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  1. jack at |


    1. jack at |

      great song

  2. Connor at |

    Eva cassidy – fields of gold
    Sarah mclachlan – Angel
    Simon and Garfunkel – bridge over troubled water

  3. Connor at |

    Roger Waters – When the tigers brok free

  4. When Pigs Fly at |

    My top ten here!

    1. Dreaming with a Broken Heart (John Mayer)

    2. The Scientist (Coldplay)

    3. Concrete Angel (Martina McBride)

    4. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman)

    5. Shattered (Trading Yesterday)

    6. Who Knew (P!nk)

    7. Terrible Things (Mayday Parade)

    8. Lights Off (Jay Sean)

    9. She will be Loved (Maroon 5)

    10. 21 Guns (Green Day)

  5. :) at |

    try when a heart breaks by ben rector! most amazing song in the history of music.

  6. angel at |

    I also think of there are severa lother sad songs;

    Heavens got another Angel-Gordon Tru.
    Wild Flower-Skylark
    Green Green Grass of Home-Elvis
    Don’t it make your want to go home-Joe South

    These are some that everybody needs to hear, they will make you cry!

  7. L at |

    Ronan- Taylor swift
    so sad especially if you look at the video with the photos in it

  8. Kenzie smith at |

    All those songs that those people are telling me about touch me, but not enough to make me cry, now this song called “holes in the floor of heaven” written by steve wariner, on the other hand, makes me sob for a half an hour. Try to listen to it, bet you won’t even make it through the begging without even one tear. In fact, I just listened to it a couple of minutes ago and am crying right now. :(

    1. angel at |

      have you ever heard the songs, Don’t cry daddy by Elvis and Billy and Sue by B.J. Thomas?
      they always make me cry when I hear them played on the radio.

  9. Evangeline at |

    I see you – Mika

  10. Brad at |

    I’ve read through this entire stream, every comment made, every song listed, and not one of them touches me or is as sad as ‘Famous Final Scene’ by Bob Seger. Think I’m lying? Give it a listen!

  11. Marbs2000 at |

    Some of the saddest Ive ever heard were: Billy’s Christmas Wish by Red Sovine and
    Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll

  12. Rohan at |


  13. Zoe at |

    1. Whiskey lulabuy – brad paisley
    2. Thunder rolls – Garth brooks
    3. Hello – evanescence
    4. My immortal – evanescence
    5. House that built me – Miranda lambert
    6. Stay – rihanna
    7. Stairway to heaven – jimmy Hendrix
    8. Cosmic love – Florence + the machine (that ones more of a personal connection to the song)
    9. Stan – eminem
    10. Nasence or apotheosis from the journey video game soundtrack – Austin Wintory

    1. Zoe at |

      Oh and don’t forget:
      Lighthouse – Patrick Watson

      1. Zoe at |

        Oooh and sierra leone – mount Eden dubstep
        Lol I like a lot of sad songs..

  14. chabbers at |

    1. Dear Agony – Breaking Benjamin
    2. Faceless – Red
    3. Anthem Of The Angels
    4. Never Be The Same – Red
    5. Remember Everything – Five Finger Death Punch
    6. I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace
    7. The Fight Inside – Red
    8. Why – Rascal Flatts
    9. Breath – Breaking Benjamin
    10. Shadows – Red

  15. Unknown at |

    Why dont u guys listen to Chet Atkins – I Still Can’t Say Goodbye!…(T_T)

  16. smartalek at |

    Some possibilities from earlier generations:

    Linda Ronstadt: Long, Long Time
    Enya: Exile
    Alphaville: Forever Young
    Michelle Firestone: Coffee & Cigarettes
    Garbage: Cup of Coffee
    Marianne Faithfull: Ballad of Lucy Jordan
    Bette Middler: The Rose
    Patti Smith: Dancing Barefoot
    Janis Joplin: Summertime
    Odetta: All the Pretty Horses
    Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms
    Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Fleetwood Mac: Brown Eyes
    Lou Reed: Perfect Day
    Joan Osborne: One of Us
    Natalie Merchant: Which Side Are You On
    John Lee Hooker / Carlos Santana: Things Gonna Change
    Donovan: Wear Your Love Like Heaven
    Mark Anthony: Vivir Mi Vida
    Heartland: I Loved Her First
    Metisse: Boom Boom Ba
    Wasis Diop: Everything Is Never Quite Enough
    Harry Nilsson: Without You
    Bliss: 100,000 Angels
    Pacific Gas & Electric: Are You Ready?
    The Grateful Dead: So Many Roads
    and Ripple
    and half of Leonard Cohen’s library (which has been called “music to slit your wrists to”), but especially:
    Who By Fire
    Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
    Sisters of Mercy
    Dance Me to the End of Love
    A Thousand Kisses Deep
    Here It Is
    Show Me the Place

    Those are a few of the songs that always do it for me
    But music is such a personal thing — your mileage not only MAY vary, it absolutely will.

  17. Sufal at |
  18. Riley at |

    1. I Miss You- 5 Seconds of Summer cover
    2. Skinny Love- Birdy cover
    3. The Fault In Our Stars- Troye Sivan
    4. Moments- One Direction
    5. Welcome To The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
    6. Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran
    7. Small Bump- Ed Sheeran
    8. The Call- Regina Spektor
    9. My Immortal- Evanescence
    10. Sally’s Song- Amy Lee
    11. I Dreamed A Dream- Les Mis
    12. A Little Fall Of Rain- Les Mis
    13. Little House- Amanda Seyfried
    14. Been A Long Day- Rosi Golan
    15. See You Again- Carrie Underwood
    16. Let her Go- Passenger
    17. Curl Up And Die- Relient K
    18. The Scientist- Glee cover
    19. I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
    20. Gone, Gone, Gone- Phillip Phillips

    These songs are real tear jerkers for me..

  19. Jim at |

    Fields of Gold??

  20. Mikaila at |

    i think that : im ok by christina agularia : should be on the list

  21. Gus at |

    I think the songs that everyone listed would make the perfect sad songs collection. Personally with me, I found that I associate songs with certain things and events that happened in my life, and crap I had to go through. I’m sure there are other people like that too. So looking at certain songs from that view point, I can understand how a song can make someone cry, but not the next person. But that is just my view point. Also, how about:

    Nickelback – Lullaby
    Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
    The Connells – 74 75
    Backstreet Boys – Incomplete
    Hoobastank – The Reason
    Kenny Loggins – Meet Me Halfway
    James Arthur – Impossible
    The Mission UK – Butterfly On A Wheel
    Staind – It’s Been A While
    Staind – So Far Away
    Counting Crows – A Long December
    David Grey – The One I Love
    Pink – Try
    O Town – All or Nothing
    Passenger – Let Her Go
    Pat Benatar – We Belong
    Peter Gabriel – I Grieve
    Phil Collins – Against The Odds
    Prime Circle – Turning In My Sleep
    Prime Circle – What I’ve Become
    Reamonn – Supergirl
    Richard Marx – Hold On To The Nights
    Bruno Mars – Grenade
    Heart – Alone

  22. TonyB at |

    Saddest song ever… Blake Shelton – The Baby


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