Top 10 Strangest Natural Phenomena


The universe is indeed a curious place. Even stranger are the processes and phenomena that occur in the universe, some are without explanation, some are quite dangerous, and some are just really cool.

10. Life itself

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It is truly amazing what goes on in our body. Think about it. You are nothing more than a random assortment of tiny molecules called atoms that individually have no life themselves. Then the atoms somehow find a way to make up cells, which in turn drive the processes that allow you to live the way you do. There is a plethora of these cells doing the same jobs over and over again at speeds we wouldn’t even dream possible for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Why do they do this and what made them do this? These questions stem off from the general philosophical questions that have been bothering us since the beginning of time: “Why are we here? How are we here? And who or what did this?”

9. Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous human combustion is probably the most controversial natural phenomenon. Spontaneous combustion has been known to occur in other animals and such incidents have been observed and recorded. Spontaneous combustion is defined as the burning of the human body without an external source of ignition, in other words, you explode for no reason whatsoever. Evidence for this strange occurrence includes shrunken organs of the human body with clothing still attached, and several theories have been created. One theory is the “wick effect,” which states that your clothing can absorb melted human fats and thus can act like the wick of a candle. Scary, huh?

8. Fire Rainbow

File:Fire rainbow.jpg

The circumhorizontal arc, or the fire rainbow, is an optical phenomenon caused by the refraction of sunlight through thick, flat, horizontal ice crystals in cirrus clouds. Atmospheric conditions have to be very specific and perfect, and it can only be observed in certain locations of the world. To get an idea of just how truly complicated things have to be for it to form, check out this quote from Wikipedia: “In order to be observed, the sun must be very high in the sky, at an elevation of 57.8° (90 -32.2°) or more, and can only occur in the presence of cirrus clouds. As a result it cannot be observed at locations north of 55°N or south of 55°S, although occasionally at higher latitudes from mountains. In areas of Northern Europe it can only be observed around the time of the Summer solstice. If cloud conditions are right it is seen along the horizon on the same side of the sky as the sun. It reaches its maximum intensity at a sun elevation of 67.9° .” Has it really been photographed?

7. Lucid Dreaming

Not all strange things occur in nature, but they sometimes can occur in ourselves. But what about the mind? Lucid dreaming occurs when someone becomes aware that they are dreaming while in the dream. While it may not sound so special on paper, imagine the endless possibilities of being able to have full control of your imagination. Some people have even flown in their dreams and all of them say it is one of the thrilling experiences of their lives.

6. Moonbow

File:Cumberland Falls Moonbow panarama.jpg

Everyone knows the rainbow and just how beautiful it is, but what about its not-so-distant and not-so-pretty cousin the moonbow? Moonbows are created when droplets of water combine with mists made from waterfalls to provide the perfect medium to produce this phenomenon. Because the moon is not nearly as bright as the sun, moonbows are much harder to see than rainbows, but when you do, it is a sight to behold.

5. Ball Lightning

Ball lightning does not look like regular lightning. Instead it takes the form of a glowing sphere drifting horizontally through the air. It can vary in size from a minuscule pea to a large bus. No real theories have been formed and yet at least five percent of the total population has seen ball lightning in some point of time.

4. Aurora Borealis

File:Aurora Borealis I.jpg

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful events to occur in our world, the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, has both astounded and amazed people since it was first discovered. It is much easier to stare at the phenomenon and enjoy its beauty than to understand why exactly it occurs. Here’s the “concise” explanation from“‘The sun gives off high-energy charged particles (also called ions) that travel out into space at speeds of 300 to 1200 kilometres per second. A cloud of such particles is called a plasma. The stream of plasma coming from the sun is known as the solar wind. As the solar wind interacts with the edge of the earth’s magnetic field, some of the particles are trapped by it and they follow the lines of magnetic force down into the ionosphere, the section of the earth’s atmosphere that extends from about 60 to 600 kilometers above the earth’s surface. When the particles collide with the gases in the ionosphere they start to glow, producing the spectacle that we know as the auroras, northern and southern.’”

3. Sprites

Image result for thunderstorm sprites

Sprites are large scale high-energy electrical discharges that occur above thunderstorm clouds. They are caused by the discharges of positive lightning between a thunderstorm and the ground and give rise to a large variety of bright and unusual visual shapes. Sprites have been reported since 1886 but only last for a few milliseconds and are very rare, so there are few photographs and videos of them.

2. Green Flashes

File:Green flash sequense 3-15-07.jpg

Sometimes, when the sun sets or rises, the top edge of that sun will appear to be a bright green, but one usually has to see it through a distant horizon. Atmospheric conditions have to be nearly perfect with no clouds all the way down to the horizon. It may last for around a second this phenomenon is called a green flash, and it is caused by a certain refraction of light in the atmosphere. You can learn more about what causes green flashes here:

1. The Taos Hum

Image result for taos hum

The Taos Hum is a low-frequency humming noise that occurs frequently in Taos, New Mexico. Similar hums like the Taos Hum have been reported all over the world and have been attributed to sounds caused by machines or other industrial-related things. The thing that makes the Taos Hum so special that it deserves a spot on this list is that no one has ever found the source of the hum, and what’s even more interesting is that the sound is often intensified and much louder in buildings but is only heard by around 2 percent of the population.

You can download and listen to the hum here:

Written by Johnny Dunn

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  1. emily_weirdnez on

    what if you’re dreaming in your dream? that happens to me sometimes. and before(and i think slightly until now), i believed so much in dreams that i thought my reality is still a dream that i pinch myself to know if it’s true. and in my dreams, i’ve been to places i’ve never been before. seen creatures i’ve never seen before. met people i’ve never met before. and in some of my dreams, in some occasion, i’ve met people in my dream that i met in real life. in my dream it’s in a different situation or sometimes just something specific in my dream like their clothes then i met them in person with that same clothes.. i’ve even dreamed of something like in that scene of 2012. the rush of that building tall like wave of water? in my dream everyone is on the streets running have their stuff with them, anything that they can carry. i was so young then, maybe high school(i’m already 25 now). i even mention it in one of our conversations with my cousins. i even joke about it. i said i haven’t done anything in my life yet then the world is gonna end. i said that out of nowhere. my dream scares me all the time

  2. Didnt know there was such an institute in Puerto Rico and I’ve lived here all my life. Damn

    • Yea there is, I think he means the one at Campo Rico, forgot exact address but I went there for a few weeks to cure my diabetes, so now Im cured.

