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow – but this one I relate to personal relationship experience

  7. Bradley Robb at |

    No Leonard Cohen? No Smiths or even solo Morrisey? No Sullivan Street by Counting Crows? I, as a former music journalist, declare this list horribly flawed and thus, null and void.

    1. That one Guy at |

      …it's a top ten list you can't fit everything, it's also about sad songs….it's completely about opinion.

    2. Chiyoe at |

      Ok. I get the whole former music journalist thing but you should understand that not everyone is the same. Sure none of these songs actually touched my heart but it’s not a matter of personal preference. I love sad songs and these weren’t. But everyone has an opinion. I love for example
      “I Can’t Decide” by There For Tomorrow and my current favourite is “Pages” by 3 Doors Down. Both are amazing and I recommend them. Also no one has the right to criticize one’s taste or preference in music.

  8. JK at |

    a list like this isnt complete without elliott smith

    when Wes Anderson needed a song to play during an attempted suicide he knew where to turn to

    and my favourite

    soaked pillow

  9. JK at |
    1. Olympia at |

      Great choices! Though I would have included “Last Call,” his most heart-breaking song… in my opinion.

  10. Justin Guarini at |

    I hate sad song.. I don't want to be sad..

  11. stav at |

    The thing with music is that its very subjective. One mans tale of woe is another mans huge belly laugh. I doubt you could get two people in a room full to agree on exactly the same 10 songs!

  12. robyn at |

    what about chrismas shoes? thats so sad. and theres this 9/11 song sung by a little girl who lost her father and she said she will always leave the hall light on until he returns i dont remember what its called but its so sad..

    1. DeaZy at |

      its the 9/11 tribute song im not sure who sang it but its a remake of bryan adams-heaven. The little girl is commenting throughout the song whilst another girl originally sad song emphasised by the tragedy of 9/11

      1. Shawnsy at |

        DJ Sammy – 9/11 Heaven – they just released an updated version for the 10 yr anniversary, the little girl grows up as the song goes along, very powerful and sad

  13. Barb at |

    'Vincent' by Don McLean gets me everytime. That, to me, is the saddest, most heart wrenching song ever written.

    1. jax at |

      yes it is american pie is also a very very sad song

  14. Monica at |

    Robyn…I don't know what the 9/11 song is either, but I know what you're talking about….first time I heard it….I balled like a baby!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mel at |

      The 9/11 song is called "Heaven 9/11" by DJ Sammy

      1. Sav at |

        Omg ! I listened to that song the other day and i like had to be excused from class cause i was crying ! && I like NEVER cry .

  15. Ella at |

    Ditto to Tears In Heaven. The song that personally makes me cry is Let Her Cry by Hootie and the Blowfish

    And there's a song by Josh Woodward, a little known artist, called I'll Be Right Behind You Josephine which I think is about a guy watching his best friend die and always makes me feel desperately sad. Just one line in it, "And Jesus Christ if you tore my heart out, the only thing I'd feel is less alone"

  16. Felecia at |

    you forgot one of the sadist songs ever Whisky Lullaby.

    1. That one Guy at |

      Yes! And Sarah Beth by Rascal Flatts. I don't like them much but that song is definitely a tear jerker.

      1. jax at |

        just listend to this ….this was nerarly me wen i was 17 omg i cant stop crying

  17. ArkZ at |

    river by the boss himself mr bruce springsteen makes me tear up every time i listen to it

  18. Adrian at |

    i listen to soul and R&B so the song that makes me tear up are "A million miless away" by rihanna and "Crush" by rosetta* (or something like that)

  19. Umi at |

    there's "I will always love you", by Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton (i think Dolly's has more emotion), "Without you", "Breakdown" and "We belong together", by Mariah Carey, "Tears in heaven" by Eric Clapton, "The winner takes it all" by ABBA, "Nothing compares to you" by Sinead o'connor or Prince…

  20. Josh at |

    i think the saddest song is love in this club by usher… and moving mountains

  21. Mike at |

    Last kiss is not originally by pearl jam. They get credit for a song they stole.

    1. Anuar Mora at |

      I agree with you, and I can say so because I really love this song, I sang it so many times with the original, also I would like to say that some other sad songs are: Moody river, House of the rising sun, Ride on ( I have never seen this song on a list, What a shame). And this list is not bad, but too short. I like these songs as sad but it needs many others.

  22. Jaimie at |

    "All I Ask" by Personality Disorder (Formerly Autopsy)

    "But God won't give you to me, when that's all I've asked him for" is pretty sad to me.

  23. Moo at |

    Can I just add two more?

