Top 10 Recurring Dreams and What They Mean


Do you ever have really, really weird dreams?

I do, and I don’t need professional help to figure out the source – usually that salami sandwich or entire cheesecake I ate right before I went to bed.

Recurring dreams, on the other hand, demand more of my attention – often because they are scary. In fact, most of the recurring dreams on this list might be more accurately described as nightmares. Perhaps this is because scary dreams are more memorable – a more effective way for your subconscious to get your attention.

Events and emotions in your waking life trigger your dreams. If you repeatedly have the same dream, your subconscious is trying to send you a message. Fortunately, there are a lot of online resources available to help you figure out what your dreams mean, including extremely detailed dream dictionaries. There are also online communities that allow you to share your dreams in forums for interpretation and discussion. You can even use the discussion boards to connect with people who have similar dreams and receive free advice from various experts, ranging from professional dream analysts to psychics.

Bad Dreams Are Good?

According to a lot of the material out there, once you’ve received the message your dream is sending, it goes away. If you take the time to think about how it relates to your life and act on it, you can correct the problem and you’ll never have the dream again. Lucid dreaming is another remedy. In this case, you realize you are dreaming and then take control of the action – changing the experience or the outcome. If lucid dreaming doesn’t work for you, you can also revisit your dream while you are awake, making appropriate edits during the process.

There are sites, books, and experts all over the place– you can even get your most bizarre dreams interpreted. For example, did you know that a dream about a unicorn means that you are “…ready to understand your animal nature and your spiritual essence” ( Of course, if you aren’t a little girl sleeping in a princess bed and you are dreaming about unicorns, I might suggest that you might have deeper issues…

List Guidelines

The recurring dreams that made this list are ones that we seem to share in our collective consciousness – they are the ten most common recurring dreams I found during my research. In my opinion, the meanings of the most common recurring dreams are pretty clear, as you will see below. I have listed all of the online resources used for each dream if you are looking for more in-depth (and expert) information.

10. Trapped

Have you ever had a dream that you are locked in a room, trapped in a mine, or buried alive in a box? If so, then there is some aspect of your waking life that makes you feel trapped or claustrophobic. Did you make the wrong career choice? Is there a mountain of debt on top of you, stifling the lifestyle that you thought you would have? says that if you dream you are caged you “may feel like you cannot change your situation and are feeling trapped by it”. Kind of like if you were locked in a cage in real life, so that make sense…’s interpretation also suggests that this type of dream indicates “you may feel like you are not being allowed to live up to your full potential because somebody is holding you back”.

9. Excuse Me, Where’s the Restroom?

I’ll admit I have this dream a lot. I search for a bathroom but when I get there the toilets are either broken or missing completely. Sometimes I wait in line for a long time, but when it’s my turn the stall doors are all gone or there are showers inside instead. I know exactly what this dream means because when I wake up, I always have to go to the bathroom! I’m not sure why my brain goes to the great effort to incorporate bathroom breaks into my dream life when it could just wake me up and send me down the hall instead.

During my research I discovered other meaningful interpretations to this dream in addition to the most obvious one. According to, “to dream that you are in a public restroom with no stalls, signifies your frustrations about getting enough privacy”. As a parent of a toddler, this definitely applies. Not only do I never get to ‘go’ by myself in public washrooms any more – my daughter often provides a play-by-play commentary on my private activities to the rest of the lucky people in the room! She also likes to unlock the stall door and swing it open…

I typed “recurring dreams can’t find bathroom” into the search engine at and found a thread with lots of people who have similar dreams. So many that Charmin should figure out how to send out an army of their bears to distribute dream toilet paper – they could make a killing!

Anyways, according to one of the moderators at, a bathroom is a symbol for “thinking too much to increase income and not spending money”. One of the members suggested that we “encounter in this dream all those obstacles so [we] won’t pee in bed”.

If you dream of other ‘bathroom problems’ (perhaps related to your own plumbing?) consider consulting a professional. That brings us to our next list item…

8. Wet Dreams (Drowning, not the other thing.)

If you regularly dream that you are drowning, or that large waves wash over you, or floodwaters rise over you – I would suggest that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by something in your life. agrees with me. According to their dream dictionary, drowning indicates “overwhelming circumstances in real life, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, or something feeling out of control.” It also explains that “one huge wave could represent… a challenge in your life” and a flood might represent “feeling like you are ‘over your head’ or things are out of control somehow in your life”.

7. Flying in Your Dreams

I’ve had some scary swaying-on-high-scaffolding dreams but my dreams about flying have all been very good in a weightless, superhero sort of way.

To me, dreams about flying express feelings about freedom; I checked with the experts online and their interpretations matched mine. uses the following words to describe dreams about flying: “freedom of expression”, “doing the impossible”, and “creativity”.

But what if your superhero dreams go south? For advice when good flying dreams go bad, see #2 on this list (“Falling”).

6. Going Nowhere

Initially I thought that running in slow motion in a dream meant you felt “stuck” in a real-life situation and I had this dream lumped in with #10 on this list (“Trapped”). A visit to changed my mind, explaining that a “dream that you are moving in slow motion indicates that you are currently facing hardships and obstacles”.

Dreams of paralysis can also fit into this category. One interpretation of paralysis is that you are “feeling unable to make progress of your own accord in your life, or in a particular situation” or you’re “feeling held back… perhaps even feeling self-sabotaged” (

If you dream that you are running in place, and you’re not doing the running man on the set of a 1980’s rock video, then this same interpretation applies to you.

5. How’s Your Dental Plan? Losing Teeth in Your Dreams?

You feel something hard rolling around in your mouth and spit it out, only to discover it is one of your own teeth. Or, you look in the mirror and your teeth are all missing. Have you had this dream? This dream is apparently very common, so here it is at number 5.

My interpretation of this dream would be that you are feeling that things are decaying or falling apart in your life. I had no idea, so I looked it up at and they said “…in general, dreams about losing teeth are common and suggest the dreamer feels powerless or out of control in a real life situation.”

This interpretation is very similar to the dream that you are falling (see #2 on this list), but the next two interpretations earn it a space on the list all on it’s own. The first additional interpretation is from “you are having difficulties related to self esteem and speaking your mind”.  In my case, if I ever dreamed my teeth were falling out I would just assume that my body is telling me to cut back on the candy and baked goodies – so’s  second interpretation that “it could be time to see a dentist” is my favorite.

A bit more advice on this topic – if you look in the mirror while you’re awake and your teeth suddenly disappear before your eyes – you are probably just on a bad acid trip. Go find a friend and wait it out…

4. Public Exposure – Nudity in Dreams

If you have recurring dreams that you are naked in public, I would suggest that you are afraid you will be exposed. Is there something you are hiding? The experts agree – apparently when you are naked in a dream you are revealing the real you (unless you are Joan Rivers of course).

3. Lost and/or Unprepared in Your Dreams

In another amazing show of my talent for stating the obvious, I would say that if you are dreaming about being lost or unprepared, you probably feel unprepared or lost in your real life.

If you can’t get your locker open, can’t find your classroom or your house; or, you’re late for something (a test, a train, a meeting) then you find yourself in this category (and in good company – this is a very common type of dream).

School, career, even a new home – these settings all represent change. If you feel unprepared for changes coming to your waking life, then prepare yourself for dreams furnished with impenetrable school lockers, locked doors, and labyrinthine buildings. agrees with me (with a name like that, of course they would). Their dream dictionary states, “…to dream that you are late for something represents your fear of change and your anxiety about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unready or unworthy in your current circumstances. You may also be conflicted over decisions about your future… Dreams about being at school often mean you are feeling insecure about your social status, your abilities or your performance in a situation.” also has this to add about dreams about locks and school, which I found very interesting: “dreams about locks mean you are frustrated and need to express your feelings about a situation in real life” and “…a dream that takes place in school may also be a metaphor for the lessons you are learning in your life.” adds that “dream[s] of a school locker signify hidden feelings and thirst for knowledge”.

2. Falling in Your Dreams

I think everyone has had this dream, which is why it’s in this position on the list. I really wanted to make the recurring toilet-related dreams #2, but could not justify it.

Falling is definitely a sign that you are out of control. According to the these dreams signify a loss of control as well as “a sudden lack of foundation in your life, such as a situation where ‘the rug is pulled out’ from under you”. This makes sense to me, unlike their other interpretation that falling dreams represent “…a feeling or fear of abandonment, especially feeling abandoned by a ‘caretaker’ such as a partner, employer, or by God.”

1. Chased in Your Dreams

My superior interpretation skills tell me that if you dream you are being chased – you are probably trying to get away from something.

According to, “you are running away from or trying to hide from something you need to face”. It could be “a feeling you are avoiding, a conflict you don’t want to handle or a difficult memory you would rather forget.”

But wait, let’s end this list on a positive note: the cloak on that shadowy figure chasing you may have a silver lining!  According to the same website, you might actually be running away from something good “like a talent you are not acknowledging or a feeling of love you are not ready to admit” (

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  1. I get these dreams of my family that i have not seen or heard anything from them well these dreams tend to affect me like me moving out never happened and every time in my dreams I’m packing the stuff I actually left behind and I can’t get them back because they pushed me out of there life but it feels like a life and death experience and they feel so real and when i wake up I feel like I don’t know where I’m at and I go back asleep if there’s a name for this let me know

  2. Hi, i have dreams thst freaks me out. I have dreams that shift usually ive gone out of town with a few friends and siblings like baby sister (1 year) and were all jointed up in a town and some commotion happens between a friends(a) mom hitting another friends(n) sister, while i try to resort this out we get chased out by the other friend(n) and we all go to this abbandoned house of some sort. And then people in horses come and they send an alarm saying “they are coming”- and all i know was that everyone was separated and the friend (a) and i were having to take care of two smaller girls and try to escape. By the next morning the house were surrounded by smoke bombs and I ran and snuck the 1 year old girl out, i cant seem to remember where friend (a) got left out and its weird so i checked facebook for some reason this was avaliable in my dream and facebook was there and friend (a) said the little girl didnt make it. I was trying to go back home so i found 2 people, 1 i cant remake the face or anything the second was walking near by with his dog. He told me to go where and where to get home. It was getting dark out so i stayed in a home and decided to change the baby’s diapers and give her a bath. When i was about done i heard a voice calling, i yelled “show me your face” and it was dark out. i left the girl in the bathroom( it was the only place that had light since the person called out) and i went out to kill the person. i was so determined, the persons face looked like an old mans wearing a jumper. It kind of reminded me of my orthodontist but its not like ive ever had any bad connections with him. And i just started ripping his neck out and he said “oh not the joint” no matter what i did he still kept talking he wasnt dead yet, but i think he was death. I dont think i took my babysister with me. I ran out the door and i dont know what got to me but i felt like something was chasing me. I kept on thinking “leave me alone” and i woke up.
    I have a feeling also this dream has happened more than once and i dont know whay to do. Always in different settings though. Im very spooked out, please help.

  3. i had a reoccurring dream where i was at my old house out in the field by the pool with my roomates. these men would always say hello while we were out there. but one night those men shot one of my roomates while i was in the house, when i saw my boyfriend come up to the house to grab a big rock, i asked him what was wrong. he told me what had happened, so i followed him. he ran at the men but was then shot. they saw me do i jumped in the pool to escape, but when i came up i was shot, and then i woke up. the dream has never ended like this. but ever since that night i havent had that dream again. tonight i had a new dream where i drove my honda into a wall. i then felt very intoxicated like i was drunk. pulled a towl away from the window to get out. it was in a park where a woman was sitting on a bench. she said something to me but i couldnt hear her. and then i started to rise into the sky. then woke up. i am so done with these horrible dreams. and i am wondering if anyone knows what it means when one night your good reoccurring dream turns bad. thank you

  4. Begin to acknowledge thee nature of reality is much like a dream.
    For instance, there was a musician who suffered from paralyzing stage fright and would use his sleep time to practice
    in front of an audience. Because iff you have this great
    vision of you retiring on your own private each
    but deep down you don.

  5. I had a dream where i am in a classroom with my classmates. Our professor is busy with arrangging the seats because he wanted to have a seat plan for us. Actually it’s random. All you need is to pick a number and find your designated sit. I picked no. 2. Then i proceed to my seat. Then i didn’t know that my seatmate is my ex. It was unexpected.after that, he made me again a paper rose and gave it to me. What’s the meaning of this? Thanks.

