Top 10 Things Better Than Sex


While researching this article I found so many things listed as “better than sex” that I started to wonder why anyone bothers at all anymore…

We’ve had sliced bread for quite a few years now so I guess the saying “it’s the best thing since sliced bread” has lost it’s impact because the new catchphrase for the ultimate comparison is that it’s “better than sex“.

Of course some people prefer food to sex so I guess sliced bread is better than sex in some cases… Confused yet? Keep reading!

10. Housework?

Image result for happy housewife

Over 30% of women surveyed claim that “cleaning gives them more satisfaction than sex”.

These are the results of a survey of two thousand women for the National Housework Survey of Great Britain 2006. Regarding this survey, the Independent Daily reported that “even in an age when women are making economic strides and excelling in the workplace, the one thing that gives the majority a sense of empowerment is a good go around the house with the vacuum cleaner — followed by some cleaning and dusting.”

These must be the same women who don’t find Mr. Muscle or the Brawny paper towel guy the least bit distracting. I mean who wouldn’t like a ‘good go around’ with one of these guys?

9. Dating A Vampire

Fans of the book or the movie Twilight know that you can’t have sex with your vampire boyfriend or he will probably kill you in a passionate fit. But you’re willing to make that sacrifice because you just love him so much.

He’s so wonderful that it’s all worth it – he’s extremely handsome, drives an expensive car, and he actually glitters in the sunlight. (Now what teen girl isn’t a sucker for glitter?)

Did I mention that he might sneak into your bedroom and stare at you all night while you are sleeping? Or that he’s condescending, emotionally distant, and rather sarcastic? Oh, and his body is ice cold, he’s murdered people in the past, and his friends and family instinctively want to drink your blood?

But I don’t care, mom, he’s dreamy!

8. Weight Loss

According to a survey at, 26% of the moms who participated would rather “lose 10 pounds” than “have more sex”.  Even more of them (30%) would rather “make more money” (not surprising, since you don’t actually get paid anything to be a mom…).

7. Music

Findings from a survey conducted by Marrakesh Records: “Music is hugely important… 60% of 16-24 year-olds would rather go without sex than music for a week. This increases to 70% for 16-19 year-olds.”

Okay, I now have this whole teen sex/abstinence thing figured out – the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) should only prosecute pregnant teens and their boyfriends for downloading music illegally, that should be more effective than Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Campaign! Once a few kids are prosecuted and word gets around, teen pregnancies will decrease (of course, music downloading may increase…)

6. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Image result for In Vitro Fertilization

On the opposite side of the sex spectrum, I propose that IVF is better than sex if you’re trying to get pregnant…

Why take your chances with the genetic lottery system that is lovemaking when you can go embryo shopping with in vitro fertilization (IVF)? With IVF, you can get a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) – described in an article written by William Saleton at as  “a technique for weeding out flawed embryos”. At first PGD was used to identify (and reject) embryos that had fatal infant diseases. It was also only offered to high risk couples. But now, it’s being used to select an embryo based on a much wider scope of criteria (gender, non-fatal diseases and disorders). Just imagine what the possibilities are going to be like in the future (hair color, IQ, athlethicism, etc).

Now why would any practical (and wealthy) person choose to have a baby the old way- where you don’t know what you are going to get- when you can create your own custom kid? Think of the children! Is it fair to send your natural spawn to school with a bunch of genetic super kids?

5. Sports

The term better than sex is described as “a euphoric experience, often food-related, quite similar to an orgasm. Usually used by women, as for most men there is nothing better than sex” ( Nothing except sports, that is –

Why sports are better than sex:
1.    People watch and cheer when you score.
2.    If you don’t like your team you can wait until your contract ends and then play with someone else.
3.    You can count on it all season.
4.    You can watch it going on in your local bar.
5.    It lasts over an hour and might even go into over time.
6.    You can have a coach on the sidelines while you are doing it.
7.    Action replays.
8.    Protective equipment can be washed and re-used.

Apparently a lot of people have spent a lot of time coming up with lists of reasons why various sports are better than sex. I guess if you’re not ‘getting any’ you have the spare time…

Why soccer is better than sex:
1.    You can be on top for 80 minutes and still come in second.
2.    You can score using your head or your feet.
3.    Size doesn’t matter. (,  The O’Byrne Files

Why hockey is better than sex:
1.    A two-on-one or three-on-one is common.
2.    People still play hockey after they are married.
3.    Periods only last 20 minutes.
4.    You can change players on the fly.