    Mad World by Gary Jules, and Your Ex Lover is Dead by Star.

    Also, Creep by Radiohead.

    1. That one Guy at |

      See, I don't know why everyone thinks Creep is sad. Not saying it isn't to other people, but for me, I like it. It describes me and I can level with it.

  24. amit at |

    I think you should have included the song "One" by Metallica. It a sac song about a war injured man how lost his sight, his hearing, his legs and arms and his speech. he is breathing through a tube and longs either to die or to be in a freak show the show the horrors of war. the problem is he cannot communicate with anyone. it is the most sad song i have ever heard because i takes about a true story.

    1. wooby at |

      he stepped on a landmine

    2. byroni at |

      One isn’t based on any single story. It’s actually inspired by an anti war film called Johnny Got His Gun, which, again is based on a number of different incidents. The main character, Johnny, is eventually able to communicate through Morse Code, but otherwise still wishes for death. Not so much sad as epicly tragic.

    3. Earl at |

      The video ‘One” (and from what I’ve heard at least some of the inspiration for the song itself) is from the film Johnny Got His Gun which was directed by Dalton Trumbo, who also wrote the book. Not, as one commenter stated, based on “several” sources. Trumbo wrote the book in an attempt to keep the US out of WWII, then made the film during the 60s as an anti-war film about Vietnam. The book and the film are very powerful, and the history behind them are particularly interesting. Trumbo was one of the Hollywood people blacklisted by HUAC during McCarthyism because he was a member of the Communist Party.

  25. Bub at |

    What about "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. One of the saddest songs about a Father losing his son as a small child.

  26. G at |

    Another Auld Lang Syne…Dan Fogelburg

    Little Rosa…Red Sovine

    My Beautiful Heavenly Eyes…Everly Brothers

    Indian Lament…Elton John

    Everybody Hurts…REM

    1. Baz at |

      little rosa is amazing it’s so sad and poetic, red sovine deserves a shout on his own just for this song but the when you consider he did teddy bear and wrote teddy bears last ride the man knows how to pull the heartstrings

    2. Earl at |

      I think the Everley Brothers song might be Ebony Eyes.

      1. athanx at |

        1.hiding inside myself.. – kenny rankin
        2.after all.
        3.time of your life – greenday
        4. beautiful in my eyes. that ive found you. – krauss
        6.look after you. the fray
        7.what matter most. – kenny rankin again
        8.wind. – akeboshi
        well i think this is the worst song sad song playlist here… but it makes me sad and cry.

  27. nico at |

    that song about 9/11 is called heaven dj sammy remix

    that girl lost her father in 9/11 and i cry every time

  28. Luke at |

    yeah nico I think dj sammy's heaven remix should be on as well as tears in heaven, Everybody hurts by REM and i don't want to miss a thing by aerosmith.

  29. katie at |

    the 911 heaven remix makes me bawl my eyes out.

    And Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Oh my god that’s a good one.

    And With Me by Sum 41.

    1. Edeon at |

      With me and Hide and Seek…
      Marry me :)

  30. Nancy at |

    I remember watching the Irish Tenors sing Only Our River Runs Free with tears rolling down my face.

  31. Austin at |

    My top 10.

    1. "Alyssa Lies"- Jason Michael Carroll.

    2. "Angel" – Sarah McLachlan.

    3. "Concrete Angel"- Martina McBride.

    4. "Sissy's Song" -Alan Jackson.

    5. "Heaven"- Bryan Adams.

    6. "He Stopped Loving Her Today"- George Jones.

    7. "If Tomorrow Never Comes"- Garth Brooks.

    8. "Address in the Stars"- Caitlin & Will.

    9. "Tears in Heaven" -Eric Clapton.

    10."Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)"- Alan Jackson.

    1. jax at |

      agree will all these

      1. jax at |

        what about garth brooks this aint tenasee

        1. jax at |

          or victim of the game

      2. English Songs Latest at |

        someof my fav sad songs would have to be

        My Never – Blue October

        Hold on to you – Marjorie Fair

        Rest in pieces – Saliva I know the name off, but this song is awesome

        Fix You – Coldplay

        My heart – Paramore

        I definitely agree with tears in heaven, and the last kiss as well

    2. nidhi gupta at |

      wowwww!! amazing <3 <3 best list :))

    3. chuckay3 at |

      Good list, id like to throw Whiskey Lullaby in there though

      1. chuckay3 at |

        And cats in the cradle as a man its hard to admit but it gets ya for sure

  32. Hour18 at |

    The saddest song I've ever was "The Freshman" by The Verve Pipe

    1. cefragula at |

      samson anyone?