  6. So I am just waking up from another bad dream. The first one I was with my uncle and cousins and we had weed on us for some reason and we were going back to my dads job. We were walking from a store across the street from my dads job and we were nervous cuz weed is illegal and we didn’t wanna get caught so we played it cool but Shaun (one of my ciusins)just started running and I screamed “Shaun no!” And he got captured by something I’m not sure if it was the cops so we all started running and I woke up. The dream I just had minutes ago once again took place at my dads shop and me and my best friend Mariah were just showing off some of my dads cars because he owns his own car shop so we just parked the cars out front and people started to come check them out. A group of guys came and they tried to plan to take the car and I over heard them so I told Mariah what they said and I told her we had to close up the shop and leave. So we told everyone the show was over and we pulled all the cars into the shop and we started to mess around… All of a sudden I was feeling drunk in my dream and I couldn’t function and someone came to the shop looking for me and I got so scared that I woke up. I think it’s weird cuz my and my dad currently aren’t talking and I just moved out of his house into my moms. What is the dream trying to tell me???

  7. My most upsetting dream: As the sun is setting in my neighborhood I am riding my bicycle w/my dog in a basket on the handle bars. I take a right turn down a street and it is suddenly dark & the scene is unfamiliar, I see many houses in the distance with lights on in the windows and people in the windows. Still riding my bike I see a “gang” of strangers in front of me, I feel like I’m in danger so I start pedaling faster thinking I will ride my bike through the strangers & as soon as I am about to make contact I am airborne and fly over the gang. When I land from my flight it is daylight and I am in a strange country (don’t understand the language) the streets are very narrow cobblestone with multi-story buildings lining both sides. I keep asking people how to get back to my home address but no one understands me. I finally get off of my bike and walk into a doctors building with a large spiral staircase, as I am walking up the stairs I see a group of USA soldiers walking down & I stop them and ask them how to get back to my home address, the soldiers all shake their heads no & continue down the stairs. I continue up the stairs into a woman’s doctors office where I ask here how to get back to my home address & she simply states, “I’m sorry, but you can’t go back to (home address)”. Then I wake up crying! Please any insight would be most appreciated. (PS. I am a 50 yr old woman, living in the USA, happily married (2nd marriage) w/two wonderful grown offspring, 1 boy & 1 girl)

  8. i keep having a dream about my best friend. he and i were close but had a very complcated relationship that no one understood. my dreams are very vivid and sometimes scary. last night i dreamt that he said he wanted to kiss me. i did in the dream. i could lmost feel it. another dream i had last week was where he was hugging me and it seemed we were older and married. i kept seeing myself in a bed in pain though he was holding my hand and telling me i was going to be okay. i just saw his face an touched it. i could almost feel the pain in my lower stomach area and it increased rapidly and i screamed at the top of my lungs and i woke up. another dream was i was hearing his voice that said what ever you do, do not kill yourself ever! he said this in real life when i was depressed. he kissed me in the dream and put his forehead against mine and looked down and said kiss me here in 20 minutes okay? i said to him i love you. he looked at me and said it back. another was very vivid and was our wedding. we aren’t married or anything in real life.

  9. i keep having dreams of my best friend i don’t know my feelings that much and sometimes it has closeness or terror but it always involves him. i don’t know what to do. they scare me.

  10. I keep having the same dream that I have to take more than one classes at the same time. Like first I would have to take Employment Law at 11:00am, then at 11:05am I have to switch to American Constitutional Law, and at 11:10am I would have to take Managerial Communications, and 11:15am I would have to start over again. Like every five minute I would have to rotate classes.

  11. Iam single been so for ever but anyways I keep having this dream that iam in the wild their mud on the ground and and light forests area and then my vision gets clearer and their tons of naked girls and I looked down and iam naked but I dident care then me and this girl with like long brown hair run threw the mud and down a hill away from the older people and nt a tree and have sex I rember every thing bout it. I also had another dream I was in bed and my wife asked me to turn the light off and I got out bed turned it off and went to hug her back in bed but she was gone I think I need get a gf so advise on that would be good to thanks

  12. I keep having a reoccurring dream that someone I was very close to at one time is trying to suffocate me with a pillow & then chokes in my sleep. In my dream, I am dreaming that I am asleep & he is putting the pillow over my face & then choking me. What does this mean? This is an almost every night dream. Can someone help shed some light for me? Thank you in advance.

  13. Hey was wondering if you know anything about reocuring people? I have a lot of horrible dreams. I have had them for as long as I can remember. A lot of all the above, but also much worse, things such as murder in very violent ways. Murder of people I love, but also some times I myself am killing people, only to protect others but I am still killing people. I do not watch horrific movies because I can’t stand blood and guts. I have not got a violent background, in fact I can’t even bring myself to shoot foxes and rabbits and I am a farm girl. Sometimes I have a dream and there is this male figure. Sometimes we are both kids, playing on the farm. Other times he is a grown man driving in the car with me. We are friends some times. And other times he asks me to marry him. I wake up wishing I could go back to sleep because when he is there I am so relaxed and peaceful and when he is there, then the night horrors are gone. I know it is always the same person but I never remember his name when I wake. So what can a random dream man mean?

  14. My friend dreamt that I had had a baby. At 49 years old, and with a 13 year old and 10 year old, this would be highly unlikely or desirable on my side. What do you think this means?

    • It could mean that your friend feels like a baby around you and wants your protection or that your friend wants a baby. it’s not about you. It’s about your friend’s unexpressed needs and feelings.

  15. I frequently have a very bizarre dream in which people are being killed and they are being mutilated. Their bodies are put on the walls and much more.. In my dream there is a very dark over empowering music. I am quite calm in my dream, almost like a spectator who is in no apparent danger. Though my dream does invoke some tense feelings in me whilst im in this labrynth of gore. I like to chalk this up to the fact that I have seen a number of horror movies, though not recently. I don’t know if I should seek professional help or what. I just do not understand what these dreams may mean.

  16. I once had this dream that last for one month total.. Each night it would start with this young blonde girl kneeling in chains in front of this man in robes, while surrounded be men in armour. A man would stand beside her, with his sword drawn and one hand resting on her shoulder.. It would then fast forward, and I would watch a series of images that I couldn’t recognise, until it would stop with the blonde girl lying down on a stone slab, the man in robes standing above her with this knife raised above his head while the man with the sword, was down on the ground in changes, being beaten. The man in robes would then proceed to swiftly lower his arms, and stab the blonde girl in the heart, and then he would be surrounded by this glowing yellow light, and then things would fast forward again.. When it stopped this time, the room was dark, and a young man and woman would enter bearing flashlights, while exploring the room, they stumble across the altar when the blonde girl had been stabbed, but though the room had aged, the girl herself had remained the same, she hadn’t aged, she didn’t even have the slightest smudge of dirt on her.. The young woman who had entered the room, walked up to the altar, and ignoring the young mans protests, proceeded to reach out and grabe the blade in the blonde girls chest.. having pulled the blade out, the blonde girl awaked, and the room is swallowed in bright yellow light.. And then I would proceed to wake up.
    I admit this sounds like it came from a novel, but this dream plagued me for nights on end, making it so that I remembered a little more each time.. I have no idea what it means, or what purpose there was for me to have this dream, but it has plagued me and I am interested to know the reasons why this particular dream would occur for me..

  17. Erm hi, basically this is probably the third night in a row? Where I’ve had the dream that I’m with other people in this abandoned shopping centre thing. And we’re getting chased my this woman/daemon thing. She like traps us all in one room towards the end of the dream and she breaks in and grabs someone as if to kill them. But then I always wake up so I don’t know. But it’s been the same dream for three night now and it never seems to change, just add more detail really. It’s just really scaring me and I would like some help please :/

    • Angey – There’s anxiety and fear in your life that is coming out in your dream Having this terrifying dream will relieve some of the stress of carrying the fear around with you in life. Try this; before you go to sleep tonight, visualize the daemon/woman and tell yourself to ask her for a gift. Repeat, in your mind “ask her for a gift” over and over before you go to sleep. Then see what happens.

  18. have always had very scary dreams and recurring dreams of 3 diff old houses. recently i was talking with my mom and we started talking about some of our dreams and we were very surprised that us and my grandmother have all had recurring dreams about the same house. in my dreams im young and always start out going in to this old farm house that seems like it had been abandoned and left to fall apart, i go in with some one i trust and feel safe with the last time it was my step father. the house is so vivid there are brown water spots on the ceiling the furnature is very old its dusty and dirty, but it feels like i know the place and maybe a relative lives or lived there but i have actually never met or ever seen this person. from the outside the place dont seem that big but it ends up being very large. in the door i am in an entery room to the right of me is a livingroom, in the front on me there is a kitchen with a old dirty sink that i can see, to the left of me is a room and a few feet from the door of that room is a stair case sticking out of the wall, stairs with no railling at the top there is a small platform with a door.. the last time i had this dream my step father told me i could walk around and i want soo bad to go into that door but i know that whats on the other side is scarry and isnt nice, long dream short i go in the door my step dad is gone im alone and scared whats up there terrorizes me and the house ends up being so big i scurry thru attics and rooms to escape untill i wake mom i found out 2 weeks ago has also dreamed of this house and this staircase and door since she was young she said that she has always been to scared to go into the room, even weirder my 16yr old cousin and i were together today and she told me of a dream she has started to have alot. i didnt say anything when she also started to describe this same house with the same stairs the same door in the same place with the same waterspots the same feeling of dread and ending up alone as my mother and i have, it has been 2 years since i have had this dream as far as i can remember.. and there are details that i dont remember anymore about the dream but this still makes me want so bad to find someone for us all to talk to am just not sure who and what direction to go in..

  19. Teeth falling out: My method of dream interpretation is to choose a thing in the dream and ask it what it wants. I had the teeth falling out dream over and over again until I asked my tooth what it wanted. It said, “I need to have deeper roots.” I never had that dream since.

  20. Casey,

    A lot of people say that the color white signifies death or your feelings about death.

    It sounds to me like for whatever reason as a child, you were utterly terrified by the concept of death, maybe either your own or of an unknown person.

    The fact you no longer dream suggests your brain was so traumatised by your early fears and dreams that it refuses to allow you to dream anymore.

    What’s your sleeping pattern like? Do you sleep enough? Make sure you get the right amount of sleep every night and eventually your dreams might come back.

    I had similar issues where I was too afraid to sleep for fear of nightmares but I now have normal dreams.

    Good luck x


  21. I had a continually recurring nightmare when i was younger, if i stared at a spot for to long, a woman dressed in white with long strandy black hair, would emerge from where i was staring, and follow me; i never saw her face. Instinctivley, i ran from her but no matter where i went or how far, i would turn around and she would be there still advancing toward me. My family have moved to 3 different houses becuase of me being traumatised by these nightmares and i have often seen a physchiatrist to help with the nightmares. Before i went to sleep, i thought if it happens tonight, i will confront her but i never could and it has always haunted me even now. They stopped round about puberty and now i dont dream at all. It frightens me still that for many of my childhood years, well for as long as i can remember, i never had a night where i wasnt trying to stay awake in fear of this women and what frightens me more, is that now my subconcious wont let me dream so i would like to know not only what your opinion is on it, but what unearthly explanation is this. No other forum i have visited has had a person with a recurring nightmare for 12 years of there life and then for dreams to stop altogether

    • On another note, i often saw ghosts when i was a child. For whomever has seen the ring, the little boy who watched the tape, imagine him in reality. Well thats me. I saw a woman in my previous house, she had tripped at the landing if the stairs and feel down 17 steps which broke her neck and spine. I got up to go to the toilet one night and as i stepped out i saw a woman, through the banister, she was elderly, about 70, and looked like a pleasant woman, but i noticed that her head was touching her shoulders, ear to shoulder, and as i looked closer i notcied her spine emerging from her neck. I cried for 3 hours not becuase i was frightened, but becuase of the pain the woman looked in. Im 16 now and she still reamins vivid in my mind. Im just posting this on here to show all of you that as traumatising as your nightmares sound, think about a 8 year old boy being haunted by a woman in his dreams, and dead people in reality.