Why juggling (…juggling?) is better than sex:
1.    You can juggle your balls in front of your grandma.
2.    You don’t need a partner.
3.    There’s nothing wrong with having blue balls. (

Of course if you are a professional juggler you might as well pretend you don’t like sex very much, because you probably have the opportunity… unless there’s a cute mime who has the hots for you, or perhaps a unicyclist –

4. Sleep

According to the Sleep Well website based out of Stanford University there are at least ten reasons why sleep is better than sex.

Among them: “sleep can last a good eight hours (or more)” and “while sleeping you can have sex with anyone you want”.

UK website The Independent reported that “almost 80 per cent of Britons prefer a good night’s sleep to sex”. This comes from a study conducted by the Edinburgh Sleep Centre where “79.2 per cent [of over 8,500 people] admitted they preferred the thought of extra sleep to sex.”

Of course, this could be one of those win-win situations: if you make sleep your priority at night that might give you more energy for all sorts of activity during the day (hint, hint)…

3. Food

Image result for food better than sex

Food wins out over sex in so many ways. Most obviously, because you can order it in or enjoy it all by yourself without being judged…

There are 326 recipes called “Better Than Sex Cake” at alone. There is also one recipe at the same site called “Almost Better Than Sex Cake” – I’m guessing this is by the one home chef who has actually sampled both?

Of course if you prefer cookies, here is a better than sex cookie recipe.

I’ve also never heard anyone use the saying, “eat your brains out”… In fact, many foods are actually good for your brain. An article at cites a study at Wheeling Jesuit University (West Virginia) that indicates that chocolate can improve “memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills”.

Not convinced? Compare this to having sex “on the brain”, which has the exact opposite effect, causing: forgetfulness, distraction, and the inability to think clearly.

Chocolate is also an aphrodisiac, so if you choose chocolate over sex you may still end up with both…

2. Cell Phones

Phone Iphone Social Media Smartphone Mobile Phone

A survey conducted by Dial-a-Phone, a cell phone retailer in the UK, reported that “24 percent of women, but zero percent of men, would rather give up sex than their mobile phone for a month” ( This makes sense, since I’m sure at least 24 percent of women have realized that a cell phone is better than a man (or woman, if that’s your thing):

  1. You never have to prepare meals for your phone: in fact, it will help you get food delivered.
  2. You can tell a phone to be silent or choose to ignore a phone without hurt feelings.
  3. You can turn a phone on several times in a row – it’s always ready to go and it’s energy will lasts for hours (if not, you can just replace the battery).
  4. A cell phone doesn’t care if you talk while the basketball game is on. In fact, the cell phone will let you watch Pride and Prejudice for the 27th time instead, if that’s what you want.
  5. It has a call history that you can easily access to see if anyone else is pushing your phone’s buttons.
  6. A cell phone is a silent witness to your long chats with your friends and does not make any sarcastic comments about them afterwards.
  7. A cell phone doesn’t keep you from asking for directions, in fact it will get them for you.
  8. A cell phone is almost always in your car yet it never comments on your driving.
  9. A cell phone set to T9 mode will hang on to your every word and anticipate what you are trying to say.
  10. And there’s always that handy vibrate mode if you get lonely…

1. The Internet

According to Judy Mottl’s article The Internet: Better than Sex?, an Intel-sponsored survey found that “46 percent of women and 30 percent of men would rather abstain from sexual activity for two weeks than go without Internet access for the same time frame. The percentage spikes higher, to 49 percent, among women ages 18 to 34 years old and to a whopping 52 percent for 35 years old to 44 years old.” (

Reasons given by the same article for why the Internet is so important:
1.    The ability to stay in touch with family and friends.
2.    More efficient shopping.
3.    A better grip on personal/financial activities thanks to online services.

I’m pretty sure that making any of the above claims about your sex life would just get you into trouble!

Honorable Mention:

The Microwave -“A survey of 1000 Australian women found most women voted for the microwave as the most liberating invention of the past 30 years” says an article on Australian website This survey was sponsored by Lean Cuisine, the frozen meal company, so I find it a bit suspicious. The dishwasher came in second and the pill lower on the list. Australian microwaves must have different features than the ones around here. Or perhaps, if you stand in front of one long enough, you don’t need the pill?

Don’t agree anything is better than sex then be sure to read our interesting facts about nymphomaniacs.

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  1. For me I would add that a root canal is better than sex, so is porn and masturbation. Married over 40 years and sex was terrible with my wife, I moved out of the house so I wouldn’t have to be near her.