    2. gelalila at |

      very much. “freshman” is always the first i think of that makes me cry. what’s harder to take than listening to a song about ignorance that cost lives? goodness.

  33. Edgar at |

    All interesting, and I'm sure heartfelt, suggestions. IMHO, the saddest songs are:

    10. Help Me Make It Through the Night (Kris Kristofferson original)

    9. Binary Sunrise (Orchestral instrumental, Star Wars IV: A New Hope Original Soundtrack aka Luke Skywalker gazing wistfully into the setting twin suns on Tattooine)

    8. Where Time Stands Still (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

    7. Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell original)

    6. A Little Fall of Rain (Eponine and Marius in Les Miserables)

    5. The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)

    4. Separate Ways (Elvis)

    3. Send In the Clowns (Stephen Sondheim songwriter)

    2. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams, Jr. original)

    1. For the Good Times (Kris Kristofferson original)

    1. kate at |

      Totally agree w/ a little fall of rain. so tragic and beautiful.

    2. Gen at |

      Ok, I know this comment is 6 months past the actual post, but I never thought ANYONE would put down “A Little Fall of Rain”. Awesome! I cry every single time I hear that song, including the two times I saw the musical. Heartbreaking!!!

    3. Matt05 at |

      i find the saddest song is -keep me in your heart- by Warren zevon

    4. angel at |

      I definetely think
      separate ways,
      don’t cry daddy,
      in the ghetto by elvis are some of the sadest songs I ever heard.
      Burton cummings had some sad songs as well
      timeless love,
      stand tall,
      tell them gently
      these eyes


      1. angel at |

        Billy and Sue-B.J. Thomas
        Oh Girl-Chi Lites
        the most beautiful girl-Charlie Rich
        Daddy don’t walk so fast-Wayne Newton
        Ask the Lonely-the Four Tops

        These ones top my list as well!

  34. Person at |

    My list would be:

    10. Never Say Never – The Fray

    9. Permanent – David Cook

    8. Glitter in the Air – P!nk

    7. Hello – Evanescence

    6. Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls

    5. Mad World – Tears for Fears

    4. Good Riddance – Green Day

    3. Sober – Kelly Clarkson

    2. Perfect – Simple Plan

    1. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

    1. Flakycake at |

      woah. 8 of these are in my itunes. 😀

    2. john at |

      While I respect the fact that you have the right to your own opinion, I find these songs to be lacking true soulful expression and targeted toward an audience which has little appreciation for the complexities of music which cannot be achieved through the same three power chords played on repeat for three minutes. I would have to add that if you like Mad World, I find the version by Gary Jules to be much darker and reflective of what i believe the song’s intended meaning to be. There’s something about a synth band that doesn’t do a song of such great melancholy and self-examination justice.

  35. Dan at |

    Honey by Bobby Goldsboro

  36. Miko at |

    My list

    1.I can't make you love me- Bonnie Raitt

    2. Wrapped around your finger- The Police

    3. Careless whisper- George Michael

    4. Time after time- Cyndi Lauper

    5. What's Love Got to do with it?- Tina Turner.

  37. Billy Apple at |

    why has no one mentioned Hallelujah, best version by buckly…. you should all be ashamed for not including it

    1. Marbs2000 at |

      Great song but not all that sad

      1. smartalek at |

        I agree that it’s not quite “sad” — but somehow it’s above and beyond sad.
        It’s like you’re hearing the voice of every man, woman, and child that’s ever ached in love, and God Himself saying, “there, there…” …but from a great distance, so you’re not even sure it’s Him you’re hearing. Maybe it was just the wind.
        It’s one of the best hymns ever written.
        I never understand how any performer can sing it all the way thru without losing it.
        Much as I love Buckley’s cover, nobody does it like Leonard himself.
        You.might also want to check out John Cale’s string trio arrangement, and kd lang’s version.

  38. CavScout at |

    I'm not really into country myself but the song "Easy Come Easy Go" by Hayes Carll is truly sad. Really make you think about miss opportunities in your life.

    1. Jimmy at |

      Try "Teen Angel" by Mark Denning

      "Are you Lonesome Tonight" by Elvis

      "Untitled" by Simple Plan

      "The Dance" By Garth Brooks

      "Ireland" by Garth Brooks and "Last In Love" by George Strait

      1. jax at |

        hey omg me to these songs always make me cry

      2. Ann at |

        I saw the music video for “Untitled” and it made me cry. The music video has two teens get in a car accident after one of them is drinking and driving.

        1. sarah at |

          It by simple plan.
          The song doesn’t have an actual name but most know it as “Why did this happen to me?”