  3. And again I ask why hasn't anyone done the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) and succeded? It would turn the science of everything we know upside down. Seriously it would be nuts. Every scientist in the world would be wetting thier pants because a completely new field has opened up.

    I'm not against altenative medicine for any personal reasons. I think it would be great if I didn't have to go to doctor to get fixed up. I've lived with asthma all my life. It's almost killed me a couple of times. Not to mention all the other ways I've hurt myself or been sick. If I could have avoided spending weeks at a time of my childhood in the hospital I would. But reality is reality.

    • Also, thanks for taking the time to read my posts, I know they tend to be very long and I appreciate it.

      • @Jared, Oops, sorry, I tend to say dumb stuff like that.

        @ZeSheo, If you just posted a very long post keep in mind it may take about 5 hours to post, there is a spam filter on this site so don't worry, just wait a bit.

    • And the reality is that Chi Gong is there, it exists and it works, you also apparently did not read or misunderstood what I just said.

      “So your saying that if you do it in front of people it doesn’t work, if you attempt to examine the process it doesn’t work or harms the process (really?) And there are plenty of times where science based medicine is prefomed in less then ideal situations and continues to be effective( think war triage tent or any scene of an accident where an emt is preforming some life saving procedure on the road.)”
      -No. If a lot of other people besides the patient are in the same room or close enough it will interfere with the treatment, chi may be a multidimensional frequency, but it flows everywhere, and the human body is like a magnet to those frequencies.

      “Bio- electric fields… I mean come on man. Your saying that your treaments are interfered with by having someone near by. Well what if a patient as soon as he leaves the treatment, takes the subway home, would that mess everything up?”
      -This used to be a problem for me, patients would feel so much better, the next day they would come and complain of exhaustion, when a person is drained they also loose some of their own vital energy which the body uses to perform all of its basic bodily function. Last month I spoke to a professor of metaphysics and chi gong healer for 25 years on my trip to Puerto Rico, I told him about my problem with patients, since we live with other people and we cant always avoid them, he told me of a way to strengthen the stability of the treatment permanently, embarrassingly enough it was one of the most basic steps they can teach you at an institute, a frequency found in sky-blue lights has stabilizing pranic properties which allows the patient to go on with his daily life, so now patients come only once a week instead of every day unless its more serious cases.

      “On a side note I have to ask, do you believe in the germ theory?”
      -Of course I do, its common knowledge isn’t it? Its all relative, if the human body lacks chi the body will weaken, if the human body has a lot of chi, the body’s defenses will strengthen, if the human body receives unrefined pranic frequencies, the germs will become stronger, hence using multiple pranic frequencies per treatment.

      “Do you have any links on this bacteria killing prana?”
      -Dont think so, you would have to do research on it since its information available in Oriental medicine books. There are two ways to destroy bacterias with Chi Gong, the most basic and used way is to weaken them by bombarding them with strong pranic frequencies such as the one found in purple lights, this will actually disable the bacteria, preventing it from feeding, reproducing and cease to do anything, this will allow the body’s defenses to naturally get rid of it easily.

      The more advanced way, also used to heal cancerous tissues is by bombarding the bacteria with said frequency with the mental intention of destroying the bacterias. There was this professor I knew that killed the bacteria by absorbing its chi energy(even bacterias are living beings), but he got sick from it, but not from the same bacteria, he simply weakened his body’s defenses. My father once disinfected a piece of bred that somebody just sneezed on, he was fine and didn’t get a cold with no medicine, but I would advise any Chi Gong doctor from it… I mean just because it has no bacterias doesn’t mean its sanitary. Same thing with parasites.

      “Here’s some you can check out.”
      Seen the first link before, and its not based entirely on fact. Actually any Chi Gong doctor can tell you that entire paper is ignorant, or just based on misinformation as I can see . I am aware that the people who did this investigation are very intelligent capable people, but they were misinformed, and here is why.

      1. Acupuncture itself is a tool, without a Chi Gong treatment it only stimulates the organs, it does not cure deceases by itself, I have learned this in my years of work and research, no matter what they tell you, acupuncture is not an ideal way of holistic medicine, but rather part of it. Acupuncture used to be used as holistic medicine, but that was a thousand years ago when the planet had a greater abundance of pure chi before pollution.

      2. The entire paper is based on acupuncture, acupuncture is not Chi Gong, but rather uses chi like every human in this planet. It does NOT cure deceases, like I said it stimulates organs and increases health strengthening your immune system or relieving stress. It is nothing psychological, it is science and it works, but it is not for curing deceases, this is common knowledge in Oriental medicine. Other branches of Oriental Medicine, reflexiology(a type of acupuncture), tui na, chromology(lights used), herbs, Chi Gong(my career) and etc.. Quick evidence of its basic function, if you have an affected organ, press with your index finger in all connected pressure points and you will feel pain in said organ, the stimulation is good for the organ but it is not holistic.

      3. The entire paper is misinformed, it confuses acupuncture with chi gong, and attempts to discredit it based on a branch that was not meant to do what they use it for in the tests.

      This does not make them ignorant in any way, they were just apparently misinformed.

      “And again I ask why hasn’t anyone done the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) and succeded?”
      -I don’t know, if you ask me I just heard about it from you. Guess that’s why nobody has tried.