  22. My friend has been having a reoccurring dream for for about 7 years where he has been lying in a bed aparalysed cant move and people are around him telling him they want to kill him or hurt him now this dream is really starting to upset him can anyone help with this please

  23. I have had this dream at least 10 times since I was 9 years old or so. There is always this group of middle aged sort of grungy looking men stalking my family. They always look in our windows and try to get in our house. The dream always starts off with some sort of chase(ex: on foot, in cars) where me and my dad are trying to catch the men. We always lose them and we return home. An hour or so later the men drive to our house, and park in our driveway and that is how we know they are there. I’m always the one running to lock all of my doors. Most of the times I’ve had this dream, my dad chases the men (especially this same man who is the only one that ever gets in our house). My brother and I always hide and my mom usually gets taken outside and captivated by the group of men. But last night when I had this dream, my dad and brother weren’t in it. It was just me and my mom, and only the man who succeeds in gettin into our house came to the house. He locked my mom outside and tried to rape me inside, (which has never happened in the dreams before either). I managed to knock him out and I ran to the kitchen and for the first time ever in the dream, grabbed a knife. The man I knocked out got up and came around the corner and I slit his throat. For the first time the man was dead. The second after I slit his throat, my mom managed to get into the house. She stood behind me and said my name, “Emily”. That is when I woke in real life and found my mom right next to me waking me up for school.

    • I have had a similar dream before, and it recurred for a while but it is very vivid, a van full of men crashed into the side of our house, killing my mother, me and my brother went upstairs to hide and i saw my dad go out to find these men, i took my brother outside to find my dad only to see him decapitated with 4 men surrounding him, they saw me and my brother, took him away from me and told me they were going to hurt him, they threw me over our fence and i woukd wake up, the dreams stopped when i changed the circumstances, i grabbed my mum and pulled he back, picked up 2 knives and stabbed the 2 men as they went to grab me, the other 2 gotback in the van and drove away, my advice is confront the men and show your not afraid to die fo your famiy, it may help

  24. Hey, I’ve had a recurring dream that my girlfriend is cheating on me and trying to avoid me. I’m white and she’s black, and she’s always cheating on me with my black friend in my dreams. I trust her completely in the awake world, so why would I dream of her cheating on me so often?

      • Very true; at the same time, she’s had many recurring dreams of us having sex and living in our own home together. We have a sexless relationship (we’re dedicated Christians who want to save it for marriage), so any advice of what I should think involving that?

        • I first of all say, kudos to you for following the teachings of the Bible on sex before marriage. Secondly, I think you are putting yourselves through some extremely tough temptation while living together. There may even be some sexual frustration involved which may be eliminated after you are married…hopefully so. And since you are Christians I would suggest praying together about this topic and ask God for help in dealing with the stresses of the relationship as well as the strength to overcome unfounded fears. This works two-fold, you pray together and hear what each of you wants for the other and you get God involved to help you overcome doubts. Its a win-win! God Bless! And I am also a Christian and can tell you it is very refreshing to hear of your dedication.

        • Yeah, we don’t live together, only in her dreams. Is that a good sign in a way?

  25. alright, so whomever reads this will think im crazy and insane. I havent been sleeping much, but when i do i’ve been having this dream;
    me my mom, my bestfriend Tara are at this country art gallery thing…looking at live art. then, my mom steals a chicken and gets arrested. everyone leave me and my bestfriend…so we take the r.v. mobile house hung we drove there in. as were driving home we run out of we stop in a small plaza like thing. with two buildings. one was a fitness place, the other was a huge church. we walked into the church shouting “hello” to see if someone could help us. when we walked in the entire place was a 60 ft pool. there were very few places to walk without being in water. so we walk to leave and my friend tara trips and grabs my arm, we fall in the water. we quickly get out and hear someone yelling at us. so we run out the door and are standing in the parking lot. we look in the window of the church and see a tall skinny lady talking into the pool. we get confused and keep looking, we watch ourselves get out of the pool….then we were really scared. we had just been clond in that pool! . we got in the r.v. and were panicking. we didn’t know what to do, since the r.v. was out of gas…so we had this Barbie….and you can shrink yourself down and get inside of it and transport yourself places….so we got in the Barbie head and went back to my house. we went to sleep and in my dream the lady from the church got in my dream and told me that she was going to find us and kill us. she told me that after she kills us she’s gonna reincarnate us and make us look different then kill us again…she said she was gonna keep doing it forever. really messed up, right? I’ve been having this same dream alot. I dont know what to do about it. please help?

  26. I keep having a dream about a little boy trapped in a house with other children and hes the only one that talks to me and he tryies to tell me how he got in the house and why he wants to leave but the lady that is holding him in the house comes out and tries to kill me and i wake up when im out of the house

  27. I am constantly chased down a long hall full of windows only to be picked up from behind and slammed into a wall and can’t breathe, and if I don’t wake up then it start up all over again and it seems so real that I have become an insomniac due to this. This has been going on for 17 years! Not fun!!!

  28. I have a couple of recurring dreams that are disturbing:
    In one I am on the ground and am unable to get up – my legs just don’t seem to be working properly.
    In another I am driving and when I need to stop I have to step on the brakes really hard to get them to work.
    Last night I had one that combined the two issues above – I was driving and at a stop light – when the light turned green I was unable to step on the gas to move – my legs just wouldn’t work.

    Any ideas?

  29. In my recurring nighmare I’m lying in bed, and feel something walking on the bed. I know it’s a cat, but then I think “wait, I don’t have a cat. How did it get in here?” So the kitty walks up to my face and suddenly begins to attack me. And of course I can’t move. Then I “wake up” and the whole thing starts again.

    After the 3rd of 4th time, I really wake up, and lie awake until morning.

    So, why do I dream of evil ghost cats?

  30. my girlfriend said she dreamed on two different occasions about me with my ex..
    1. she dreamed i ran into my ex at a store and she wanted to explain our breakup.
    2 she also dreamed i was walking with my ex on a sidewalk near a school building
    ohh and i asked her to describe my ex to me and she described her 90% accurate what does this mean

  31. I had this dream about this guy I really like who is much higher up on the social ladder then me.
    In the dream he came up to me and said, “you could never be with me”
    so obviously i asked “why not?” and he replied “because you like me too much”.
    I don’t know if this means any thing, but it’d be nice to know some thoughts.
    Also, if you dream about a specific person, doesn’t that mean they were
    thinking about you before they went to sleep?
    Comment Back!

  32. Hi, I had a dream not too long ago about a girl knocking on my door. I go to open the door and she runs inside and asked for money. Then a little while ago I had a dream about her again standing beside my bed staring at me all I can rememeber is her wearing a white dress.

  33. Hi!
    Thanks for the very detailed descriptions of the dreams.
    Generally, when i see dreams they don’t make much sense and its like different dreams linked together. Yesterday night i saw this dream, i was in my old school and i lost the bus to go i think i decided to go walking and then i got lost in a high building..there was a man who was begging for money, and i gave him money even if i knew that he was going to do something bad..then i remember myself in the elevator with my best friend’s ex and he was trying to seduce me and i wanted to stop him..then i think i got out of the elevator and started to go down the stairs as i was being chased by the beggar..i was so scared because the stairs would never end..

  34. tonia thibault on

    First 11 years a go i was having recurring dream of my teeth falling out and choking on them. lasted about 4 or 5 months. woke up feeling very irritated . then out of the blue i stroked out and both kidneys squeezed out poison into my body. almost killed me, also my blood pressure was 280 over 190. so my life
    changed that day, and now on dialysis . never had the dream again.
    so now 11yrs later at age 36 i am having another recurring dream.
    i am driving a car or a truck. im driving and when i need to stop my brakes go out. i get scared but i keep pumping the brakes then slowly the will stop. last dream i was in a old black bronco and i had to go backwards and then the brakes went out and i was going really fast and i had a feeling i was going to roll so i wrapped my arms around the steering wheel for dear life though not feeling scared. then rolled the bronco 2 or 3 times. and was fine
    any good ideas for me?

  35. I’ve been having this recurring dream that something very precious was being stolen from me. It’s been going on for quite a while now – it’s not funny. I can remember each dream quite vividly. One time, it was a diamond ring that went missing on my finger. Then there’s that million dollars I have stashed somewhere. Of course, in reali life, I haven’t got those material riches.

    Just last night, I woke up screaming my heart out as in my dream, I was in someone else’s house and realised that somebody took the most precious thing I’ve been keeping and left behind in my house. You can’t believe the sense of loss and desolation that I feel after each dream. Makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with my head.

    Any form of help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  36. Princess Fifi Trixibelle on

    I keep having the same odd dream – me and HBO cable TV show guy, Bill Maher are pals and hanging out together. I even move into his house for a few days to visit. Here is the WIERDEST part – he has a little boy, about 3 years old and is very affectionate to this child. Bill Maher frequently makes jokes how much he HATES kids – he makes jokes like “children are just midgets who need expensive dental work” and “grey hair is heiridtary, you get it from your children”. Nothing in this dream makes any sense….but while I am dreaming it seems perfectly normal that me and Bill Maher are good friends. I do not have a crush on this celebrity – i think his jokes are funny and sometimes I watch his show, but I am not what I would consider a “fan” of his show. He has always gone on record how much he dislikes children – that he had a vasectomy to make sure he would never father a child – so what is the symbolism of him being a father with a little boy toddler?

    Never in a million years, would somebody like Bill Maher invite me to stay a couple of nights in his home – but in my dream we are buddies and he likes to have me pal around with him.

    This dream happens about once every 2 months or so – and has been reoccuring over 2 or 3 years.

    WIERD – and I cannot figure out why I keep having this dream. I wake up incredulous and feel sort of silly for having a nonsensical dream.

    I don’t have a crush on Bill Maher – I never really think about him at all – once in a blue moon I will watch his show on HBO – but don’t tune in regularly – I’m not a “fan” – sort of neutral towards him.

    If anyone has insight – please post a comment – thanks!

  37. I have this dream abiut every other night and I start walking through the woods then i start running im not scared or trying to get away from anything i just start running then i get shot in my leg i fall down but get up and try to start running again and get shot in my other leg. In these dreams im always wearing a hat but always different colors and when i fall down my hat comes off and it lays next to the hats from the before dreams then a weirde man comes up leans over me and starts saying something i can never understand what hes saying its like its a different lanuage or just jibberesh so i ask the man what hes trying to say and he point at something and when i turn to look at what hes pointing at i wake up..

    My dreams are not scary at all im not scared in them or when i wake up im just trying to figure out the meaning behind them can anyone help me

  38. “Of course, if you aren’t a little girl sleeping in a princess bed and you are dreaming about unicorns, I might suggest that you might have deeper issues…”

    For example, you might be a Replicant.

  39. I had this dream where me and my crush started dating and we were texting when he asked me out, which is kinda weird because we do text a lot, and he likes me back anyway! It was so realistic that when I woke up I went through my texts to see if it really happened. Does that mean anything, Orissa it just what I hope would happen?

  40. i have a dream where i always end up in this strange house where strange things happen all the time. Its not my house but i always feel as id people are trying to break in to get me. What is it?

    • Princess Fifi Trixibelle on

      I think your dream is about feeling vulnerable and having a lack of privacy.

      Does this have any meaning for you?

  41. Dream Interpretation on

    I’ve away been fascinated by the dream interpretation “art”, I think that by analysing your dreams you can find out more about yourself!

  42. Hi, I sometimes but not always have a dream about my granddad(he’s dead). In the dream, I am always at my aunts house(she was married to him, isn’t really my aunt- long story!) and he is sat on a stall in his kitchen in the corner of the room. He smiles but doesn’t say anything, I know he is there because I can see him sitting there and before I enter the kitchen, I can feel his presence. I had spoken about him with my aunt when I last visited her.. I don’t know what to think. What could this mean? Could he be sending me a message? I’m lost here, please help!

  43. I dream fairly often that my close friends and loved ones are getting brutally beaten sum times stabbed by sum one dressed all I’n black and that I can not get to them to help an then I would normally wake up feeling scared and having hot flushes. Does any one no what this might mean please.

  44. i keep having a dream of my aunts old house.. she moved like 2 or 3 years ago. but im never the only one in the house but in every dream ive had, i go to her back door and the door wont lock, its apparently broken and someone it struggling to get in to kill me. i have to lean against it but im not strong enough to keep them out and they get in but dont kill me? someone help me…i really enjoy my sleep =(

  45. Hello I dreamed of striking a match and it suddenly blow out, does anyone know what this dream means to you???


  46. Not a recurring dream in particular, but rather a recurring character…
    I never see that person in the same place. He’s blue-ish (sometimes white with blue overtones). Clearly not a normal person, as he has no face and seems to be made of a material that’s a slight bit shiny/reflective… he’ll randomly appear wherever I am in my dream and he’ll run by, turn a corner, and then just either run in place there, or stand still. He doesn’t seem to ever pay attention to me much. Last time I saw him, I strangely tried attacking him with a roll of paper towels (I was in a gas station), but it passed right through him and he didn’t seem to care.
    Whoever he is, he clearly scares the **** out of my dream self enough to wake me up. I have no idea what or who he is, or if he represents anything.