  39. nemesis at |

    "Diamonds and rust"- Joan Beaz

  40. bluerox4 at |

    My list:

    1. Tracks of my tears- Adam Lambert (most emotional and beautiful cover ever!)
    2. Unbreakable- Westlife
    3. Apologize- One Republic ( i have history with this song)
    4. You'll think of me- Keith Urban
    5. The other side- David Gray
    6. Last kiss- Pearl Jam
    7. Everybody hurts- REM
    8. Almost lovers- A Fine Frenzy
    9. Dance with my father- Luther Vandross
    10. Fast car- Tracy Chapman

    and maybe even:

    11. I need to know- Kris Allen

    1. password at |

      theres another really sad called right here waiting for you by richard marx

      1. pat at |

        that is a sad one

    2. dezerae at |

      I totatly and completely agree with Track of my Tears. I’m listening to it right now, it’s amazing:)

  41. ifelicious at |

    i'm just surfing around for different lists of sad songs and ran across your post. i really like your list. it's different than what i'd pick and that's what i like the most. i've enjoyed listening down your list and reading your commentary.

  42. Emma at |

    YOu are missing one of the saddest songs of all time…

    Runaway Love by ludachris look it up ull be sad crying i was

    1. Frenchman at |

      AGREED! Just checked it out on YouTube….excellent & sad!

  43. john at |

    these are my 5 saddest songs of all time;

    10.I still miss someone-Johnny Cash

    9.Ride on-AC/DC

    8.I'm A Long Way From Home-Waylon Jennings

    7.Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want-The Smiths


    5.Perfect Day-Lou Reed

    4.Angel-Sarah McLachlan

    3.Hurt-Johnny Cash

    2.Partying Glass-Liam Clancy

    1.Last Kiss-Pearl Jam

    If you have nt got these 10 songs then get them i promise you you cant go wrong with them they are 10 fantastic songs and great when youre feeling a little down and need to listen to something sad

    1. animelover001 at |

      Ehh?? wat about the "I'll remember you by no secrets"

      check this link
      check this link pls??


      this is a sad song… it makes me cry..

  44. abz at |

    how can anybody leave out: Carry on my wayward son- Kansas

    One- U2

    Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve

    Breathe me- Sia

    Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap

    Tears in Heaven- eric clapton

    Mad World- Gary Jules

    1. Caarteer at |

      I totally agree with Breath Me -Sia. I am in love with that song.

  45. Wolfgirl at |

    I dont agree with these. My ten are the following.

    1.) Gods Will by Martina Mcbride

    2.) What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flats

    3.) Thunder by Boys Like Girls

    4.) Concrete Angel by Martina Mcbride

    5.) White Flag by Dido

    6.) For You I Will by Monica

    7.) Tonight I wanna cry by Keith Urban

    8.) When you're gone by Avril

    9.) My immortal by Evanescence

    10.) I'll Wait for You by Elliot Yamin

    1. jerry at |

      best sad songs i have heard……you have a good taste

    2. deff at |

      totally agreed with this list..!!

  46. Oceanchild at |

    How could no one have picked "This Is Not Goodbye" by Melissa Etheridge, or "Fly" by Celine Dion. They make me bawl when I listen to them. The video for "Hurt" by Johnny Cash just stuns me as well

  47. Shtephers at |

    An okay list, but if I had to add I would put:

    Dance with My Father – Luther Van Dross (first song ever to make me cry)

    Here Without You – 3 Doors Down

    I would also add way more songs, but some people already posted most, so I won't repeat them.

  48. Madge Hope at |

    I've just recently stumbled across a guy called Barnaby Griffin on myspace who is unsigned but has some very sad and poignant songs. It's a shame he can't get them more professionally produced. My favorite is a story song called "Sad Eyes". It can be heard here, along with the rest of his sad songs.

  49. bean at |

    The Smiths
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me.

  50. Thomas at |

    Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

    Lover, You Should've Come Over – Jeff Buckley

    Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

    Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

    Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

    Iris – Go Go Dolls

    Behind Blue Eyes – The Who

    Run – Snow Patrol

    More Than Words – Extreme

    Whistle To The Choir – The Fratellies

    I'll See You In My Dreams – Joe Brown

    Love Hurts – Gram Parsons

    Forget About Tomorrow – Feeder

    Just The Way I'm Feeling – Feeder

    The Scientist – Coldplay

    Fix You – Coldplay

    The Blowers Daughter – Damien Rice

    Cannonball – Damien Rice

    This Years Love – David Gray

    All You Want – Dido

    Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – John Lennon (Especially the line: I can hardly wait/To see you come of age/But I guesss we'll both/Just have to be patient)

    Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Oasis

    Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

    Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Everybody Hurts – REM

    Nothing Compares To You – Sinead O'Connor

    The Drugs Don't Work – The Verve

    For Lovers – Wolfman ft. Pete Doherty

    1. zoe kasanoda at |

      ::Agreed, TOTALLY !! no one ever mention david gray- this years love b4, dat could make waterworks runnin !!::

  51. Teac at |

    My best sad song is

    Life after you-Daughtry


    Through the eyes of a child-Reamonn


  52. Dude at |

    How about the song entitled achy breaky heart? Seriously though, the song tonight i want to cry by keith urban can really put you in a mellow mood.