      “It would turn the science of everything we know upside down. Seriously it would be nuts. Every scientist in the world would be wetting thier pants because a completely new field has opened up.”
      -That would be the day many many lives are saved, but my friend I don’t think that will ever happen, at least not in my life-time, Einstein alone had to fight fearcefully against years if study just to proove his theory of relativity, and Chi Gong knowledge has been around and working for 5thousand years, and used for 2thousand years in China, research keeps giving Chi Gong more and more credibility in the eyes of the west but I don’t think I will live to that day. However the field is already open and it is a fully accredited career path, at least to the countries that have truly researched it and proven to work, only downside, some will have to study in china to get accredited to work in the U.S., but these days you can go to college online and get a certificate of Chi Gong and Oriental Medicine upon graduation. I have not confirmed this myself but I’m also told you can now study Chi Gong in the U.S. but they say its 8 years of study.

      “I’m not against altenative medicine for any personal reasons. I think it would be great if I didn’t have to go to doctor to get fixed up. I’ve lived with asthma all my life. It’s almost killed me a couple of times. Not to mention all the other ways I’ve hurt myself or been sick. If I could have avoided spending weeks at a time of my childhood in the hospital I would.”
      -What a coincidence, I used to be asthmatic till I was 12 years old, I didn’t think much of it at the time but I could never run with the other kids. At the age of 13, when I began my training I was taught Tai Chi to begin harvesting chi energy in my body that I would one day use to bring food to the table. A year passed and my asthma was gone, again I didn’t think much of it at the time. Some cases such as asthma, arthritis, blindness(depends on cause) and blood pressure problems can be cured with self-healing. Tai Chi is a form of self-healing, scientifically speaking, the process unclogs your meridians, allowing more chi energy to flow on a daily basis, this will make you feel happier, stronger and more energetic as side-effects, and cases like this tend to right themselves once the body is working as it is supposed to, if trained to see chi frequencies the entire process is visible, although it takes years. But anyways, I hope your asthma gets better someday, nobody should have to live like that, if I could I would treat you myself free of charge.

      “But reality is reality.”
      There is too much evidence that prevents Chi Gong from being discredited, mainly because it works as stated, it isn’t based on mysticism but rather its direct effects on the human body and reliability, it is knowledge from all the corners of the world that were collected.

      Some quick history, in China in 27th century B.C. there was a ruler that they called the Yellow Emperor, his tactics were legendary, back in those days there were constant wars(as always) and herbal medicines and other medical techniques were no longer enough to prevent enough casualties in war, so the emperor sent his men to all of the corners of the world out to sea in the search for medical wisdom, studying for years from all sorts of medical knowledge, until one day they returned with all the new found information, this was the first documented use of Chi Gong in history, when all of this knowledge was studied, medics would use Chi Gong to heal in the battlefield along with herbs, and acupuncture(for energy), back in those days the planet was less polluted so chi would flow in more abundance, increasing its effects greatly, and although today it is effective, it takes more time to learn to control. Radiation, communication frequencies and even pollution are all factors that interfere. Today Chi Gong has evolved and adapted to these conditions with new-found wisdom of medicine.

  4. Memez called me American

    So your saying that if you do it in front of people it doesn't work, if you attempt to examine the process it doesn't work or harms the process (really?) And there are plenty of times where science based medicine is prefomed in less then ideal situations and continues to be effective( think war triage tent or any scene of an accident where an emt is preforming some life saving procedure on the road.)

    Bio- electric fields… I mean come on man. Your saying that your treaments are interfered with by having someone near by. Well what if a patient as soon as he leaves the treatment, takes the subway home, would that mess everything up?

    On a side note I have to ask, do you believe in the germ theory?

    Do you have any links on this bacteria killing prana?

    Here's some you can check out.

    • Jared please dude u r giving us all a bad name. 1st off, I'm an American, and have taken lots of science courses and done my own research into various things. now, when u talk about physical medicine working even in bad conditions and then compare it to Bio-electrical fields, chi-gong, Qi-gong, life energy or what ever name it may go by, keep this in mind;

      professionals studying science, physics and quantum mechanics (string theory also) have done experiments, repeatable experiments by the way, that prove just by being present and/or focusing your attention (or will, or intent, what ever u want to call it) upon and object or experiment, the out come of the experiment is affected without any physical contact, and it even went so far is to be affected by the persons mental states or moods! they have tested this over and over and the only explaination is that the world around us is affected and determined (by however small a degree) by our consciousness, intent, or will! so for the gentleman to say that the chi-gong treatment can be affected by the touch of another person, especially a skeptic, could very well interfere with the success of the treatment is entirely within the realm of SCIENCE!!

      (and yes i mean western science! u need to do a lot more reading and learning and researching for your self, and stop being just another of the government brainwashed zombies!)

      • I have a problem believing you "taken lots of science courses' or "have done your own research." If you had I believe you would have taken better care to write properly. It' like one giant sentence with no capitalization. And watching What the bleep do we know, doesn't constitute research.

        What you're refering to is the Uncertainty principle, And you've completely misunderstood it .

        Before you tell me I'm uneducated and am a zombie maybe you should proof read what you write , so you don't come across as a brain damaged 13 year old girl. You need to learn how to spell properly and how to use punctuation properly and you need to learn which words need to be capitalized and which ones don't.

        I'm gonna guess that you might be trolling a bit, in which case get a life.

  5. I am not American. I'm Canadian. And you didn't actually answer my last question.

    • Never said you were American, spoke about the west in general tho. And I already answered your question twice, like all medicine and operations, conditions must be ideal, and although it is possible to do it in said conditions, the effect will disappear in minutes given that the large crowd, as soon as they see it works they will examine, and upon examination it will damage the treatment itself, this is why after some strong Chi Gong treatments patients usually stay asleep for about 20 minutes, the body naturally heals when its asleep, or most preferably a mental alpha state. This natural function boosts the effects of chi. If you ask me, for a million dollars I would only do it when conditions are how they are required to be, an example would be the host with a camera or the crowd to be far enough that their bio-electric fields wont interfere with the treatment.