  47. Angie Sheppard on

    I have question obout when my Dad passed away 10 years ago Im getting two different stories from family members that my Dad did’nt leave my stepmother anything no ins. money when I was told he had 3 life policy’s, he passed of cancer I remember when hospice came to his house after he passed one step sister said hospice needed to put on his death certifacate that he had cancer so the poclicys would pay off, now and then 10 yrs ago they said he didnt leave her anything no money, my Aunt my Dads sister said yes he did have ins. policy’s, I know I should just leave this alone and not worry but the step sisters are blaiming us for their mothers death my Dads wife which she passed 3 yrs after he did of cancer too., how do i find out if he did have ins policy,s? I dont want anything just peace of mind and maybe mine and my real brothers baby pictures of us with our Dad

    • Angie, I could only imagine the upheaval of emotions you are feeling right now about all of this.
      You poor girl. My suggestion is to see who his beneficiary was. Or if you find that doesn’t work, then find out who his lawyer was. Or even more so, see if the police station has ways of being able to help you in finding an answer. Someone is responsible for giving you the correct answer to all of this because “you are his daughter “.
      As for you being the cause of anyone’s death……………. let it go dear-heart.
      That, I can tell you, is not an attack on “you” but his death. They may feel this way for years to come all because death is not an easy thing to deal with. The bible tells us that it’s not natural for humans to die, case in point as to why people hit shock and all the other negative emotions that go with it. Sorry…………. not trying to sound all preachy here. I just hoped that it might help in understanding why the disturbance. But I do agree to just go and get your pictures and *allow yourself* to have peace of mind. People won’t let you, again, because of their own anger of his death. I hope this was help. OH, but one another thing………… you just may find our more things about your dad as the years go by………. so, your better off starting now to just close your eyes and ears to all of this and just *Let It GO*. Please feel free to always connect with me as to how your doing with all of this. ( [email protected] )

  48. I have a recurring dream for 6 straight years (2005-2011) and now, starting last year up to present it become intense. I always dream of my former classmate in college who used to be also my crush for a short-while. At the beginning, I can’t remember exactly the flow of my dream but these past months it became clearer, he always appeared in my sleep, almost everyday, as if he’s just a neighbor, a friend, and even act as a bf, sometimes his talking and sharing some ideas….i found it weird coz i’m not close to him, i didn’t even got a chance of befriending this guy though (we were seatmates also) but i know deep inside that we don’t feel like each other…we clashed silently but on the later part of our year, we became at least civil….after I graduated in College year 2004, i never heard anything bout him, .my life eventually focused on work, plenty of activities and other stuffs.

    Last quarter months of 2005, I begun to dreamed of him which i just ignored coz i only thought that maybe i missed my college days, i missed my friends but now I am getting older he’s always there in my dream, as if he got important message for me, every time i woke up, i shook my head and told myself, wondering if he’s still alive or dead? what does this guy need from me, if he’s dead and need additional prayer for his soul, then why me? i am not a friend of him….every time i dream of him, makes me feel that he need something from me…i don’t know, I tried my best to ignore my dream about him but he’s always there…i even try to take control of my dream, but as usual he’s there, waiting, sending vague messages….a couple of months ago, i tried to contact one of his close friend in colleague and ask his whereabouts, just wanted to know if he’s fine, healthy or anything…though, it makes me sound like I am a crazy woman wanting to stalk somebody…i don;t care, i just want to know and find the answers, but his close friend never reply on my message so this makes me realized that, maybe the answer i am looking for will only come at the right time…

    Is there anyone of you, who have the same recurring dream like I have? can anyone help me analyzed what does it mean….i don’t really want to bother myself anymore but since i’ve found this site i was thinking, maybe some of you might help me or rather help enlighten my mind about this matter….thank you very much for reading…may God always bless us.


  49. i haven’t dreamt for months and months, but last night i had a weird one, i kind of know what it means but there are still bits i don’t understand.
    it was at night and i was with my two best mates, Simon and Kim, Simon was only half in it, he seemed to be always right on the side of my field of view and he never spoke.
    i was talking to Kim and i had my hand on her shoulder and her arm.
    (it seemed like the dream skipped a bit) but then there was this boy who ive never met or seen before tried to fight me, he jumped on my back with his arm round my throat. he said in my ear, ”get off her” to which i slowly backed away from Kim (which i thought was weird because kim’s my best friend and all of us had only known this guy for 30 seconds) but Kim just looked straight into my eyes, very teary and serious, almost with regret, and just said ”i want to get really drunk” but to me that felt like she was saying she wants meaningless sex with this idiot that had threatened me,
    then the next thing i know they’ve disappeared into the very dark doorway that i think was a nightclub, and i just stood there for a second, then left without my friends.

    this is probably the most deep dream i’ve ever had so i would be very grateful if someone can help me figure it out 🙂

  50. heyy, can you please help me, i just had this dream yesterday. the top of my head was cut open :/ and i didnt notice until someone told me. mmmm idk if it had something to do with the fact that i was straightning out my hair the night before? o.O

  51. Birth always means a new direction to life or a new adventure that yur about to peer into.
    Are you desiring to open a new door in your life but don’t dare tell anyone, and yet if you do, are you afraid they would someone control the situation by “metaphorically” closing the door on you ?
    Perhaps it’s best you don’t allow anyone to know of any of your goals that you have in mind just so that U can prove to yourself that U can do it all on your own with out anyone’s thoughts, ideas or permissions on it. This way, you won’t look back and find yourself mourning for that “baby” idea you once had. ( This is just a goofy thought )

  52. I had a dream that I was in hospital and had a baby girl. My 2 friends and their mum was with me, in my dream I didnt tell any one but them that I was pregnant and their mum was laughing really hard telling me my mum was going to kill me when she finds out, later in the dream i went out of the hospital for something and i couldnt get back in I couldnt find the doors. When i woke up I missed my baby I wanted her, in real life I dont have kids. could you tell me what this means please?

  53. Not that I’m the magical Dr. here in the world, but just a little suggestion your way as to the uncontrolled phobias……. Try staying away from any kind of sugar for 3 mths…. Your body should start relaxing.
    You can eat all the fruit and veggies and ect. Just stay away from things that have added sugar. If you find that you are still having a problem then the next thing is to stay away from white starches. ( potato, corn, pasta and bread ) It just all may be worth it in the long run. But, my dear, take ONE STEP AT A TIME.

    • is it really going to help if i stopped sugar and starches ? could you explain to me how is it related to phobia? thank u for your concern i’m sure you will laugh out loud if i told you what my phobia is my family and friends did thanks for your help

      • Ok. Now you got me chuckling……. perhaps I did get ahead of myself in understand what you were asking about.
        Sugar, can help the nervous system become revved up because of the stress it causes on the pancreas. I know of woman who have been sorely abused in life and have suffered with night mares as well as dealing with OCD, which those issues may not have gone away all together but they have definitively helped in bringing down the anxieties.
        I know that myself, I suffer with panic attacks and it clams down a great deal when I lay off the sugar. But like I said, it was just an innocent suggestion…….

  54. thank u for the reply indeed i’ve many things that is out of my control and since over than 10 yrs ago i’ve had many family problems although i was just a kid however most of my nightmares are about a phobia that i’ve that is why i get really scared i tried to search for a treatment but i couldn’t find any well thank u for reading and replying

  55. interesting…………. I only have a thought to this.
    You have been able to change some circumstances in life or will since now you are feeling a lot bolder than ever before whether conscientiously or sub-conscientiously …… yet there are still some things you still just can’t seem to control. Which could mean things that are actually over taking your life. It could be either or : physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually. It is only U that will have to figure that out. something happened 10 yrs ago where you felt you had lost control of something.

  56. thank you for the great information I wanted to ask about some dreams i am having well i have been having nightmares for 10 years now and it is usually from 1 to 5 dreams every time i sleep and in most of them when i get really scared i become able to control the dream and change it to get myself away from whatever is frightening me in some other dreams i wake up crying really bad and also in others a dream would last short time as i fall from a high place and when i hit the ground i wake up panting and also when i get hit by a car so could you tell me why can i control the dream only when i am really scared and why am i having nightmares for 10 years now thank you very much for your help

  57. I can’t stand being chased by someone or something, I can’t possibly think or something I’m trying to escape but so far I’ve been chased by: mammoths, zombies, vampires, snakes, cannibals, lava, shadows, people with weapons, random bystanders, water, giant robots, dinosaurs and a weird blue mist which seeps through any sized hole and can trun into people.

    • well my dear, something is seriously troubling you for a very long time now. It’ either a sore conscience, or something your not ready to deal with and so your constantly repressing it.
      Either way your subconscience is nagging at you big time.

  58. I’ve had a recurring nightmare for years- twice last night. I’m always on a holiday trip with my sisters,Mother and husband. Last night we shared a hotel and I suddenly realized I had to go to my new job- and was late- so I searched for my shoes and my sisters were furious that I was leaving. My husband rallied with them, mocking me, but I managed to flee-shoeless to look for a way to the job. He came outside to ridicule me for leaving the marriage-saying I’d abandoned him to strangers. Another scenario is they all gang up on me and make me responsible for cleaning, driving them and so forth and when I try to ask for help they ( husband and family) always turn on me and abandon me. Yes- they do act badly and stick together against me in real life- but why am I dreaming of it so often? Please look at the common elements- travel, family , over tasked and always left alone. Very distressing!

    • Your starting to break down from it all………………… it’s just a matter of time before you seriously react to them. You;ll eventually tell them all off. And even if you have done so in the past, this time it will stick. So, it’s either verbally, or you’ll stop your associations some how.

  59. im having a dream where there is a man tied to a chair facing away from me. and another man is holding a gun to the other mans head. he is always facing away from me. the man holding the gun asks me “what is the correct answer,” and i say something different every night (obviously i cannot control what i answer in my dream) but when i answer it is always wrong and the man tied down ends up getting shot and then i wake up. i have been having this for about the past week. what does this mean? its really starting to scare me. please help

    • Marissa, is there someone that you feel is in lack of control of there own life ? Being ” tied down” as if to say. If so, yu could be having a great deal of sympathy for this person and now you could be desiring to to get the right answer for them in life in order to help them feel they can conquer this dilemma….. so your brain could be storming with answers but each one is just seems to not be the right one so now you may feel an urgency to help, in fear that something could go wrong for them.
      I would address this, only the basis that it wouldn’t cause any more emotional harm to the individual. JUST a simple thought.

      • thank you so much everyone else has been telling me that i am having an agression problem and that i need to take control of it before i hurt someone i truly love but the thing is, i am one of the most laid back people you will ever meet. so thank you for the help! it really means a lot!

  60. I had a dream my Johnson fell off, then I put it where it should go until it reattached itself.

    I had another dream where lots of people were throwing bricks at my house and I had no one to turn to for help, even my parents didn’t want to know.

    I’ve also had lots of dreams where I am outrageously flirty with made up women who respond positively and we do lots of outrageous sexual acts, not with my wife though which worries me slightly, though I have had those dreams featuring my wife also.

    • Jo’hanna Barnard to Top
      show details 10:50 AM (13 minutes ago)
      I’m sorry, not sure what a “johnson ” is. If it’s an undergarment then I could tell you right now that life could be leaving you feel vulnerable and for you to pull it back together means your determined to keep your dignity despite what your feeling or going through.
      The dream of bricks being thrown at you is deffinitly the signs of each brick representing issues being thrown at you and in the end of it all your feeling left alone in it. Wanting your parents to help is because you truly want someone of experience to walk you through this, to guide you, and it’s frustrating to realize they are not there.
      The flirty thing with the woman may mean that you really do desire to open up to your wife about some deep feelings you have but for some reason your are feeling like you can’t. As for the case of “many” woman, it very well could be that your having a hard time trying to connect and that no matter how many woman you go through you just won’t feel emotionally satisfied because you really do desire to speak only to your wife.
      I could be completely wrong in all of this………… but your dreams remind me of some I’ve personally had in the past.