  2. trololol xD
    for me it looks like al peeps that sez that nothing is better than sex are either virgins or cant diff “fake” orgasm from zeir partners

    really guys, think about this: do a person have sex every day at every hour? one simply wants to do something else, and our dependency in technology is what makes Internet Top1 for things would would choose to do before sex. (for example)

    maybe u would like to have sex, but thing in ur partner, does he/she wants to do it now? and i’m pretty sure he/she will give u any excuse to do it later ^^

    really… sux to be ya =D

  3. The fact that sex is the standard by which all pleasures are compared with, automatically proves that sex really is the ultimate. Sorry but this list is just wishful thinking for those whe have never had good sex.

  4. Adrenalin, the red mist, drugs, playing god, fighting, winning, lots of money, power, fast cars, skydiving. I could go on and on

  5. A nonsensical compilation, but still worth reading. Nothing is better than sex, so replace those paragraphs of text above with an enormous, bold, and conspicuous “NOTHING”!

  6. Keith Richard Radford Jr on

    wow who’s been lying to you? “O” are you one of those people that the secret service drugs in a capsule in a wear-house telling you that you are in a spaceship on your way to a different time to save the world from bad sex jokes? Focus, breath don’t gag, don’t worry it’s not spam, it’s bologna but be sure to catch the new Spam show on Broadway while we await the Aquarius theater group to do the recreation of Hair,,, huh?

  7. Nope, none of this works for me better than sex. In matter of fact, I can’t think of anything that works better for me than sex.

  8. You have overlooked the only one thing that is really better than sex.I’m wondering how you missed it.

    That is the real spiritual experience.I do not talk about prayer or religions,drugs but of the true deepest spiritual experience,which cannot be described by words at all.

    I had it just once and it lasted only one minute.

  9. Going and seeing your first rock concert. Mine was Pink Floyd in 1977. Not a bad start if you were to ask me.

  10. How about this one. From my personal experience, one thing that was better than sex, and it was before I lost my virginity, was going to my first rock concert. And what group did I see that made it better than sex ?……..PINK FLOYD IN 1977, MONTREAL, OLYMPIC STADIUM. 77,000 PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE……..Pretty darn good start if I do say so myself !!!

  11. Listening to the 4th movement of Gustav Mahler’s 5th symphony. Try it sometime. It is like going to heaven and also play it on a stereo when having sex !!!

  12. suprised nobody mentioned this. Doing ANYTHING that won’t get you pregnant is better than sex!

  13. Wow, a bit depressing here . . . cleaning? Vampire dates? In vitro fertilization!?! Really, those things are great (I was a bit surprised a great movie or good book didn’t make their list), but still a couple hours of nasty play is the most enjoyable thing I can think of. Now sometimes when the missus wants to slip inside I may say, “can you wait until we finish the movie” because as they say, the best things come to those who wait.

  14. Norwegian soldiers claim war is better than sex, “nothing like getting red mist in the scope….”

  15. I’m a girl who thinks this list is absurd. Sex is better than all of this, especially cleaning. Phu-leeeeeez.

  16. ThisListDoesNotMakeSense on

    Wow. Just wow. Sex is freaking fantastic! I enjoy so many other things as well though. I mean, I love learning, working out, shooting guns, cooking and eating barbecue, riding motorcycles, drinking booze with friends……I mean I wouldn’t want JUST ONE of those things to totally dominate my life as the be all and end all, but lets get freaking real here: chocolate just does not COMPARE to a great romp in the sack with someone who you really really like and who obviously really really likes you too. I don’t want sex to the exclusion of everything else on the freaking planet. That would be stupid. But a life without sex (at least for me) would be like having real life , but in black and white, mono instead of stereo, and all food tasting like mashed potatoes every day. You want to eat and do housework and never boink? Stay the hell away from me!

    Oh wait a minute. Cocaine and heroin are better than sex, but sex won’t kill you in a couple of years.

  17. Great choice for number 1, Sex is the most overated thing to do on this planet to people putting comments like the person who did this list is a virgin all I can say to them people is have fun with STD’s I have never needed sex gotta better things to do with time.

  18. Are you kidding me?
    I’m a girl and I hate cleaning, I only do it because I need to. And cleaning instead of having sex? No thanks.