      However now that I think about it as I sit here typing, you brought to me an interesting suggestion, there is a very basic pranic frequency that kills bacterias instantly, perhaps that would work since it doesn't use much chi and its very dense, a normal person can actually touch this frequency and feel it as well, its properties can also be found slightly in purple and green-colored light beams. So I guess if you think about it that way it would be possible to make a quick display of the effectiveness of chi gong through a telescope.

      I myself rarely use this in patients since "purple" pranic frequencies are mostly used on cancer and tumors, my teacher and co-worker is older and more advanced than me with those techniques, so he deals with those cases, such frequency has properties that destroy tissues at a cellular level while green breaks down matter into basic substances at a cellular level, used mostly for quick relief of indigestion in patients and other basic uses. Guess its not such a bad idea to try it then.

  6. Well since your so sure it works why don't you apply to the James Randi Educational Foundations million dollar challenge or some other similar challenge there are a couple out there. All you have to do is demonstrate you "ability" in a controlled setting and they will give you a million dollars.

    • That would be like asking a surgeon to perform surgery on a live stage with a time limit and a buzzer. The fastest thing a chi gong healer can do in a situation like that would be to kill your pain without touching you, next to that I guess would be to close a cut, if you mean healing abilities, which like any other western medical practice takes time(its not magic).

      Still in all honesty I don't think any self respected Chi Gong healer would actually show up for a thing like that, for once, because of the same reason chinese monks trained in isolation, better chi flow, less interference and more peace, things the healing treatment itself requires. Plus the challenge itself would probably defeat the purpose of the healing treatment for when the judge inspects the patient's area where there used to be pain, the pain will return because the host would have already neutralized the treatment by touching it, when another person touches a treated area before the treatment is completed the chi moves to that person as if it was a static charge going through your body given that the other person also has both positive and negative charges in their hands with certain natural pranic vibrations that absorb chi naturally, more if the host himself is unhealthy, the patient will once again complain of pain and the entire treatment will be dismissed without knowledge as it so often happens. If you want immediate evidence that you can understand, there are people who have had "incurable" deceases healed by chi gong, I don't think you need to go to China either. If you have the time to read this link, you could probably find out more information at this place.

      But here there is more information on how it works.

      • You sure can blather on about complete mumbo jumbo. I have looked at all your links and none of them convince me of anything. Wanna know why? Because anytime your "chi" is tested in a double-blind study that's preformed outside of alternative medicine it comes up negative. Look it up on something outside of realm of alternative health practitioners. Just cause your info comes from some alternative health institution does not give it credibility. That would be like saying The Discovery Institute gives creationism credibility.

        Comparing a "chi" witch doctor to a surgeon is laughable. And then saying that they're just wouldn't do it because what they do is much to serious is a pathetic excuse. Why not do the test, which if you won the million dollars you could donate it to charity. That would be pretty nice of you and think of the tax deductions. And then you would win the Nobel prize in physics and probably chemistry. Because we would have to rewrite all we know about physics etc etc. Think about all the accolades you would get and all the people you could help with new found celebrity. They may even elect you President of the Universe

        • I respect skepticism, but not ignorance.

          Weather you are convinced or not is irrelevant, you challenge my career without no basic knowledge on the matter. You sir, are completely ignorant.

          "Because anytime your “chi” is tested in a double-blind study that’s preformed outside of alternative medicine it comes up negative."

          -Please present evidence that Chi does not exist, and while you do so, present it to the people that have been healed by chi gong alone, may get a good laugh from it. These so called "tests" you speak of sounds like biased procedures, truly a pathetic attempt to discredit a working field of science.

          "Just cause your info comes from some alternative health institution does not give it credibility. That would be like saying The Discovery Institute gives creationism credibility."

          -Actually Chi Gong possesses a wider understanding of the human body, while western medicine treats mostly the symptoms rather than the cause itself, Chi Gong is, unlike western medicine, holistic medicine. Chi Gong has great credibility due to actually working and lowering death-rates.

          "Comparing a “chi” witch doctor to a surgeon is laughable"

          -Witch doctor? Typical for somebody with no understanding to dismiss it as magic, perhaps you should study a bit of Chi Gong, quantum physics and metaphysics before responding to this post. If you want to compare, only difference would be that a Chi Gong doctor uses pranic frequencies to perform operations, in the event of for example a bullet wound, the Chi Gong doctor would take the same steps to remove a bullet with medical equipment and other basic steps, then he would proceed to regenerating the wound to speed up the healing process, along with disinfecting, swelling control, etc.. Chi Gong how ever has a more advanced understanding of the human body.

          "And then saying that they’re just wouldn’t do it because what they do is much to serious is a pathetic excuse."

          -If you are not going to do any research please refrain from posting. If you are going to ask that you may as well ask a surgeon to perform brain surgery in the bathroom, if the patient dies from infection it must be brain surgery doesn't work then right? Forget the thousands of people who have been saved, he sucks.

          "Why not do the test, which if you won the million dollars you could donate it to charity. That would be pretty nice of you and think of the tax deductions. And then you would win the Nobel prize in physics and probably chemistry. Because we would have to rewrite all we know about physics etc etc. Think about all the accolades you would get and all the people you could help with new found celebrity. They may even elect you President of the Universe"

          -Despite Chi Gong actually working and healing thousands of patients today, its misinformed people like you that believe everything they hear that are keeping the west from progressing medically.

        • Uh oh we got ourselves another ignorant here. Silly westerners think their little western medical association gets to define what works or not, what is it with America and thinking the world revolves around them? lol

  7. Well i dont know about chi, which has never been proven in the stance of modern science. I do however know about healing touch which im guessing is based off of chi. I hope you know that healing touch was disproven by an 8 year old girl in an experiment that was published in major medical journals…have a nice day

    • Tell that to the thousands of people who have been healed by Chi Gong alone… Chi HAS been proven by modern science, but due to misinformed scientists the tend to dismiss it with no research, which defeats the purpose of being a scientist. Chi, Reiki, Mana what ever you wish to call it since different countries have given it different names in the past, is a natural force of nature that flows through everything, it is as real as the wind going through a field of grass, you cant see it yourself but you can see its effects. If it didn't exist it would not be a career path in the oriental world and I would be dying of hunger right now.