  61. would anyone out there understand as to why I had a dream about my daughter having tons of unused matches……… the feeling from this part of the dream was “anxiety and anxious as to why she had them”. The other dream, same time, was of my husband trying to find a small hand held gun…. he was making me very nervous. ” I wasn’t sure if it was for me or someone else.

    • Matches can be a symbol for desires to rekindle something and guns can be phallic – so it might not be as bad as it seems – maybe you are thinking about having another child? The fact that you were anxious makes me wonder if subconsciously you are worried that your are pregnant (maybe not sure if you want to expand your family or not sure how your daughter will react. Could that be it?) If not, maybe your subconscious has picked on some cues that something else is about to happen in your family and you are worried about it – let me emphasize, though, that it doesn’t have to be bad, even exciting good things can make us feel anxious. 🙂

  62. You got the falling teeth one wrong. when you dream of your teeth falling out of your head or just loosing your teeth normally, means someone near you will die or will fall very ill

  63. ive been having recurring dreams how my mom was strangling and stabbing me while she was laughing hysterically. I keep waking up laughing in loud high pitch voice. I don’t have any family issues or anything. lol what does this mean?

    • Strangulation can be interpreted as someone holding you back from being yourself – in this case your mom. Not sure why your subconscious thinks she is getting so much joy out of it, if you don’t have any issues with her (maybe because her own dreams are unfulfilled?)

    • Thank you! This has been such a fun list – I would like to reiterate that I am absolutely not a certified dream analyst or anything, I just think other people’s dreams are very interesting 🙂

  64. It’s my 4th night in a row of nightmares. Same dream different scenarios – I’m either about to be murdered or in one dream I actually was and I see the scenario of people trying to find my body. What does this mean? Last night I was a human shield for crazy guys with machine guns. I can laugh about it now, but I have no idea how to solve whatever it is my subconscious is trying to tell me.

  65. I keep on having this dream that lot’s and lot’s of food are being prepared sometimes by friends and sometimes by family, most of the time it looks like a wedding event, what does it mean?

    • Sounds like you are a romantic 🙂 I think dreams of food (particularly if there is plenty of it) are sometimes about love and fulfillment – the fact that there is a wedding involved backs this theory up.

  66. Hi i had this dream last night that i would like to know the meaning because I’ve had this dream a couple of times already. It’s about that I’m sitting down talking to the family and when I try to get up I can’t, my knees feel really weird like they hurt. I try to get up and get up but I can’t I try to stretch out my legs and it hurts while I’m streching. I just can’t stand up or walk. It’s the weirdest feeling ever.

  67. Hi just wondering if you could give me some advice on a dream most nights for a few months now I dream when I am laying in bed that there are spiders in my bed but I am also awake so I start hittin my bed and try to get ot but because I am in the dark I panic so I most of the time stand up on my bed against the wall and shout names of people I don’t even know from real life but from my previous dreams its quite confusing and keeps disturbing me from my sleep

    Would love to hear back thanks from ryan. P.s. Will you e-mail me your info not to sure how this web site works because I’m on my fone 🙂 thanks

    • Have your living arrangements changed recently? Dreams of spiders can mean that you feel like an outsider – there are other interpretations but I think that the fact that you are yelling out the names of people you don’t know ties into it.

  68. i keep having this dream that im by a campfire and i hear a wolf howling the, sudenly the wolf rushes at me and sharpens its teeth in my adams apple and yank it own.when that happens i could see the place fading and and i caugh out blood in my dream.

  69. I have a few dreams of places and then around a month later i actually go to that place that i’ve never seen in my life, and i’ve also dreamt of my friend’s past that he’s never told anyone about.

    ANother dream was of me not being able to move while this shadow person was slowly bringing out weapons and piercing my heart with each one and i was unable to move.
    What do they mean?

  70. im always dreaming of a man but i cannot see his face. The last time i dreamed about him, he was my boyfriend there but still, i cant remember or see his face. What’s the meaning of this?

  71. Hi Tanya,
    I recently had one of the scariest dreams of my life. I don’t remember all the details, but I was running around with my dog, simultaneously being chased by “bad guys” and trying to find the house where my family lived. When I found the house and went in, it was full of strangers. I yelled at them that they were in the wrong house and asked what they did with my family. Finally one woman said, “you want to know what happened to your family?” Then she took a piece of paper and lit it on fire. Then another person showed me a menu with peoples names on it.

    So here’s the strange part…at this point in the dream, I realized I was dreaming. I started hitting the woman in face, trying to scream, “I want to wake up!” She went still, like a robot that had been turned off. I kept hitting her and yelling that I wanted to wake up, and finally I did…crying hysterically. By far the strangest and scariest dream I’ve ever had.

    • Hmmmm, well without looking this up in a dream dictionary I would say that you have come to the realization that people close to you (your family) have become like strangers to you. I think she goes ‘still, like a robot’ when you realize you are dreaming and she isn’t actually real. It could just be a dream that is the natural part of you growing up (leaving home).

      On the one hand, it could be that you know deep down that there is something about you (ideology, lifestyle, something you’ve just done – could be anything) that makes you different from them. It might be that you’ve recently discovered something about your family that has changed the way you look at them.

      Fire is a symbol of illumination (as in you are just realizing this about yourself) as well as transformation (as in this change has just happened to you); but it can also mean anger and destruction. I’m not an expert so if I’m way off course, feel free to let me know – I find dreams so interesting – particularly ones like this one that are like movies – thanks for sharing your dream –

  72. i keep having this dream where im in this huge building and t water falling from the ceiling and the building is flood to almost my knees.and im running around looking for people and a way out.this dream comes goes.

  73. ny friend keeps having an occuring dream since she was five… it takes place on a bus i belive she said and she is chased by the same man everytime… she runs super fast into a place that is extremely happy and fun with rainbows and waht not. but than something happens the place starts to melt and wipes away rainbows and she finds herself under a tree and it turns to black and white than she walks and she cant move adn there is a giant crow next to her its shiny and feathered and the detials r very defind and than she is super scared but she look to her left and her friends guardian angel is standing there and suddenely she feels safe.. what ddoes this mean?

  74. My first time going public with this lol. Ive had the same dream now 3 times a week, i keep a dream diary and have been doing this for 4 years now since junior year in highschool. This dream is in a few pages and it scares/ excites me but i feel as if im crazy… Maybe u can help 🙂 it starts out with me walking and its always a different road but ends up the same when i start to run, but when im running im moving fast like im flah or superman or something, then something strange happens, i rip my shirt off and run on all 4’s i see myself as a beast i cant compare to any other animal… Like a bear/tiger/wolf but i know its me… I feel as tho its the animal inside me trying to come out, or something. By the end of the run i look up and its night and i yell loud as i can and start crying hard, and i start to walk into the water and about 4 stepa into it im walking on the water and lightning and thunderbolts are hitting the water every minute or so but idk cuz idk how to tell time in a dream, every time it flashes tho i see shadows in the water and i start running on water faster and faster and i can feel the water slide through my feet n the shadows keep poping up and i finally jump off the lake into the air and as im floatin i cry harder and it rains harder but i can still see the lake all of it, its called lake geneva in wisconsin and i see my baby brother (17) looking at me just saying i miss you man, and then i wake up crying its strange but idk what to think… Kinda weird i know

  75. Love psychic on

    Psychoanalysts had addressed the question about the existence of dreams as our subconscious resurfacing within the moments where we are in the most calmed state. I do believe that both dreams and nightmares reflect a bit of ourselves, and that there is no other person that can explain their true meanings, but us, ourselves.

    “Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action. They must be woven together.”
    ~Anais Nin

  76. This is a good websiter for the dreamers. I thought I was the only one looking for websites like this, but it turns out I’m not.

    This dream is a reoccurring dream, and I normally have this dream very often.

    In reality, my classes start about 9:00am, and I keep having the same dream about me trying to get to class early, but in different dreams about me being late or just on time for class. Last night, I was in a dream that I took a shortcut to Brown Mackie College, the college that I go to in reality. In the dream, behind that school is Bryan Station High School, the high school I graduated. The weird and magic part behind this dream is that Bryan station High School is in Lexington, KY, and Brown Mackie College is in Louisville, KY. I live in Louisville by the way. I guess that whenever I go take the shortcut to Bryan Station, which is behind Brown Mackie, I would find myself transported to the city of Lexington. (In the dream, I live in Lexington and back to my home city, Louisville whenever I come from the shortcut to Brown Mackie College. Every time I take that shortcut, it takes me only 5 minutes to get to the college, whereas, if I take the normal route, it will take me 40 minutes. Instead of me taking the shortcut, I would catch the school bus to try to get to class early, but I am late. Therefore, I take the shortcut this time, and I am early. I come to realize that in this dream, it is impossible for me to get to college on time, even if my parents take me there. In this dream, I wake up at 7:30am, drive to the school, and arrive at 1:00pm when I am supposed to be there by 9:00am. Therefore, the only thing left for me to do is to walk to school using that “magic” shortcut, which only takes me 5 minutes to get to my destination. I thought to myself, how weird is it for me to be at Bryan Station High school that is in Lexington, when Brown Mackie College is located in Louisville, especially which I live in Louisville?

    Then this same dream came up two nights later. I was at the college with my brother this time. I guess we were just visiting the school because we were bored or something. We, and some students, were waiting for a school bus to arrive to pick us up. I guess my brother and I did not feel like walking back home, so we decided to take the bus. We did not know what was going on because the bus driver announced that he was going to come late. Therefore, we waited and waited. The weird part was that we were loading some heavy objects for the bus driver, and when the bus arrives, we have to load the objects to the driver. When the bus finally came, the driver told us that we had to take another bus because the original bus driver came late. He also wanted us to load the objects onto the bus, so we dd. The driver said that before he could take us home, we had to take another group of students who are coming from Bryan Station high school home first. The creepy part of the dream was that I had all these dreams about going to Bryan Station High school, but I have never been inside the school every since the construction workers reconstructed the building in 2005 in reality. In the dream, I was excited to see what the inside of the school looks like. When I told my brother about the new construction of the school in the dream, he was like “Reggie, okay, and you get on my nerves keep telling me about this, so I don’t care about it, and leave me along about it.” After we finally got to Bryan Station, I did not get a chance to see the inside of the school because I woke up.

    In reality, I am always on time for school though. I find this dream to be cool because I would be at the school already in five minutes as exposed to me taking an hour to get there in reality.

    • Hi Reggie, thanks for sharing your dreams here. I found the dream about waiting for the bus that never comes very interesting because I’ve had a few dreams that involve waiting around and waiting in line ups. According to the dream dictionary at, waiting at a bus stop means you may feel you are missing out on taking advantage of opportunities for your future. (This could tie in with the college theme that is showing up in the dreams, too? And perhaps the sense that there is some sort of magical shortcut between high school and college that you are finding mysterious? What do you think?) Cool dreams – much more exciting than the ones I’ve been having lately –

  77. For the past few nights I have been having this dream that my boyfriend and 3 friends and myself had all gone out somewhere… Cant see where we are at or what we are doing all i hear is other people around.. After all is said and done my boyfriend pops the question to me and then i turn and look at my phone and all i can see is the year 2011 but weather wise it feels like July or Aug. not really sure and then i wake up. The thing is, its the same dream nothing changes..Now he and i met back in high school dated for a few years then went different ways but stayed friends through out the years. Years later we got back together and been together ever since.
    I am just wondering what this could really mean.

  78. I keep having reoccuring dreams of my husband leaving me for his ex. Out of the blue he will not answer my phone calls. and always seems to be by is ex wife’s house. Or his parents house and they either will not answer the door. or they will lie to me about where he is. He can not tell me enough how much he loves me. I’m confused. This has happened at least a dozen times. We have been married for 8 years. I love him with all of my heart and I believe he feels the same of me. Is there something i need to be concerned with? We were both married when we met. We both divorced for each other. What do I make of this? Please help.