  19. Going to the gym is better than sex in many ways;
    1. One can sleep soundly immediately after gym without being “asked for more”
    2. Preparing for gym is mental and adhoc – no need to prepare some else’s mind for it.
    3. I can choose my gym partner, or go it alone, any time, in any gym
    4. The Micro Trauma to the muscles in the gym work outs give a real “high” that I can control

  20. When I don't want to have sex with my husband ( It's the morning, I feel dirty, I feel numb…. whatever the reasons. That would be a great list!! Ten reasons for not make love! ), so he always go to the kitchen to make a sandwich!

    So it's 1) sex 2) food 3) internet for my beloved!

  21. This list is ridiculous. I'd bet $5 million that they polled straight women who are stuck in unenlightened relationships where the guy is in charge of sex and he is only interested in getting himself off. So yes, the women would rather do chores than help a guy get an orgasm and getting nothing in return. Its still a partriarchal society friends…blame your male counterparts.

  22. I cannot think of life without internet. Without sex or girlfriend, it's possible, without internet, it's impossible.

  23. id agree with no sex or music for a week but other than that sex is deffinately better.

  24. i do agree with some of these,i.e cleaning,sleep and weight loss. but sports??? no way!!

  25. *chuckles*. I can see sports and eating from a biological perspective since endorphins are being released and there is a physical element to those, but housework, never.

    This would be my list, actually I can list more than 10 things, perhaps 20, but here are 11:

    11-M•A•C or Micabella eye shadows, 10-Laughing really hard with one of my sisters at the "social experiments" that she conducts as well as I do, watching the predictability of human behavior via social media unfold, 9-Intellectual banter and debate with a guy that is even more intelligent than he is attractive, attractive still matters though…that makes it really interesting as you receive both visual and intellectual stimulation, 8-Pan fried shrimp drizzled with a fresh squeezed naval orange OR A delicious grilled lobster with butter and garlic…preferrably a 2lb tail, 7-Reading good articles or browsing on the Internet, 6-Looking for shoes online, trying on shoes at the store, buying the shoes and building a shoe collection. Pretty much anything shoe related, 5-Insane robust chuckles with friends…not "friends" as in anyone who sends me a social media site invite to join their "page"…but the more original meaning of the word, 4-Reading a good book, one so good that you actually have to put it down for a while and think, dang, did they really just write that?, 3-Traveling / getting a new passport stamp or sticker, 2-Photography just for pleasure though, take away the business part/money/taxes etc. Just the art form in its pure self, 1-Silence and solitude. "Loneliness is the poverty of self, solitude is the richness of self.

  26. Tanya Bennett on

    Dee Dee: that's probably why so many foods are considered aphrodisiacs – you can have your cake and eat it too – it's all about timing, right?

  27. Yeah, i don't agree with it either. No food or internet would take me away from my hubby.

    BUT, do NOT bother me while i'm eating. If i have food in my mouth, don't bother to run around naked, i won't even notice you.

  28. Getting Some on

    One is quite ironic considering I am reading it while my girl friend lays 3 feet away naked.

  29. Wow! There is not a single thing on that list that I would consider better than sex. Really good food might make a close second.

    But losing weight, sports and housework?! Weak.

    Dear, should we clean the house or have sex?

    Gee! What a dilemma.

    • If both parties want sex, then this list is ridiculous. But sometimes both people don't want sex, for whatever reason. If you are married, you know what I'm talking about.

  30. chacolate mousse cheesecake or sex with jessica alba,no doubt cheesecake all the way.nothing beats that euphoric sensation of shoveling cheesecake down my throat.

  31. Damn. I can only feel sorry for all of those poor, poor people in those surveys, who are obviously doing it Very Very Wrong. 🙁

  32. I find this list humorous. I truly enjoy sex, but I have to admit that if vampires were real, I would like to fang bang!! But to be honest, the appeal of the "twilight" vampire is no fun.. I would like to meet one like in True Blood, etc… Not a defanged one.. That is the only one on the list I would realistically agree with. I can see how the others can lure people though.

    • Good comment and on the mark, Gwen!

      As anyone who has read any of the “real” vampire books knows, most vampires use sex as part of their routine to get blood or they make their “donor” feel like they are having sex. “Twilight” is a pathetic parody of a vampire book that misses the mark so far it is not even funny! Thus, there can be no such thing as a “twilight” vampire since what they call vampires do not fit the criteria for a real vampire.

  33. Tanya Bennett on

    Wow no wonder women are turning to food and housework, with all the men preferring the Internet! 😛

    • i could not agree and disagree with every one more, its makes me wonder, is it that its to hard for some people to take the time and effort in to satisfy the other or is it that they just dont enjoy having sex? personally i cant ever get it enough 24- 7 if i could get it, but my wife chooses to have it the other way.