      Hell there are even official certificates of Chi Gong healing.

      • Chi is not real in fact Penn and Teller PROVED it they had a couple of college students act as Chi "professionals" and almost 75% said it worked. BOOM! Who just blew your whole theory out of the water? A thirteen year old boy.

        • I cant tell if that was a serious statement or not. Did you just use a couple of inexperienced students as evidence? It takes years of training and meditation to master Chi Gong healing and your telling me some students who have never even trained that "act" as Chi Gong healers as evidence against the thousands of people who have been healed, all the scientific data and evidence? I have been working on this field for 18 years, and with all the evidence I'm surprised people still use such uneducated excuses to discredit Chi.

          If you want to discredit Chi, then do so with actual scientific data and evidence, and I will most likely easily debunk it, but I have to work at 1pm at the institute of Metaphysics of Puerto Rico, you can look it up if you want. The reality is that Chi exists, and all of the healed patients, events and scientific data have never been disproved, so good luck while we are doing our job.

        • Institute of Metaphysics in Puerto Rico I mean, its not the only one I have seen.

    • Wow, maybe you should do some research before stating such foolishness. Chi IS real, it has been proven by science, its not an ideology it is real life energy manifested in a pranic frequency that is manipulated by the human mind and body and can be used as holistic medicine to heal in a seemingly miraculous way. If it doesn't exist I wonder what cured my supposively incurable cancer then, band-aids? Sorry if I sound a bit aggravating, its nothing against you, but its just annoying how far behind the west is in medicine when they have the resources yet don't open their eyes to nature, science and logic, well they do but only to some point, not going to criticize the west either since they are trying…

      The existence of chi is proven every day at Oriental medicine hospitals and in the offices of Chi Gong healers all over the world, and don't take this offensively, but as long as people like you keep believing on bull**** like that medicine in the west will never be holistic. Actual research needs to be done in the west, Oriental medicine cannot spoon feed information on the subject to the west any more if they keep dismissing what they do not understand without research, or just on what they think is a valid experiment. On the mean time, so called incurable illnesses known to the west are curable with Chi Gong. All with the science of Chi.

    • Dont forget, the U.S. is a place where all they know is what the media tells them, I guess this is why there is so much ignorance in the west on the subject, the same people who dismiss what they do not understand are to blame for spreading ignorance so I guess we cant really blame them for not understanding, this is probably that when people actually do their own research they end up experiencing it and discovering that its real and suddenly the earth is not flat anymore. Chi is real, and like Jacobz said it is proven every day, at least here in the east, in Beijing you can find such proof. Its basic oriental medicine……

    • Dont forget Tai Chi, people have cured themselves of arthritis, blindness in some cases, blood pressure problems and generally obtained better health. Do you know what many scientists from the west believed that caused this? Given that it promotes the movement of the body. lmao Anything but chi. xD

      Seriously tho why is it being debated weather Chi exists or not, it should be common knowledge that its real by now, how narrow minded can people be?

  8. @ZeSheo, if you can give a simple method to use, I will try it on myself. There is nothing else modern medicine can do for post-concussion syndrome, so I have nothing to lose…..

    • Its not weather it works or not, its common knowledge(in most eastern countries) that it works. But I understand the skepticism in western hemisphere and those who don't know about it, I respect it, its part of understanding.

      Chi Gong is actually my career path. I can point you to the right direction if you need, there are many simple ways to explore chi and self-healing without actually having to completely manipulate it to the same extent as an eastern healing arts master, such ways include acupuncture which would actually require plenty of understanding of the human body, which also works for diagnosing best and the one I would recommend you, Tai Chi, which actually sensitizes a person and everybody can do it since that is a natural function of the body, such as when you yawn and stretch in the morning you are also opening paths of chi down your spine.

      Now for what you tell me, I would say you should every morning do a Tai Chi exercise called the 5 elements, the name is based on 5 different movements that enhances the natural flow of chi in your body, if done every morning, in a week alone you will feel great. I really wish I was there to help you with the post-concussion syndrome as I know how horrible it can be, I'm not saying Tai Chi will cure it, it all depends, yes chi naturally cures the human body but not as much as if it was being manipulated by a doctor, it will make you feel better since it will purify, and if you are a person with discipline and dedication who knows.

      Tai Chi itself is a form of chi gong, chi control, chi gong is holistic medicine, meaning that it heals all that is unnatural to the human body, unless you were born with it and its in your DNA its curable, there has been many cases of people with arthritis, back pains, headaches, blood pressure problems and psychological problems who have literally cured themselves with Tai Chi alone so don't give up, but you will have to commit to doing them in the mornings or so, any time but at night time or it will have a tiring effect.

      Why in the morning? Because nature rises in the morning, as the sun shines down on earth it bombards it with massive waves of chi, this phenomenon also occurs when it rains, mostly when there are lightning storms or just generally a lot of natural activity from either the sky or ground. It also works best in places where chi frequencies flow in abundance such as forests and mountains, but it flows everywhere the same way water exists everywhere under the sea that the fish breathe to survive. I can give you a contact if you need more info, the scientific process of how Tai Chi forms work would take me another huge paragraph as the one above, don't know if the spam filter will get me again. Its quite simple once you get the hang of the science, then you begin the actual practice.

      Now depending on where you live, I could recommend you to a good Chi Gong doctor(if it comes to that) or to Tai Chi classes, I believe you can find them online, depending on where you live I can help you find a decent school of Tai Chi.