  79. my most recent dreams are of water in one way or another. one where i was underwater, not drowning but i couldnt resurface, another my street was flooded and i was trying to escape and so on. These are usually once a week. i’ve had the bathroom one one or twice also. And the dream about being fluent in japanese, which i dont speak, in a house talking to siblings.
    but has anyone had dreams that predict what is going to happen? not just in the night but waking dreams also. this has happened to me for years, usually centered around my life, similar to the tv show medium but not as interesting. it seems i cant control it though, it comes and goes. It can be fun but can be scary at times.
    thanks for reading,

  80. I had this dream and I’ve been trying to find meanings to individual parts of it. I have a calico small cat in a fish tank and it seems that I’ve had it in there for a while. I go and look in the tank and at the bottom there’s brown woodchips? and I take out the cat, who is very limp but alive, and there are dead, I’m guessing, hamsters. I cringe at the sight of them, but then think that the cat had killed them. I take the cat somewhere else and I ask my mom, who is my actual mom in “real life”, and I ask her if I can take the cat out and she points at my real cat and says, “Wait until he’s gone so he’s not replaced”. So, I go and put the cat back into the tank and it’s a different tank. It is half full of water with fish in it and there is only some water on the bottom where the cat is, so the cat is standing in water. I look at the cat and feel sorry for him. I’ve had a dream or two with a cat in a fish tank, but I’m not sure what it could mean..

  81. What about dreams involving animals? Do they have a meaning? I had a few dreams about animals. i found myself talking to this shark when I was swimming around in a large body of water. It taunted me to go swim with him and I kept swimming away. I was so scared. It felt really real.

    And this other dreams I was in this room and these 2 snakes came toward me talking to each other and staring at me. They are just so weird.

  82. I keep having a recurring dream about my 10 year old daughter being abducted and brutally murdered. I also keep dreaming about my 1 year old son being lost and I can’t find him. I have this dream at least 3 times a month and I’m getting really tired of waking up crying. can you tell me what this could mean?

    • I’m no expert but it seems that you, like most parents, are genuinely concerned for your kids’ well being. Every parents worst fear is that something were to happen to their children whether they’re hurt, abducted, or worse. It’s normal to be worried about things like that. It’s pretty much your job as a parent to think about these things. The trick is not to dwell on them though which can be destructive to ones psyche. Now the dreams seem to center around something happening to your children that are BEYOND your control. Parent or not well all fear the unknown in one way or another. Your dreams may be reflective of something you can’t prevent and your parental subconscious used your children as the focal point. Again I’m no expert but tell me what you think.

  83. I have a recurring cannibal dream where i am in a really large room with thousands of people but these people are all naked covered blood… the scariest thing is that they’re trying to eat each other. some people had bitten off pieces of skin which were hanging. I was tied up above everyone, and i was panicking. whatever was holding me up was moving very slowly downwards in a sloping angle from one side of the room to the next. the dream ended with me on the other side of the room dangerously close to people trying to reach up at me and i pressed a red button. I woke up shaking and hyperventilating.

    • I also have a recurring cannibal dream, but it is not anywhere near as scary as that. In my dream, little details change, but the plot remains the same. The plot is that I find myself somewhere new, a new place with new people. They seem really nice and we talk for a while. Eventually they offer me some food, but I don’t eat it. Instead, I go for a walk. On my walk, I find some kind of very definitive clue(s) which alert me to the fact that the people are cannibals and are trying to trick me into eating human flesh. I always battle them and run away as they are destroyed. In my dream, all the non-cannibals always get away without being eaten (except for the ones who were eaten before we got there). So, it’s a creepy dream, but I am not creeped out in the dream or when I wake up. It’s more pragmatic, like, “who wants to get eaten by cannibals?” And, like I said, my side always wins.

      The actual scene is very different every time. Once we were parachuting into a golden temple on a mountaintop. Once we were shipwrecked on an island. Last night we were in a little row house in NY or DC somewhere. The group I am traveling with differs, as well. In the row house dream, I was traveling with the Pevensie kids (four main characters from the Chronicles of Narnia) and my husband. The cannibals are always different too, but they are relatively normal to the scene the dream takes place in. Usually it’s not just me, but occasionally it is. I’ve had it tons ever since I was little.

  84. HELP
    i keep having the recurring dream… it starts off with an arguement and it will lead into a fight. ill have the advantage but as soon as i try and hit the person my arm has a spasm and gives out. RIGHT before I make contact… and every time i have this dream the fight is with someone i know. most of the time it’s someone i h ave issues with in real life. other times, though, it’s realy random. I just want to know what it mean. it makes me feel weak when i can’t fight back in my dreams and i hate it :[

    • Hi Anastassia, please read the comments above for my attempt at an interpretation of this type of dream (read my responses to Margo and Lex, above). I hope you find that helpful – its sounds very frustrating.

    • Man, for the longest time I thought I was the only one having this type of dream but it feels kind of nice not to be alone in this :). You may need to confront whom ever you are having the issues with and tell them how you feel. It may help your dreams even when you have them about random people. Oh, and when you have them about random people it may very well be an embodiment of your own internal struggles.

  85. I have had the flying dream and the falling dream a few times; but I have 2 recurring dreams a lot. One is where im on a ship, kind of like a battle ship, and im always in this one room looking through stuff, i think im trying to find something but idk what it is. The other dream is of an old white house with a lot of land but i always see it from the road. Whats weird is that my mom also has a dream of an old white house alot, we both described the house the same; could we be dreaming of the same house? On another note has anyone ever had a dream to come true? I was in a bad car accident a couple years back but i swear i had a dream about it 3 months before it happened… everything in the accident was exactly the same as the dream, infact while the car was flipping through the air I instantly remembered that dream, and it wasn’t like a de ja vu thing. It was a real dream that came true…I always wonder about that.

  86. i have this reacurring dream where i am either pregnant or i have adopted a child. i would like to know what that means.

    • I missed your comment, sorry about the slow response! Deep down you might feel like something important is missing from your life, but maybe you’re not even sure what it is, or you just don’t want to admit it to yourself – so it is being replaced by different objects in your dreams? On the other hand, if you can complete this sentence: “If I just had ______, I would be happy,” that’s what you are dreaming about.

  87. You guys have some amazing and vivid dreams. You should check out the site in my post for some interpretations that apply to us in the world today. The thing I hate about most dream dictionaries is that they "tell" you what your dreams mean and that's impossible. Dreams are for you and you alone to interpret.

  88. I loved reading all the comments, very interesting to read what other people dream about.

    I think I'm more of an unconventional dreamer, most of the dreams on your list I've never experienced. All but the big number one, the chasing. Or in my case more of a following. Those are truly horrible dreams, with something creeping up on me, slowly but surely and just terror inducing. They come in all forms, it's my biggest fear in "real" life, so I kind of know where they're coming from.

    Some dreams do leave me completely puzzled though. Since I was around 8 I am having dreams about upcoming torture and frantically killing myself first in order to not have to experience all of it. These too come in all forms. I vividly remember me standing in the summer sun on a grassy hill, when suddenly a crazed lion appears, stalking me, chasing me and after what feels like agonizing hours finally getting me. I end up killing myself in a horrible way to not be ripped apart and feeling all of it. Those dreams were always the most horrible, terrifying ones. Especially when I was little, after each dream of that variety I was unable to sleep, constantly had all lights on, sometimes ended up sleeping on my parents doormat in front of their bedroom. Horrible horrible, it's still making me shudder. I *really* wonder what all this is about and where that's coming from, especially when so young. Obviously I'm not suicidal in the least, it boggles the mind what the brain an come up with.

    • Some dream dictionaries suggest that something stalking you in a dream represents a suppressed fear or inner conflict. Like the persistent lion in your dream, this issue will follow you around until you deal with it. Perhaps dealing with this problem or conflict is so terrifying that you would do anything to avoid it. In your dream – you kill yourself in a desperate attempt to stay in control of the situation, rather than give yourself up to the lion who has finally got you. In real life, there may not be as much room for you to live your life because you are busy avoiding whatever is stalking you… perhaps you've chosen to sacrifice yourself in order to avoid what you perceive as an even worse situation. This is just my interpretation – I don't know about your real situation and let me stress again, I'm not an expert. I think you should consider that you need to face this lion and get past it – you might already know what the lion represents or a professional therapist could help you figure it out.

      According to a lion attack suggests that "a force is driving you to self-destruction." Dreams of suicide "represents your desperate desire to escape from your waking life." Take care of yourself.

  89. I keep having a dream where i am with my friends having fun an then they disappear and then i am naked and everyone is laughing at me. What does this mean?

    • That dream suggests that you are worried that your friends might abandon you if they found out what you are really like (if they saw "the real you"). I think this is a pretty common fear- particularly if you are young or if they are new friends. It's normal to behave a bit differently in front of others (my table manners are much better in public, for example) and I think many of us secretly fear that no one would like us if they could read our minds.

      However, if there's anyone you should be able to be yourself around, it's your friends, right?

      Maybe this dream is your way of hinting to yourself that you don't have a lot in common with your current friends. Maybe it's time to be your authentic self – that's the only way you will attract people who genuinely like you, so you can start building some great friendships.

  90. My dreams are more like movies with more than one thing happening and is almost always happening to "main character" that I guess could represent me but usually looks or acts nothing like me. There are complex situations with a plot and conflict. If there are other characters I know them but in real life I don't know them. What does this mean?

    • I think this means you have a very rich imagination. Just think what Tolkien's dreamlife must have been like if he was able to create the whole fantasy world for his books (Lord of the Rings). More recently, the Twilight series apparently started from a dream the author had one night. She woke up and wrote it down, something you might want to try!

  91. hey Tanya,

    This site really drew my attention,seems nice.I am really intrigued by dreams and believe that it completely has something to do with something that GOD knows.Well anyways I am gonna tell you few dreams in an order..from the recent most to the last i can recall(most of them came pretty often).

    10 days to a fortnight back-I started dreaming about numbers and kind of a circle(or a world globe) like a universe.The numbers were just moving around like in the galaxy.It was fine till it was initial or if could say in the first stage of dreaming.Then I got deeper into it till my brain was squirming and kinda aching and in the very last stage I was in my dream but very much awake but my brain still there.

    This same dream happened for two days consequtively but on the third day coz i guess i really lacked sleep so i islept early n deeply but again this hapened the third day.but then i could see few people I know circling around and i guess even the nos n white orbs like things as i said like a GALAXY.Anyways my getting up at wee hrs(around 2-4) kept on happening till i left my city for a holy visit .Im still not back but i guess it is better than before ,not yet completely gone.Why does gting up happen between 2-4….

    Its a long one, so lets do this one first then ill tell you few more you really wont like to miss,believe me!!!


  92. I've read an article recently that I thought was very interesting. Were always talking about dreams and what they mean. But in this article they were talking about carlos castaneda. He wrote a book "the art of dreaming". It's about dreaming and controlling your dreams. You can read it here. They're mentioning seven gates of dreaming that one has to overcome before one reaches total freedom. So I was thinking if one has control over dreams how can you value the psychology of dreams relating to your own personality?

  93. Lol, my dreams are radically different. First of all, my dreams happen like rapid fire (sometimes 4 to 5 a night, and I remember all of them).

    They range from me being Butthead of Beavis and Butthead to me being in the video game DOOM to being a serial killer to the end of a year in high school to a battle as if I were in Halo to a war in which everybody but me dies. I've had more vivid dreams than anybody I know!

  94. I had a dream as a child that was so vivid. I was alone and walking in a barren environment. I look down and the ground is dry, hard and cracked. To the right and left are mountains in the distance and the sky is blue with some clouds. It is hot but not unbearably hot. As I walk, in the distance, I see a line of people wearing dark robes with hoods. As I pass the people, they are saying things to me but I can't tell what they are saying. The line of people goes on for a long time but eventually I get to the front where everyone is waiting to get into a giant sphere raised off the ground by three pillars. The sphere actually reminds me of Spaceship Earth at Disney's Epcot, but this was years before it was even thought of. The line of people stops before they get to the sphere. The people seem to be approaching the sphere and disappearing, but I never see this, just seem to know it. There are 3 benches in the shadow beneath the giant sphere. A man calls me over to one of them and we start talking. This was where I would wake up. Haven't had this dream in years but it left an impression on me. Any insight on what this might have meant?

    • Perhaps this dreams about an unstable home environment (Were your parents splitting up? Did you move around a lot?) and an uncertain future? The people with the dark robes and hoods who speak in a language you don't understand might symbolize people with authority (teachers, police, lawyers, doctors) or perhaps just adults in general. The long line up you are waiting in could symbolize your feelings about "growing up." Just my interpretation -I'm not an expert. Sounds like a cool dream – or a really cool sci fi movie!

      • Thanks Tanya! A lot of what you say makes sense now that you mentioned it. I never thought about my parents divorce before now. I was just 5 when they divorced. I wasn't really waiting in the line of people though, just walking past them as they waited. Later in my life, I did happen to move around alot. Never the same school twice until about the age of 12. Sounds like you know what your talking about. Thanks again!