  53. Graeme at |

    I love what people consider a sad song. The songs are so varied. I imagine it has to do with the mood at the first time the song was heard.

    Here's a couple of mine.

    She speeds. By Straitjacket Fits

    Fishing for Lisa. By The Feelers

  54. Wilkov at |

    1. Let It Go – Blue October

    2. Ain't No Reason – Brett Dennen

    3. The Son Never Shines on Closed Doors – Flogging Molly

    4. Fly Low Carrion Crow – Two Gallants

    5. I And Love And You – The Avett Brothers

    6. Lose You – Pete Yorn

    7. Alone Without You – The Nightwatchman

    8. Don't Let Us Get Sick – Warren Zevon

    9. If You See Her Say Hello – Bob Dylan

    10. Sweet Dream – Greg Laswell

    Just some more recent alternatives, not necessarily my top ten but some different ones to the others I've seen posted.

  55. Flo McAdow at |

    I am trying to find a country song that talks about the guy setting around the table playing cards, drinking beer, having a good time, he gets news about his ill mother passing away. He leaves the game but; doesn't make it their in time.
    I want that played at my funeral….

    Also, i am trying to locate a song letting a daughter know I am sorry for all the bad times but; no matter what I still love you I need something similar preferably sang by a female and hope to see her in heaven when things will be all good.

    Thanks, I love this site. I am a 64yr. old women who is ill and need to start thinging about these kind of things for the right time.
    If I was suppossed to put my address at the top I am sorry.

  56. liz at |

    what about snuff by slipknot,

    Now I adore country so this isn't slipknots norm kind of music.

    Also try i never told you by colbie callat

    and skin by rascal flatts

    or someday when I stop lovin you by carrie underwood

    or even porclen heart by barlow girl. I sang that song at my best friends memorial service becauase thatas what he loved to sing when i was broken hearted

  57. jeannie at |

    How Do You Mend A Broken Heart – Bee Gees , Heart wrenching well I think so

  58. AMD at |

    someof my fav sad songs would have to be

    My never – Blue October

    Hold on to you – Marjorie Fair

    Rest in pieces – Saliva i know the name is off putting but this song is awesome

    Fix You – Coldplay

    My heart – Paramore

    I definately agree with tears in heaven and last kiss aswell

  59. Anna at |

    I think one of the saddest songs I've ever heard is 'Drugs or Me' by Jimmy Eat World.

  60. ToughGuysDontDance at |

    Totally agree with alot of stuff mentioned, i'll throw in a few of my own:

    Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World

    Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths

    Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Oasis

    Hurt – Johnny Cash

    Stand By Me – Ben E King

    I Don't Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

    I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab For Cutie

    Dust In The Wind – Kansas

    Fields Of Gold – Sting

    Run – Snow Patrol

    Day Old Hate – City And Colour

    Outside – Staind

    Zzyxz Rd. – Stone Sour

    Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

    Disintergration – Jimmy Eat World

  61. Colleen at |

    Needle and the damage done- Neil Young

    Jesus take the wheel- Carrie underwood

    Gloomy Sunday- Billie Holiday version

    Fire and Rain by james taylor is really sad, especially is you look up the back story to it

    Theres this song from the soundtrack of O' Brother where art thou called "O' Death" thats pretty sad

    It Ends tonight by the all american rejects really gets to me for some reason

    Where do my bluebird fly- The tallest man on earth

    and there was this really sad rap song a while ago about three different young girls but i cant remember the name.