      If you decide to explore this path, to give you a clue of when you start feeling chi, it feels like a magnetic force that seems like only one motion, you feel the resistances, like a push and pull as if you were holding two magnets in your hands but the hands themselves are the magnets, chi feels warm and calming, and the chi will follow your mind. Always focus on your hands, the hands contain both positive and negative charges and are the most chi sensitive part of the human body, how ever you will most likely feel the warmth through your meridians and spine. There are 12 meridians(main channels) of chi in your body that make direct contact with your mind and organs, because your meridians will get energized your body's nervous system will begin to feel the warmth.

  9. Scientifically speaking, life energy a.k.a. chi energy, which is the thing that keeps molecules and all atomic structures in the universe together and energized makes a similar humming noise while it flows according to chinese experts on the subject. There are areas on the planet where there are large chi pockets from multiple rivers of chi energy that cross paths, usually these places have high magnetic frequencies, such as Stonehenge and the Bermuda triangle.

      • Do you get all your information through that website? You have been completely misinformed, who ever wrote that must have been stuck inside of a cave, there is nothing paranormal,magical or religious about it despite its appearance, indian, chinese and other cultures have however used this in religions at times. It seems this website is explaining everything upside down, try reading books(I have about 214 lol) or doing some actual research, you can look up, INTERNATIONAL TAI-CHI-CHUAN & CHI-KUNG ASSOCIATION, QIGONG ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA or National Qigong Association, since you only seem to gain information from the internet.

        If information gathered from these associations alone doesn't explain it well enough, then you can ask the millions of people who have been cured even from incurable deceases, including myself with chi-kung treatments.

        It is, by definition a science that uses the universal energy frequencies known as chi, ki, life energy and so on, to better the human health on yourself or your patient, theres alot more to it, to it evidence states its been studied for 2thousand years, tho other believe its been around more than 5thousand years with recent discoveries. I can go on and explain how it works but if Im allowed I will probably write you a book, I take my job very seriously. lol

        • Please describe to me a falsifiable test that could be preformed that could prove or disprove the existence of chi. That is science. Science isn't declaring something real because it's old or lots of people believe it works.If that were the case then why don't we still practice trepanning or blood letting. Or if you think that just cause alot of people believe it that makes it real, then every religion is right.

          If millions have been cured by it then why do we even bother with real medicine. And why are there no legimate studies that would back up your claims. Please provide some actual evidence that isn't anecdotal.

          If chi exists why can't can't we measure it or measure it's reaction in the human body. If it does interact with the physical world we should be able to somehow "see" said interaction.

        • For somebody who hasn’t even begun to do the slightest research on it, or understand the most basics on this subject for that matter, it may be inevitable but please understand that I don’t mean to offend you in any way, but I detect alot of arrogance and ignorance as you demand proof without even making an effort to understand. I find it highly insulting how you think my claims are based on opinions and beliefs, who are you kidding?

          Clearly you have been misinformed, I believe I already explained why we in the U.S. don’t often practice this type of medicine much or at all, its the equivalent of all karate students becoming black belts the next day and be considered white belts. It would be almost like rediscovering the human body.

          Humans are biological end energy beings, but it is all one body, in chi gong studies they will often describe two bodies to learn how both interact directly. Medicine as you know it lacks about half the knowledge of what they do,this is the reason why chemical medicine ends up doing more damage than good in the long run but this depends on what you are taking, in fact even without chi gong I believe that even modern medicine from the west would do wonders if only it had this basic understanding.

          But right now I will explain to you about chi. Anyways, its there, it exists and it works, it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, Im not telling you its believed that it exists, Im telling you that it is known that it exists, the fact is that it is proven by science, and people who have taken the dedication to gain the experience. Why you don’t know about it could be, maybe not your scientific methods or understanding havent reached far to explore this field, maybe were you currently live they don’t posses the knowledge, after all when has the east and west been 100% efficient in medicine lately? But since its only recently been introduced, research is conducted in the U.S. as well, only that we are learning about what has already been there.

          It is proven, it works and it exists. Chi can be measured, it is mostly measured on its direct effects on the human body, keep in mind, human beings can detect chi sound, color, weight and texture through our senses, sensitivity to chi is stimulated through meditation, I will explain more below. There are thousands of studies to back up what I have told you, you currently do not see it as evidence because you don’t understand the existence of chi and limit your research to a few unreliable sources and opinions from others, at least that is what I see from the arguments you have brought to the table.

          To begin, you are not a certified chi gong healer(yes this is an actual career you can work with and make a living), you have not even done the slightest amount of research, you haven’t even even begun to understand the word “chi” itself and already you are beginning to dismiss it because you rely on a skeptic website that clearly does not do any research? It seems to be a collection of random data to be skeptical about. Do you do all of your research this way? I bet you think its based on religion too. Skepticism is only good when you keep an open mind.

          A collection of piled information is not necessarily science, it is just random information, but while you look for the cat’s fifth leg, many are already graduated and healing patients with it, in fact the claim alone that chi doesn’t exist is completely outrageous, I find it very ignorant for somebody to state that chi does not exist when you are breathing it as you sit here reading my post, there is too much scientific evidence available.

          Few basic notes of common knowledge for those who study in this respectable field, you see water flowing, there’s chi in it, wind goes from a higher pressure system to a lower pressure system, there is chi in it both from the wind and the reaction, you make a step , there is chi current on it flowing up your body, you get angry, adrenaline steps in and the chi energy in your body becomes distorted, this can cause you not to think clearly(visible evidence), you take a breath and you area also breathing in chi, you take a flower off the ground, put it in a vase with sunand water and it dies because it isn’t making contact with the ground current, if you plant it after, it can last about a week longer. You get an arm cut off, and you still feel your arm(phantom limb), this is actually because of currents in the bio electric field in the human body, commonly known as aura, that has chi flow around all your nerve endings and joints, sometimes these currents remain, the frequency sends back a signals to the brain that the arm is still there even tho no nerves remain. Some chi gong healers use either magnets or chi(or both) to wipe them off, its easy to cure for them but can be very painful and alarming to the patient until healed.