  95. I frequently dream of family members who are gone. We talk and sometimes they tell me to say something to another family member. Sometimes they tell me that something is going to happen (specific) and that it will turn out okay. Other times, they walk up and give me a hug, saying nothing and leave. Anyone else dream of dead loved ones a lot? btw, never scary dreams, comforting. i always wake feeling so happy to have seen them.

    • I had a dream that I was sitting at my aunt's kitchen table in Germany – I was there because I was looking for my parents. In my dream my Aunt was still alive, although in real life she had passed away earlier that year. My Aunt told me that my parents weren't in Germany any more, that they had gone to England. When I woke up, I thought the dream was really weird because my parents were actually visiting Germany (they were due back that same day). Later, I got a phone call from my mom saying that they were going to arrive a day late because there had been a problem with their flight and they had been redirected to London from Frankfurt. This is the only dream I can think of that is similar to the ones you describe. I would love to have dreams where loved ones walk up and give me a hug, you are very lucky. I don't know that I believe my aunt was trying to communicate with me in my dreams, but I do believe that if you dream about someone you love that has passed away, you must really miss them.

  96. There is an interpretation about dreaming that your teeth are falling. they said that if your dream is like this someone is going to die, a person close to you…. or a member of your family..
    its superstitious… it maybe true or just a coincidenc….

    • Jasmine also mentioned that above as a common Korean interpretation. I've also heard that this is an interpretation in China. Interesting how different cultures interpret dreams differently…

  97. my name is jony my wife is pregnant nearly 9 month last night i saw a dream that she born a girl what does mean?????

    • Just reading this now and I'm curious – did you have your baby yet, and was it a girl? Dreams about birth generally mean a new beginning (a new phase in your life, for example like becoming a parent). But then of course, you are actually having a baby so perhaps you are just thinking about that… According to… dreams about a healthy looking girl predicts domestic happiness. Let us know if you have a boy or a girl!

  98. I once had a strange dream. It was storming, so me, my little sister, and our babysitter (I was quite young, possiblably 7 at the time) went inside an old house, like one from the movies. I remember walking around untill we meet the owners. (Now don't laugh) it was a Panda and his son. The father was an evil sugeron, and said I needed a surgery. Just as he was able to slice me open, I managed to excape with my sis and sitter who were waiting outside. Then I woke up.

    That dream changed me in two ways, 1. I am now afraid of all doctor related things. Before, I didn't mind shots, or anything. Now, the very mention of one makes me sick. 2. I am now was afriad of wild animals, exotic ones in preticular. Even a harmless owl scares me. Even when it's in a cage.

    How can I reverse this?

  99. Falling (#2) is usually not a dream.

    It happens when the muscles relax while drowning into sleep.

    The brain interpret this as free fall and react accordingly. Normally the "free fall detector" is turned off beforehand but for some reason, sometimes, it doesn't happen.

    It is so fast (reflex) that the consciousness have a hard time catching up. It is physiological so that it doesn't make much psychological sense.

    • GuB, I think you are referring to that weird falling feeling you sometimes get when you are asleep (or falling asleep). It can feel like you just landed on your bed, and it wakes you up. #2 is referring to a dream in which you are actually free falling for some time (for example, from a great height).

  100. This does not really help me with my recurring dream. My recurring dream is that I am running a bakery in Japan.

    Also, the details of the bakery are always the same. If something gets added to the bakery in one dream, it will remain there for the rest.

    Same goes for customers. Most of them are just typical people, but there are some gentlemen monsters too that started appearing a month ago. Like with top hats, tuxedos excellent manners and the like, and we always have a very British-sounding chat.

    It's not a bad dream, but I always tend to wake up right after it ends. That gets (quite literally) tiresome.

    So, what do you all think this means?

    • According to, dreams that you are baking something are your subconscious' way of reminding you to "process things gradually; some things take time; big changes are happening to you and you are feeling under scrutiny." Perhaps your dreams of running an entire bakery mean you have a lot of changes in your life in progress right now. Perhaps you are feeling very impatient, so that's why it seems like everything is taking a long tiime? The formally dressed monsters may be a symbol for old-fashioned values or social rules, which may be holding you back? As always, I'm including my disclaimer that I am NOT an expert at this – I just wrote the list and now find myself interpreting dreams here in the comment section because it's fun :). Let me know if I'm on track.

  101. When my alarm clock goes off I have a dream I'm pulling the fire alarm at school. Also, I have dreams that I'm inside cartoons every once and a while.

  102. In every single dream that i have i fly! I just start running and then it turns in to flying.. Or my Dreams have the Guys i like in them

  103. I have most of these recurring dreams, but theres another type that i have a lot. This is where in my dream I am trying to fight someone, or hurt someone. But no matter what i do, with my fists or something else i never seem to hurt the person i am trying to inflict pain upon. This person is usually someone who has done something bad in my dream, or has tried to hurt someone, and its frustrating to not hurt the person. I also have recurring dreams where i cannot run properly, and if i go on all fors i can run really fast

    • I have this dream alot too, i cant find an answer anywhere about it..

      Are you by any chance also a police officer or want to become a police officer?

  104. Whitney Weatherford on

    I have been having dreams with snakes involved for many years. Sometimes there are a lot and sometimes it might just be one or two. I had a dream with a huge anaconda that was shedding its skin but it was actually an anaconda being opened up from the inside out. It's insides were slowly being exposed. I was standing by watching this happen. It was like I was okay with it but that it shouldnt be happening.

  105. Umm…Yeah, I always get this "falling" dream often. I could even feel it in real life when I wake up. It's just so…weird! Now, I understand why I get it. Sometimes I feel that people are abandoning me, even God.

  106. i have had my series of wierd dreams, but the weirdest dream that I have seen almost 4 times in last 3 years, is that I am fighting a war somewhere, speaking a foreign language fluently ( i remebered a few words and when i googled them in the morning I found out it was spanish) and i am fleeing in a car with a group of armed men and then all of us get shot n killed……

    I would also like to inquire if you have any idea about sleep paralysis, its a sensation when u cant move ur body and it seems as if someone/something has put alot of weight on u……. this thing happenz to me frequently….. sometimes i open my eyes and i see a huge shadow next to me and once i saw a very small thing sittting on my foot, i still remember its face ( btw I kicked it)…. I have chnaged my room now, not getting this sensation anymore (been 1 yr now)…but my brother who is staying in that room has started experiencing the same thing… he even says THAT WHEN HE OPENS HIS EYES its the same room but everything is gone and he sees something sitting next to him meditating……is it a co-incidence or is the room, becuz i have neevr told anyone bout the things that i use to encounter in that room….

  107. i keep having dreams about either wolves accepting me into their pack, or meeting one dragon or another. what do they mean? either i'm meant to save wolves, or my spirit guides are wolves or dragons. also, i had a dream i was attacked by two mountain lions, and then i heard a wolf howl, and i woke up in a wolf den. please tell me what these dreams mean!

  108. Hi Tanya,

    Thank you for the informative and entertaining article.

    I just wanted to mention my experience with a couple of dreams that you have mentioned.

    The Teeth

    Spitting and pulling teeth out, gathering and carrying them around on an open palm to show people and ask them: "Why?" and doing all sorts of bizarre things with teeth are not my most relaxing dreams. Interestingly, I don't have many dental or self esteem problems. I do assume, however, that it could mean the "decay" of a relationship and often an unnecessary one. So I stopped waiting for misfortunes and began to look forward to being released from the uneasy acquaintance, though I'm sure this dream could mean worse things.


    I remember only one dream where I was trapped: it was in a coffin and, to aggravate the situation, I apparently wanted to burn myself; not as a result of some despair, but just to find out how it feels. I knew I would die but I thought it would be a fair price for experiencing this. I lit myself with a match that I had with me and waited in excitement. I felt great pain (clearly because I was on fire), satisfaction (because I wanted to do this) and fear of death. I was so scared that I woke up before completely burning up in the dream. I never had a trapped or a fire dream since, and this was my only ever dream where I was killing myself. I'm not anywhere near suicidal or masochistic. Nevertheless, that's what I dreamed.

    • According to dreams about a snake mean "you are afraid and anxious about some issue in your life", so perhaps there are many things that are bothering you?

  109. Has anyone ever had a dream of fighting? I have quite a few of these. In my dreams I mostly can't fight back. my arms move ever so slowly, as if in slow motion. Don't get me wrong, in real life in not a fighter, nor provoke them, but I wont back down from one either. Another version of my fighting dreams are when I become being very submissive. Always backing down, even knowing i can win it, i still find myslef in my dream running away! Someone please explain this one to me!!

    • See my response to Lex above – maybe this applies to you, too? Perhaps you are also dreaming about an "inner turmoil" you are experiencing in your waking life, as suggested by (see link above). Perhaps it is something you don't want to face and that is why you are either losing the fight or backing down?

    • I’m not a dream expert but typically when a person dreams about backing down from a fight, even if they know they can in fact win, it generally means they hate conflict (and who doesn’t right!) and avoid confrontation whenever possible. It’s a personality trait that many people have. It sounds like you strongly dislike fighting even though you wont back down from one. You may even have anxieties over what to do should the situation present itself when your “fight or flight” response kicks in. My dream I posted is similar yet the exact opposite at the same time :}. i WANTED very much to fight but because of some underlining issues with myself, my strikes were drastically losing effectiveness. You may very well have an issue with the part of yourself that avoids tackling obstacles head on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a fight but something more subtle like telling someone how you feel or completing some unfinished business you may have. Again I’m no dream expert but what do you think?

  110. Oh man, I keep having this recurring dream that's categorized with #6. In this dream I'm in high school and this dude pisses my off so bad that I tackle him and proceed to pummel him with into oblivion!…or so I think. As I continue to wail on him, my blows become less and less effective and on top of that it becomes harder and harder to swing on him! It's like I'm punching through quicksand or like my muscles become like lead. To add insult to injury, my "victim" just looks at me unaffected, as if to say "Is this supposed to hurt?" A very frustrating dream to say the least. 😛

    • According to a dream that you are fighting is a sign that "some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. " Perhaps you feel that you are fighting a part of yourself that you can not change, and that is why you're unable to inflict any harm? Something about yourself that you've inherited, or otherwise beyond your control? What do you think?

      • Whoa, that is a pretty sensible assessment! I mean in my dream I am indeed trying to hurt the person. He isn’t a figment of my dream or imagination, he was a REAL person that I almost fought multiple times in high school. I never really got to because he either tried to avoid me at all costs, even going as far dropping a class he had with me to avoid his beat down! Or I had an opportunity to do so and let it slip out of my hands for fear of being suspended, expelled, or even arrested! I wanted to wreak havoc on him so bad BUT I didn’t because my senses would get the best of me. Even though I did the “right thing” I’ve always struggled with it because I regretted not getting my vengeance the way I wanted. So anyway this dream may just be a more metaphorical expressing of what actually occurred. I wanted to hit him, but couldn’t for fear of the consequence out weighing the pay-off! So ultimately in the dream I’m literally and figuratively fighting the part of myself that held me back and it just took the form of that person I wanted to pummel! Woooowwwwww! IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Thank you Tanya, for you’ve helped me to see something that I could not despite it staring me in the face for almost 10 years!

      • Oh and sorry for taking so long to respond. I think I somehow missed the alert that someone had replied to my post.

      • Waitaminute! Did my last comment get posted? The one I made before apologizing for taking so long to respond. I hope its just waiting to be cleared because i wrote a fair amount of stuff! Please let me know. Worse comes to worse I’ll re-post it 😛

        • Lex one of your responses appears lower down as a response to Louis – is that the one you mean? If not, let me know and I’ll go look through the spam and trash in case it was filtered incorrectly – (I think this could happen automatically because you added a bunch of comments in a row).

  111. i have been searching for what my dream means for a long time i keep having it over and over agian it starts off by me in my eightth grade hall way out side my grade 8 teaches class room sitting at a desk and all the sidden one of my other grade 8 teachers walks out of the class room across the hall and goes to have a shower and before i knew it she was back and i saw myself but i was 9 months pregnant and all the sidden i went into hard labour and my teacher delivered my baby and then handed me a baby boy!

    dose anyone have any idea of what this could mean?