    ***Beware I've been told I have a very strange taste in music so this list isnt for everyone lol . 😀

  62. cedric holden at |

    1. If I could turn back the hands of time – R. Kelly

    2. Chain melody – Righteous Brothers

    3. Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinead O'Conner

    4. You are not alone – Michael Jackson

    5. She's out of my life – Michael Jackson

  63. Srzwa at |


    bittersweet symphony – the verve

    Oasis – Wonderwall

    Mike and the mechanics – looking back

    Chocolate genius – My mom

    coldplay – yellow, for you

    salif keita – tommorow

    lowkey – bars for my brother

    tupac – dear mama, changes

    vinnie paz – my dedication (original version)

    keane – everybodys changing

    eric clapton – tears in the sky

    elvis presley – in the ghetto

    Niel diamond – heart of gold

    eagle eye cherry – save tonight

    sade – hold you tight (dont know the name its something like that)

    greenday – when september ends

    puff daddy ( way before he called himself diddy) – ill be missing you

    diana ross – wishing on a star

    1. ToughGuysDontDance at |

      good call on chocolate genius, seriously sad

  64. 00mak at |

    you should of had close to you (carpenters)

  65. Jess at |

    Not all of these necessarily make me cry, but they do make me sad:

    Passing Afternoon – Iron & Wine

    I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie (I've listened to it so many times that I'm immune to it now, but I used to cry through the whole song)

    Mary – Noah and the Whale

    Symphonies – Dan Black

    Blue Skies – Noah and the Whale

    Cowgirls Don't Cry – Brooks & Dunn

    Still Fighting It – Ben Folds

    Under the Waves – Pete Droge

    A Good Day – Priscilla Ahn

    Let Go – Frou Frou

  66. Grace B at |

    Somewhere Out There by Linda Rondstant and James Ingram gets me every time one moment when i got especialy emotional over it was I was 10 years old at summer camp one of the councilers was playing a mix cd that she made and Somewhere Out There was on it and i was a little homesick and i was jist bawling like crazy.

  67. TMJ-JJ at |

    It isn't as sad, but I find something sad abour Dust In The Wind by Kansas.

    "Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky"
    "All we are is Dust In The Wind"

  68. Anonymous at |

    The only one on here that could probably make me cry would be “Mother” by John Lennon. The rest, particularly The Card Cheat by The Clash, I never even thought of as particularly tear-jerking… or, really, sad at all.

  69. Anonymous at |


    Song to the Siren – This Mortal Coil
    You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson
    Gone Too Soon – Michael Jackson
    Philadelphia – Neil Young

    1. Stella at |

      This Mortal Coil, Michael Jackson, AND Neil Young in one post? Omg, will you marry me? Please!

  70. Grace B. at |

    Other than somewhere out there a few other songs that make me cry are
    Goodbye Yellow brick road- Elton John
    Don’t cry for me argentina – Evita
    Speechless-Lady Gaga
    Someday- Rob Thomas
    If we hold on together – Diana Ross
    Slipping through my fingers- Abba
    Concrete Angel- martina Mc bride

  71. HaruHaru at |

    Well, it’s a hard one.. but,:

    Mad world – Gary Jules
    Everybody hurts – R.E.M
    My immortal – Evanescense
    U2 – with or without you
    Avenged Sevenfold – Dear god
    Avenged sevenfold – Fiction
    Bullet for my valentine – Hearts burst into fire
    My heart will go on – celine dion
    BigBang (korean group – check them out on youtube seriously!) – Haru Haru
    BigBang – Lies
    BigBang – tell me goodbye
    Framing Hanley – Hear me now
    Framing hanley – alone in this bed
    Green day – wake me up when september ends
    Green Day – 21 guns (how has no one else said this!)
    H.I.M – Killing loneliness
    Labi siffre – Something inside (so strong)
    Michael Jackson (R.I.P) – You are not alone
    My chemical romance – Helena
    My chemical romance – I’m not okay
    the fray – how to save a life
    Rage against the machine – Vietnow (i would tell you to search the lyrics – it’s so sad)
    Rise against – Hero of war (SO sad!)
    Ron pope – A drop in the ocean
    Slipknot – Snuff
    Slipknot – Vermillion pt 1 and 2
    Stone sour – Wicked game
    The flying pickets – Only you
    The black eyed pees – where is the love
    Bullet for my valentine – Road to nowhere
    Enrique Iglesias – Somebody’s me
    Enrique Iglesias – Do you know (the ping pong song)
    Michael Jackson (R.I.P) – Stranger in Moscow

    Seriously.. if you haven’t heard some of these… check ’em out! C:
    And definatly check the lyrics for BigBang’s songs!!! .. so sad!

    1. jax at |

      fianly sum1 posted hero of war was starting to think this song was forgotten its def on my list

      1. HaruHaru at |

        Hahaa.. no it’s an AWESOME song! :) glad to find someone else who agrees! :)

    2. Echo at |

      AHH, FINALLY someone posting a BigBang song! <3 YES! And Green Day, too.. x3 THANK YOU!