          These are just few text book research that mostly all chi gong healers can do. Now as I said before, there is matter and energy in the universe, were there is matter there is energy, were there is nature(everywhere) there is chi. Chi is, literally speaking, life energy, also commonly known in text as healing magnetism.

          I mentioned chi has color, sound and weight, to understand this you may have to witness it yourself given that it is everywhere, so it is mostly detectable on living things and by living things, although technology exists to look at chi through a small camera on your body.

          The way a human being can see this is by months of training and meditation, some train for years, it is not something that comes easily, it takes patience and discipline as well as an open mind and understanding. To mention only two places, in china and India, these meditations are practiced in some temples from childhood. This is how a map of the chakras was made, chakras are points in the human body where major organs connect directly through chi currents in the bio-energetic field into a focused sphere-like collection of energy, if Im not mistaken, there are about 10 or so major chakras which are the biggest, from around an inch to 2.5 inches in size depending on the age and condition. All chakras have another chakra aligned to it at the opposite side of the body, such as the chakra in the forehead that also has another chakra directly connected to it at the occipital side of your head, all chakras have both positive and negative frequencies, but one always has more positive or negative than the other assuming the person is healthy. The chakra in the fore head is called Sang Dantian, although in India they describe this as the third eye due to its location and function, different cultures often give the same chakra different names even tho their research leads to the same conclusions, its color is mostly a slightly transparent indigo, and it has both faint positive and negative charges of course, it also has a slight yellow that is more faint than the purple visible frequency, the abundance of color between the two depends directly in the psychological state of that person. It deals with the occipital part of the brain as well as eyes and controls the pineal gland which is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain so it also affects the endocrine systems directly, if this chakra gets was to be misused or bombarded by radiation on a careless person, it can cause problems in the endocrine glands, ocular affections(eyes), cancer in connected areas and a risk of affecting other systems it is connected to indirectly. It deals with more but Im going to go ahead and explain how this affects the vision of chi energy. If stimulated and trained to do so, this chakra can be used to see other chakras, chi currents and to diagnose. It is difficult but far from impossible.

          From a technological point of view, with help from the research done on the subject by some scientists and scholars, I think I could name one of them being Guy Goggins, which actually sells these devices that capture soem aura frequencies on camera, although medically speaking it wouldn’t be much help, I will explain why in a second. A device was made that could capture the aura in camera, they call this aura photography, although nothing like the real view, it can measure the outer shell of the human aura, you will see colors, these colors can represent from psychological states to body condition, but its not accurate given that the outer aura of the human body is only a reflection of 3 other shells, the bio-energetic field has 4 shells, there is the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual shells, the names are based on how they react directly with the human body, if something happens to one of the inner shells it manifests itself directly on the body, if something happens to the body, then it will manifest directly in the physical aura shell, which is spread about 2 inches from the body. Therefor the camera should never EVER be used to diagnose, maybe in the future, if the development of aura photography continues then all who are unable to see chi may be able to observe the studies in a more direct way.

          I also mentioned that chi has sound and weight. I will try to explain what I meant the simplest way I can with these scenarios.

          When a human being dies, depending on age and life-style, a portion of the weight is loss moments after the death, as the bio-energetic,bio-electric or aura stops breathing in chi from the crown of the head(main chakra that connects you with the universe), the chi energy starts dispersing back to nature, it goes down into teh ground and disperses into the air, this causes the body to loose up to 1.2pounds, Indians saw this as the spirit going back to nature, since your life energy literally goes back to nature where it will keep flowing, they may have believed this was the spirit. I haven’t had the misfortune of actually having the opportunity to test this myself.

          Another strange way to measure the weight(so to speak) of chi, as demonstrated by professor of metaphysics and chi gong healer Hector Lopez in 1992, is to set a weight base under the volunteer, the two subjects were not allowed to eat 5 hours before the test to keep the body steady. So the subjects sat down and the weights were written down. After 20 minutes of direct chi induction all over their body, the subjects actually weighted about half a pound and up more, it took a lot of chi to pull that off, enough to get any chi gong master tired, but they successfully weighted chi or the effects of chi multiple times on 2 subjects. I believe the national chi gong association has data on this, but I think you would have to become a student(there are classes online) to get to study from other people’s confirmed researches, there are other places online and off seas where you could be able to learn more, if you want I can help you gather more information from these sources as I myself am currently conducting research.

          Although he surely wasn’t the first researcher who managed to do this, it was absolutely a surprise for those of us who worked with him, never did it occur to me that chi could cause the human body to weight more. But I have always wondered, is it chi that has weight or is it direct reaction of the human body? The research goes on.

          About the sound of chi, keep in mind, chi is natural, it is pure energy and can be detected with all of your senses, as an individual becomes more and more sensitive to chi by training and meditation, they will begin to experience seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and in some techniques, taste chi, but not in the way you would imagine.

          The “sound” is actually a way to describe it, based on the frequency it makes and on its density(as in color spectrum) it will vary, the human mind cannot perceive these frequencies consciously, in fact how experienced chi gong masters that dedicate to chi sensitivity accomplish to listen to these frequencies remains a mystery to me, this is actually what I am conducting research about at the moment. Therefor I cannot offer much information on this matter, however I do know that some mantras done in meditation mimic these frequencies in order to tap into them.

          This field has a lot to learn about, it requires a detailed understanding of the human body, it is a strong subject with strong evidence.

          Like I said, there is proof, it works, it exists and it is a career. However due to misinformation, wrong interpretations, ignorance and lack of understanding, there are those who dismiss things without basic understanding, we have seen this happen a lot in the past, fortunately the science is being integrated into America slowly, but with the requirements I doubt we will be seeing Chi Gong/Reiki/Healing Magnetism hospitals any time soon, they are often offices that charge you a hundred bucks or so to cure your body through chi operations or to heal your body after a normal operation, I know if a few cases when even cancer has been cured in 3 months from patients who were dying and a young girl who doctors told would never walk again due to the gravity of her situation, in one year she regained feeling in her legs and was able to walk again.