    • The most obvious explanation is that you are actually pregnant in real life, so if that is a possibility please go get tested. Otherwise, according to… dreams about giving birth are good omens for success that is coming your way. What a great time to set some goals and start working towards them! Perhaps your teachers are going to help you achieve them?

  112. My reoccuring dreams are stuff like hosting strange parties for people I don't know, being the opposite gender (a boy) & hanging out with women platonically, being animated, rescuing people, fashions of the 80s, blurred faces of close relatives, huge fancy houses, desert wastelands, flowery grasslands with paths & giant mushroom trees, huge bodies of water, flooding buildings, friends being murdered by celebrities, men all have small builds/soft features/sound like women when they talk.

  113. Hey must say….a very nice dreams list explaining pros and cons. I liked it. please keep it up.

  114. I had a strange dream recently, when I woke up I felt better than before. The dream takes place in a dark room, in which before me is a single white candle. A strange wind from I don't know where blows and flickers the candle out. After that, my usual tenseness feels as though it has been drained out of my body.

    • Ha! I just saw this comment, very funny! Next stop, book deal and then the Oprah show. Kidding. (call me, Oprah! :P) Now excuse me, I have some more dreams to interpret…

  115. i have a dream where im walking out of my bedroom and i stand at the top of my stairs and i jump but wake up before i hit the bottom i have had this dream quite a few times but i havent had it in a while

    • It sounds like you are dreaming about leaving your comfort zone – perhaps you are contemplating a drastic change to your life (career, living arrangements, change of lifestyle/habits). I would guess that you wake up before you hit the bottom because you are not sure about how it will turn out, or you're not sure you will actually ever "take the leap".

  116. i have had the same recurring theme to my dreams for years now. About two to three times a week, i dream that i get in a fight, or am defending someone [pretty much violence coming from myself, whether i'm throwing punches or using baseball bats] and now matter how hard i try, i never cause any harm to the person or thing i'm trying to hurt. its like i am the weakest person in existence, and no matter how much strength i put into a hit, it never has a result.

    • It sounds like you are feeling powerless when it comes to an obstacle (or perhaps bad influence?) in your life. Do you feel like you are losing some sort of struggle? Or, do you feel like you are failing at an attempt to influence something or someone? For example, you might see your teenage daughter heading into trouble, but she won't listen to you. Or, you might be failing in efforts to help a friend or family member struggling with addiction or a life-threatening disease.

      • Maybe it just means that violence won’t solve whatever it is in your waking life that is upsetting you.

  117. Oh, and what about dreams where you're falling and HIT the ground?

    I've heard people say you die if you hit, but I've hit the ground before I woke up (I woke up really really sore) and so has my brother.

    Neither of us fell off the bed or anything though.

    • Dreams about falling are about feeling a lack of control about what's going on in your life, so I would think that dreaming that you hit the ground means that you feel like things are going to end badly. On the other hand, according to "Falling a long distance and landing safely in a dream means you should trust your instincts to safely lead you out of difficulty." Try to take control of your dream next time you are falling and change the ending. Maybe you actually have a parachute on your back and you just need to pull the string!

  118. I've read in a dream dictionary (by Pamela Ball if anyone's interested) that your teeth falling out implies you've said something you regret to someone.

    And what about recurring dreams of mass murder or theft? =P

    Surely I'm not the only one? XD

  119. Wow, so different for every culture… In Korea dreaming of your teeth falling out means that someone close to you will die. A lot more sinister than the European interpretation!

    • Very true. But then again there is a difference between ” psychology ” and ” interpretations “. I know my for myself, that when I have my teeth or hair falling out, I can always relate it to issues going on in my life that are ” falling apart ” …….. when these issues get resolved then the dreams go away.

  120. Another thing you should mention about the teeth falling out dream– sometimes it's caused by having a sinus infection in real life. I've noticed that I always have this dream during a sinus infection and usually wake up feeling pressure on the cheekbones and teeth because of the infection.

    Similarly, when the sinus infection puts pressure on my forehead, I typically dream about having an eye in that spot. Some people have interpreted this as me being more aware of a spiritual "third eye" if seen positively, a fear of being deformed if seen negatively. I'm pretty sure it's mostly a physical thing though.

    And an odd question… does anyone else feel like they're tripping on LSD at that time of the month? Because I typically sleep twice as much as normal the first couple days of my period and have really intense dreams for about 48 hours.

    Oh, and what does it mean when you have hyper realistic dreams about a guy you have a thing for, like so realistic they almost blend with reality, but there's a twist… when I was in England and could actually ask this guy out, I got rejected in the dreams, as soon as I went home I started having the opposite happen. When people over there who knew about my crush asked why I never made a move, I felt silly saying "because the dream told me not to", but it actually was one argument for not doing it…

    • That's a good point, Anna – I think everyone should look for the obvious explanation first. For example, dreaming that I have to use the bathroom doesn't have a deeper meaning – it just means I drank too much tea right before I went to bed… As for your dream guy – I think that you dreamed that he wanted to go out with you after you had moved away because perhaps the idea of asking him out wasn't so scary once there was an ocean between you? You were probably dreaming that he was rejecting you because you were afraid that he would reject you in real life… just my opinion…

  121. Greetings.

    Have you ever had the power to control your dream?

    I mean not the actual dream, but you actions in it.

    At first my dreams were like if I was watching a movie – unable to do anything, but recently(last 2 years) I can control what happens in most my dreams.

    For example once I was chased(like one of the mentioned cases) by a wild beast, through the town.

    At some point the though of killing the monster ran through my head(hm… that is awkward, having in mind that the whole thing was in my head), so I got to a swords store I knew about, picked up some weapons and turned around to fight the creature. It scratched me a few times with it's claws but when I finnaly landed a hit, I woke up.

    There were sometimes I even realized I was in a dream but I couldn't wake up until I finished what my brain got in stock for me.

    Please write to me if you have heard anything on this topic or you have expirienced something similar.

    Regards Shogo.

    • Hi Shogo, thanks for reading my top ten list! When you realize you are dreaming and then take control of the action (changing the experience or the outcome) that is called lucid dreaming. In the dream you describe, you are being chased by a monster and you are able to think about going to buy weapons, and then you buy a sword and win the battle against the monster. According to the information I have read, this means you have effectively dealt with some sort of issue in your real life. The monster chasing you symbolizes something and then you defeat it.

      Your dreams sound really exciting – you should develop them into a film script or video game or something!

    • I had some similar experiences in dreams. I never woke up in the scariest dreams; once I dreamed of being chased and killed by cutting my throat, but next moment I was in some other place as if I was disapparated. The point is I never wake after scary dreams.What do you think?

      • Well the good news is that some people think that if you get killed in your dream, you actually die in your sleep, obviously not true in your case! I guess your death signifies the end of the dream so that's why you switch to another story. According to… if you dream you are being murdered, then you secretly think someone is 'out to get you' in your real life.That doesn't mean they are going to physically hurt you – but perhaps betray you or get you in some sort of trouble.

        • Thanks Tanya! I also heard that dreams are caused by an electric impulse in the brain for one or two seconds and we keep on repeating and seeing the details during the entire sleep. Thats why I think we see dream in our shortest sleep and we dont remember much details of that. But its true that one beutifull dream can make your day.

          One more point I think instead of trying to control your dream it would be better if you interpret it in a positive way.. As you have explained on above mentioned case Tanya!

  122. Hi, erm, now that i see you're helping people with recurring dreams i should ask your help ^^

    I've been dreaming for the last couple of months that i'm pregnant. the thing is that the last guy i was going out with is gonna be a father, but i'm sure enough that i got over that phase in my life, but i keep having this dreams. and in the dreams (which are very real) i feel really scared of telling people that i am pregnant however in the last one (last night) i was very caring for the pregnancy… weird..

    i'm 19 yrs old and not even thinking to have a child of course. what do you think?

    • I'd encourage you to go check out a dream dictionary at one of the links included in my list – but here's my initial feeling about your dream (and I am not an expert). If I were you, I'd separate your dream from the guy you went out with – the fact that he is going to be a father may have nothing to do with your dream – and, like you say, you are over him. Dreams about birth might just symbolize that you are about to create something amazing in your life – maybe a new phase you are about to enter? You're 19 years old so the whole world is waiting out there for you – maybe you have a dream that you should nurture and focus on (like in the most recent dream you had, where you were taking care of your 'baby'). Just one interpretation…

  123. i have the "lost in school/cant get my locker open" dream all the time.

    i also used to have the dream where my teeth fell out. but, seriously, i went to the dentist and they stopped!

    • Good one! According to this list, that would mean you are insecure about speaking your mind (teeth dream) because then people might see you for what you really are (naked dream).

  124. I have a recurring dream that my dog is loose and in danger and I keep trying to scream her name but my voice won't work. I hate that dream.

    • I think that dreams where your voice doesn't work, or you are unable to scream, fit in to #6 "Going Nowhere"; specifically, the part about paralysis because it's like your vocal chords are paralyzed. What do you think? Applies to both Dianna and Gwen's dreams. Check out Anne Hill at the Huffingtion post for expert advice – she mentioned this top ten list in a recent article (thanks!).

  125. I have a constant feeling of being paralized and still aware of my surroundings, also i have the flying dreams, floating sort of .. also i have dreams where I cant raise my voice, my voice is very quiet and soft and i cannot yell or talk at a normal volume.

  126. I remember one dream i had alot was when i was traped in my car a it would be driving on its own.W ould that be in the traped kind of dreams?

    • Very interesting dream – and not one I came across during my research for this list! I'm not really an expert at this, but I'd say that a dream that you are trapped in a car that is driving on its own would be a combo of the 'trapped' and the 'falling' dreams: perhaps you were feeling trapped by circumstances in your life and also that you were not in control (you were unable to stop or change the situation). I'd love to hear back from you – does that sound right?

      • NotSnakePlissken on

        I have long made it a point to pay close attention to all my dreams, and often interact/alter them. I have usually had the self-guided car dream a)going up and down wild hills, b)in which it is a model T, c)and I am always in the back seat. They used to crash into ditches and wake me up, but I stopped having this one when I reached over and pulled myself into the seat by the steering wheel. I used to have the falling one until I thought of a sled, reached out for a handle, pulled it to and under me. First it started rocking downward like a leaf, then into a spiral, coming out on a frozen lake surface. I woke up because I started cheering. As to being underclad, then naked, I started not to care. Then one night, a woman in my dream walked up to me and started berating me for being naked. I told her, "Madam, this is a dream. Furthermore, this is my dream. Now–get out!" She looked startled, then disappeared in a puff of steam. As to monster chases– I visualize that I have a big gun, and draw it out. The report used to wake me up, but now everything goes silent when I shoot them off. Yes, these are Gene Autry guns–sixguns that shoot fifty times. What nightmares do I have now? I am always 17, and trapped under my parents' (intensely abusive) control. These are tapering off, however. Have you ever noticed how your dreamscapes tend to recycle scenery and buildings from one dream to another?

        • NotSnakePlissken on

          I forgot to mention one other dream that I still have fairly often. It's like the Monty Python skit in which a lot of mountain climbers are climbing along a sidewalk. I find going up a hill or slight incline where I have to go on all fours and literally have to dig in with my fingernails and toes to just go thirty feet or less. I am surprised this one isn't on your list. –I usually have it when I am puzzling out a particular involved problem for a length of three or more days.

        • I think the dreams you describe in your second comment fit into #6 on the list (Going Nowhere) because, as you say, you are facing some sort of problem that is difficult to resolve.

    • I've also had dreams of cars driving by themselves…the same dream twice for some reason.

      • I definitely think that dream is about a loss of control of something in your life because, as drivers, we are in control of the car. When control of the car is lost, it's a symbol for something in real life.

      • i have had this dream where i get ripped apart over and over again by demons about twenty times 🙁

        • According to many dream sites, including, dreams of demons indicate that you are feeling threatened by something. It could be something about yourself or it could even be a virus that your body is fighting off. Perhaps it is an inner turmoil that is in face ‘ripping you apart’? Or maybe you have an infection… either way, that dream sounds like it sucks – there are some tips about how to get rid of bad dreams in the opening paragraphs of this list, hope they help –

  127. You can find out more about common dreams such as teeth falling out, flying, falling, being naked, being chased and others at

  128. Haha, Utah Saints, reminds me of the raves I used to go to in college in the early 90’s. So is the video there because it’s stuck in the 90’s, or because the dancers are running in place? Nice list.

    • I think spider dreams is another topic that could have been listed here. You may want to check out for more info 🙂