  72. Natasha at |

    i find it hard to cry, but whenever i feel down and need to let it all out i definately listen to these;

    Thats How I Knew This Story Would Break My Hear – Aimee Mann
    When You’re Gone – Avril Lavigne
    Corner – Allie Moss
    Vanilla Twilight – Owl City
    What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts
    Everytime – Britne Spears
    My Immortal – Evanescence
    Because Of You – Kelly Clarkson
    Far Away – Nickelback
    Dear Mr President – Pink
    Everybody Hurts – R.E.M
    Broken – Seether ft Amy Lee
    Untitled – Simple Plan
    Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls
    What If – Kate Winslet
    Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
    Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit
    Heaven 9/11 Remix – DJ Sammy
    Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
    Possession – Sarah McLachlan (acoustic)
    Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
    I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith
    Dear God – Avenged Sevenfold

  73. Jodi at |

    Ok, Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. Not a tearer, but you definitely feel something. And Last Day on earth by Kate Miller-Heidke

  74. jax at |

    i have over 100 sad songs that i could add so ill name a few i havent seen here

    1 pink-i have seen the rain
    2 terry jacks – seasons in the sun
    3 blue october- hate me
    4 garth brooks the thunder rolls
    5 air supply -all out of love
    6 daughtry- all these lives
    7 blink 182 – i miss you
    8 jon mclaughlin – beautifull disaster
    9 Oliver james – the distance
    10 Ashlee simpson -catch me when i fall
    11 fuel – shimmer
    12 fort minor – where’d you go
    13 Lianne rimes -how do i
    14 papa roach – scars
    15 Patrick Swayze – She’s Like The Wind
    16 saving Jane- girl next door
    17 Annabel fay -river
    18 Celine Dion – i remember LA
    19 Celine Dion- its all coming back to me now
    20 Celine Dion -MY HEART WILL GO ON -if titanic wasnst sad and this song didnt have the world crying nothing would

    1. jax at |

      R.I.P Patrick forever gone but never EVER FORGOTTEN

    2. jax at |

      has to add athlete wires [writen by lead singer about his premature baby ]

    3. English Songs at |

      Very Wonderful list about sad songs and i love those so much..

  75. Barb at |

    Gotta be Daisy Jane by America. I lose it everytime.

  76. glory at |

    i like the streets in heaven song…..

  77. Grace B. at |

    I know i posted several songs already but this one realy gets me : “Never grow up” by Taylor Swift It especialy gets me because I am about to turn 18

  78. Observer-TheRealOne at |

    Lots of good suggestions, but for my money:

    1. Two Little Boys – Rolf Harris (I dare any man with a brother to listen to this all the way through and not get misty)
    2. When She Loved Me – Sarah McLachlin (but only if you watch it with little Jesse getting dumped like that!)
    3. The Long And Winding Road – Beatles (P. McCartney)
    4. Vincent – Don McLean
    5. Everybody Hurts (Sometime) – REM
    6. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (but never k. d. lang’s overblown, show-off version!)
    7. Cat’s In the Cradle – Harry Chapin
    8. With Or Without You – U2 (only after you’ve broken up with the girl you can’t live without)
    9. The Little Drummer Boy / The Carol of the Drum – Katherine K Davis
    10. For No One – Beatles (P. McCartney) – See comment for #8

  79. sassy at |

    The video to this song is so sad, you think you know whats going on and in the last 20 seconds it all gets turned onits head:

    TESS – Big Room

  80. victoria at |

    Celine Dion;
    -if i could*
    -my hart will go on
    -sies of la
    -the reason i go on
    -i want you to need me**
    -im your angel
    -my love
    -surprise surprise*
    -a world to believe in ******
    -next plane out**************
    -the colour of my love**
    -come to me*
    -IN HIS TOUCH***
    -STAND BY YOUR SIDE**************(i cant listen to the whole song without crying)
    – the greatest reward********
    Michael Jackon;
    -gone to soon
    -lady of my life
    -you are not alone
    -hold my hand**
    -fly away**
    -keep your head up**
    -much too soon***

    be without you-mary j blidge
    sorry, put the blame on me- akon
    innocense- avril lavigne
    remembering sundy-all time low
    like youll never see me again- alicia keys
    the greatest love of all-whitney houston

  81. ALanier at |

    The saddest song you will ever hear. hands down.

  82. Emmie at |

    I really like your list and think that some of the songs are really sad.