          This is often misunderstood as a miracle, due to the use of hands and effects, but its not, it is a scientific process that heals the human body with very extensive years of understanding of how the human body works and how it is connected to nature itself. It is Chi Gong, which roughly translates to life energy control, same with Reiki and Healing Magnetism.

        • On a side note, apparently there are Chi Gong hospitals, most known ones seem to be in Beijing. This is news to me.

        • On a side note. All I do is read. And who the hell cares how many books you have and why did it make you "lol" ,exactly what part of describing your collection of books made you laugh out loud.

          I also count two logical fallacies. 1 Argument from antiquity.

          2 Argumnet ad populi.

          Now if you want to do some actual research you can look those up.

        • If you actually took the time to read my inputs I thank you for your time and attention, and I hope it was in any way productive to the reader.

        • Point conceded, instead of using someone else's opinion or reports, which both of you are doing, why not conduct an experiment yourself and see if it does or doesn't work?

  10. Spontaneous human combustion? Really? I stopped reading this list after I saw that. It was disappointing because #10 was wonderfully written.

  11. i sometimes have lucid dreams and this was the time i became aware of it. The human combustion was so horrifying, bizarre and extremely mysterious! There was even a television series that even aired it

  12. Lucid dreaming never works out for me either- just when i'm about to try something cool i actually wake up. Aurora Borealis is so beautiful, and so are fire rainbows. Yeah, i agree, Life is pretty bizarre and should be on there.

    • i remember that one day i was dreaming and i was in a roofless car and it was driving itself. The dream took place in my neighborhood. i knew where the car was driving. It was bizarre. I thought to myself, is this a dream. I took my hands and looked at it and realized that it was not a dream. It was for real. So i took that dream like it was in real life. Then I woke up and found out that it was a dream.

  13. Keith Watabayashi on

    Truly, "Life" should be number 1. To some extent most of these can be explained (except the hum) but Life, life is bizzare and amazing.

  14. Spontaneous Human Combustion is how the VXX-199 harvested mankind in Strikeforce Morituri Electric Undertow they caused people worldwide to combust then fed off the energies released.

  15. Nice post. I found this site because I saw a #8 – "Fire Rainbow" the other day while at work.

    I was looking around trying to find out what the hell I saw as I had never seen anything ilke it before.. A mate sent me a "Nautural Phenomena" email with the FR as one of them..

    I took photo's of the FR and posted them to my blog…

    Now reading through your Top 10'z 😀 Nice work on the site

  16. what about repeat dreams, where in the dream you know "it's that dream again" not telling anyone in the dream, but just knowing it yourself.

    also, not able to control the events of the dream. Just in the dream and saying to yourself "This dream again"

    is that lucid dreaming?

    I actually have controlled a dream, one time, but not during a lucid dream. Didn't know I was dreaming, but in my dream I went back in "time" to a previous scene and did it over, differently.

  17. Lucid dreaming is awesome. I do it pretty much every night to some degree. two things:

    Flying in your dream works better if you watch a lot of movies where people fly or paly video games wheer youa re flying in a first person POV.

    2. No one cares when you run around your dream telling everyone you know its a dream!

  18. I have seen a circumhorizontal arc, or fire rainbow at 56deg 45'some 02deg 30' at 100' above sealevel(all approx) some 8/9 years ago. I used a disposable camera and the photo was unusable.

  19. The Aurora Borealis is known as the Northern Lights, not the Southern Lights. The Aurora Australis is known as the Southern Lights.

  20. I am a light sleeper, so I use a fan to distort the noise and it works great, maybe someting to think about.

  21. There is a "hum" in my house that drives me nuts at night when it's quiet. It sounds like a computer modem trying to get online but not as mechanical. My co-worker thinks I'm hearing the electricity running through the walls. My husband can't hear it.

    • EUREKA! I also have a sound eerily similar to the Taos Hum! Maybe I’m connecting too much together but here it goes: I posted the comment below ” ” on another site earlier today… I will now add that 2 men dressed in military fatigues arrived at my house in about early May 2010 (in a black SUV no less). They said that they were with the US Army Corp of Engineers and were mapping all the wells in Loudon County. I pointed to my well head and told them that it was about 700′ deep. One man walked up took a GPS coordinate with a hand held unit and they left. About 3 weeks previous to this, I was sitting on my front porch with some friends and there was a blue flash, possibly a short from the well pump wiring. Well, Maybe (no pun intended). A month later my well pump died, croaked……. “I live in Tennessee <10 miles, as the crow flies, from the Oak Ridge Reservations (X-10/ORNL, Y-12 and East Tennessee Technology Park/formerly K-25) and <1 mile from the Tennessee River. The Bangor/Monteagle limestone underlies our rural location about 300 ft above the river. All this being said, I have been hearing a low frequency, droning humming noise in our cabin that began in October 2009. We moved here in July 2003. This is like the sound of a distant diesel train idling; lower than the beginning note of "Also Sprachen Zarathustra " (Space Oddessey: 2001 theme). The "timber" of the sound is, at times, discernably unconstant. There are no RR's within miles. I-75 is about a mile away. BUT, this sound appeared suddenly and has not been diminished by the thick woods surrounding our cabin leafing out for summer. I have ruled out trains, tugboats on the river, tire noises from I-75 simply due to its virtually constant nature. I am not a "conspiracy " follower, but the DUMB (though Tennessee is not listed in their state-by-state locations) theories seem to take precedent given my proximity to Oak Ridge."

  22. Good list, I have been to Taos, but have never heard the hum myself. Some other crazy phenomenon are the Oregon vortex and the red rain of Kerala.

  23. This is one of the most bizarre lists we have put out. I actually got the creeps reading about the Taos Hum, which I have heard many times and found that no one else could hear. I guess I'm one of the 2%.