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  1. Mike at |

    Not a bad list, but I have to bring attention to the fact that Heart came to fame in the mid to late '70's with their million selling album "Dreamboat Annie". They also had two other albums in the '70's, "Dog and Butterfly" and "Little Queen" that were hugely successful.

    (had a buddy who turned me on to Heart; he owned a Plymouth Barracuda, btw)

    I have the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version of "Rainbow" on my blog and get Google search hits on it at least a few times a week. I've also had to change out the vid several times as YouTube keeps taking it down. Not to nitpick, but I'd say his fans celebrated his LIFE in the last part of the vid.

    Love Enya, and while "Only Time" is probably too "new" by a year or so to make this list, it's also been used in many 9/11 tributes.

  2. John McDonnell at |

    I never heard that song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole before. It's amazing.

  3. dacournean at |


  4. Jen at |

    Celebrating Israel Kamakawiwo’ole's death would be pretty terrible.

    I wouldn't call Somewhere over the Rainbow a "slow jam". Same for "Forever Young", "Just the Way You Are", or anything by Enya. To most people, part of being a slow jam means that the song is R&B influenced.

  5. CB at |

    agree with Jen. these are not slow jams, "power ballads" yes.. no real slow jams. i was expecting some marvin gaye, some soul.. bon jovi? are you serious?

  6. N. O'Brain at |

    Ok, this is just too eerie.

    Several years ago, my wife and I visited my sister and her husband, Mike, in Phoenix, AZ. My BIL was enthusiastic about a new artist he had just discovered, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, and he played "Over the Rainbow" for me.

    Loved it, loved it, loved it.

    Unfortunately, Mike fell ill to cancer and soon made his own trip over the rainbow.

    At his memorial service, my sister played another of Mike's favorite songs.

    Jeff Buckley singing "Hallelujah".

    Good memories, and bad. That's life, I guess.

  7. Nicole at |

    I love the Hallelujia song. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Missa at |

    :] Nice list, but these songs really don't classify as slow jams. Slow jams are technically R&B singles. CB is correct. They can definitely be classified as power ballads.

  9. brandywilson at |

    @toptenz Wow I didn’t know that John Stamos recorded “Alone” before Heart did. #wowfacts #coverbetterthantheoriginal

  10. what thehell at |

    Dude, when you make a top ten list of slow jams of the 70s and 80s and include poison, warrant and bon jovi… the list is automatically void of all respectability. I am not a hater but DAMN! Warrant.. Poison… Really?? they are whack as hell… just an opinion



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