  83. InsertNameHere at |

    To me the saddest song ever is Taion by The GazettE its a tribute to this girl named Junko Furuta who was held captive for 44 days, brutally tortured, raped repeatedly and finally died from shock after they burned her. Then they dumped her into a 55 gallon barrel and filled it with cement. The men didn’t even get life in jail because they ‘technically’ didn’t kill her since she died from shock. People even KNEW she was there and no one said anything because of them was apart of the Japanese Mafia and they were scared for their own lives.
    Full story here:
    The live version of Taion you can feel your heart breaking because of Ruki’s performance and his screams of agony. They did a fantastic job on the song.
    Live Performance:
    I hope every time the men hear that song on the radio they feel sick and worthless.

  84. kimberly.hernandez at |

    The saddest song for me would be. You stole My heart by mc magic, an. Forever by mc magic or. Superman by Brown boy this songs make me cry

  85. Abby at |

    When you’re gone by Avril Lavigne makes me cry also!

  86. jacktheripper at |

    The Devil Wears Prada-Louder Than Thunder
    Breaking Benjamin-Diary of Jane Acoustic

    1. chabbers at |

      Honestly, I don’t find Diary of Jane as sad as I find Dear Agony. It just completely tears me up every time. And Red is amazing. Never Be the Same gets to me sometimes. Louder Than Thunder is pretty sad too. I think Let it Die by Three Days Grace is a pretty hard one to listen to sometimes. And don’t even get me started on Remember Everything by Five Finger Death Punch. But you definitely have good taste in music.

  87. pushkin at |

    i think emptiness by rohan rathore is a best sad song. Try it awesome one.

  88. ed at |

    #1: people are crazie

  89. Koe at |

    Just in case nobody’s mentioned it already… 10000 Miles, by Mary Chapin Carpenter. This song is slow, it’s melancholic, it makes you cry within seconds…

  90. stine at |

    Another You – Cascada. I love that song. Reminds me of break up. I dont really like Cascada, but this one is amazing.

  91. Sara at |

    Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin – lyrics make me so sad

  92. Shikha at |

    Stop Crying Your Heart Out-Oasis and Don’t Cry-Guns N’ Roses.
    (Yesh, reverse psychology works on me real well.)

  93. Clarabelle at |

    heaven knows by rick price, missing you by tommy page

  94. catrina at |

    broken angel-arash

  95. Arash at |

    None of these lists songs could make me cry,but these three could:
    1.The last song I’m wasting on you_Evanescence
    2.warmness on the soul_Avenged sevenfold
    3.Sail away_The Rasmus

  96. Chris at |

    Guys, these songs are nothing compared to Solitude by Black Sabbath. Its so sad.

  97. lauren at |

    Damien rice- 9 crimes
    James Blunt- carry you home
    Pearl Jam- Black
    Jeff Buckely- Lover you shouldv’e come over
    The Smiths- i know its over/asleep
    Secondand serenade- Fall for you
    The red jumpsuit apparatus- Your guardian angel
    <333 all sadddd!

    1. Jessica at |

      Couldn’t agree more with Love You Should’ve Come Over. Jeff voice just touches my soul and gets the tears flowing. Have you heard his version of I Know It’s Over? The most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, which added on to the fact that it’s as sad as hell makes me cry so much. If you’re looking for more sad songs, Jeff also does a gorgeous cover of Elton Johns; We All Fall In Love Sometimes. Breathtaking. And of course his flawless cover of Hallelujah. Thank you for regaining my hope in the musical tastes of others. Have a fabulous day.

  98. fobt90 at |

    Different people have different opinions and I respect them all. But I was surprised to see some of you suggest “You are not alone” by MJ, “the Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston or even “Love in this club” by Usher (What? I bet you were kidding!). I guess the reason why you listed them here is because they somehow touched your heart and even brought you to tears… But guys, there’s an obvious difference between the so-called sad songs and songs that can make you cry. I mean, sometimes a song that can make you cry is not necessarily a sad song. i.e: A song like “the Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston can make listeners cry because it has a moving humanitarian message about spiritual strength and self-pride, not because it is sad (Both its melody and lyrics are not sad at all). So pls be clear about that and don’t place it on the list of sad songs just because it makes you cry.

    BTW, you guys all forget about instrumental songs. Some instrumental songs are even sadder than songs that have lyrics and vocals. Check out “Sadness and sorrow” (a song from Naruto anime) on youtube for example. Hope you’ll enjoy it :)

  99. fobt90 at |

    Some more sad songs to mention:
    Gloomy Sunday – Billie Holiday
    I’m a fool to want you – Frank Sinatra
    Forever – Stratovarius
    I can’t make you love me – Bonnie Raitt
    Hurt – Christina Aguilera
    Don’t Speak – No Doubt
    It must have been love – Roxette
    Someone like you – Adele


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