Top 10 Worst Jon Bon Jovi Cover Songs


The only thing worse than an actual Bon Jovi song, however, is Jon Bon Jovi doing a version of someone else’s, automatically better original. Worse still, would be someone actually COVERING a Bon Jovi song, but to the best of our knowledge, the likelihood of this occurring is about as probable as a meteor the size of the state of New Jersey striking the earth.

Since their own music wasn’t bad enough, here is Bon Jovi doing what they do best—spilling their own REO Speedwagon / Journey / Three Dog Night / Springsteen-lite effluent on some of the world’s most well-beloved songs. Luckily for all concerned, these are so popular that nobody would mistake them for Bon Jovi originals and mislead any future generations. Here, in no particular order, because the pork rendering plant stench emanating from each, is indistinguishable from the other, is our 10 Worst Bon Jovi Cover Songs of All Time:

10. You Were Always on My Mind

Willie Nelson. Since his battle with the IRS, legendary Willie Nelson seems contractually obligated to work with just about anyone, and unfortunately this includes the Bon Jovi frontman.

9. Save the Last Dance for Me, Pomus and Shuman. Among the ‘better’ song on this list, only in the sense that it’s better to have testicular cancer than say, lung. The presence of Willy Deville’s voice means fewer verses for JBJ

8. Rockin’ in the Free World, Neil Young. This ‘free world’ musically speaking, is more like a police state run by a strong-armed military junta.

7. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen. The second piece of Canadiana desecrated by the Garden State purveyors of garden-variety pop rock, that neither pops nor rocks.


6. I Thank You, Hayes & Porter, as performed by Sam & Dave. Debasing the Stax Records legacy.

5. Not Fade Away, Buddy Holly & Norman Petty, made famous by Buddy Holly & the Crickets.Contrary to the wishes of music fans, Bon Jovi have been living up to the title.


4. Fever Eddie Cooley & John Davenport, made famous by Peggy Lee
A rectal thermometer would fail to detect any heat emanating from this lukewarm version.


3. Twist & Shout by Phil Medley & Bert Russell, made famous by the Isley Brothers and the Fab Four. If the Isley Brothers got wind of this, they’d commit fratricide.

2. Help by Lennon & McCartney. This is beyond ‘Help’. If Paul McCartney heard this, he’d pummel Jon Bon with Heather Mills’ peg leg.

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Otis Redding, made famous by Aretha Franklin
Bon Jovi’s ironic, disrespectful take on Redding’s classic.

Written by The Shark Guys

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  1. Ok seriously take this down. This is just stupid. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing uncle who works with people like Bon Jovi and has managed to get me into a position where I can meet them and actually have a conversation with them and also get me concert tickets. ( Sorry if this sounds like I’m boasting, I’m trying not to, I do know what it’s like to have nothing) from this experience of seeing them perform and meeting them a couple times, I can tell you they are the most amazing band in the world. Everything about them is amazing. And their vocals are always the best!! If they were a rubbish group then they wouldn’t have been around for 30 years, continuing to make award winning music. Hey, let’s hear you try and cover these songs, probs gonna be crap anyway.

  2. Wow… Slow down there tiger… What the heck is your problem with Bon Jovi!?? You write like its common knowledge and that everyone else think the same about them.. Sorry man, but your on your own there. How can you be so one-eyed. Bon Jovi would have to be one of the greatest bands in the past 30 years easy, and are brilliant at covering songs and providing covers for other bands to take on.
    Show some respect . Seriously, take this list down. It makes your site look childish and highly inacurate.

  3. “Save the Last Dance” wasn’t Willy DeVille’s fault. That’s all on Bon Jovi. DeVille actually wrote a number of songs with Doc Pomus, the co-author of “Save the Last Dance.” Check out his Chat Bleu album, which has these songs.

  4. I suppose you have written better songs, can sing better, have earnt more money than Bon Jovi and you have your own plane. I suppose you regularly do tours on which you get to play to a few million people who highly rate you and your music?

    If the answer to the above questions is yes, i salute you. If the answer is no, i would suggest you either show more respect or keep your opinions to yourself.

  5. If u don’t like music…ok, but to say to a rock band which sold millions of records and did 100s of live shows “Since their own music wasn’t bad enough”. You probably don’t know what u said.

  6. why would you waste your time listening to a bunch of covers of a band you hate then making a list about it when people are obviously going to bash you? if bon jovi sucks so much how do all their shows sell out and how have they possibly sold millions of records and are still making music after 27 years? don’t be an idiot.

  7. Bon Jovi is the best band of all time. You don’t understand good music and certainly don’t understand great cover.

  8. That's the problem with the internet any idiot can do stupid lists like this and call themselves a Journalist. Im willing to bet the person who did this list doesn't have any actual credentials whatsoever. It also proves a point that Jon Bon Jovi made in their documentary he is the Tom Cruise of the music industry the supposed critics bash him and the band all the time yet their records always sell and every tour sells out.

  9. I have a Bon Jovi Cover for you..and it is only OK if you either like the song or the band playing:

    You Give Love a Bad Name by Atreyu!!

    Somebody had to do it

  10. Bon Jovi are an amzing band. What is wrong with you! All you can seem to do is slag them off!


    Bon Jovi is an amazing band. And their covers are different, but not as bad as you're saying. Seriously, what is your problem? And how the hell did the website staff let in an article insulting something so great? As in, one of the best selling and most well known rock bands of all time who have over 125 million albums sold and have sold out every concert they have ever had?

  12. Really? That version of Hallelujah is about a thousand times better than the original. In fact, ever cover I've ever heard of that song is better than the original. I have to give Leonard Cohen props for writing the song, but…that's about it. Bon Jovi's version isn't the best I've heard, but it's not bad by any means. Although, I may be biased because I've heard the original, so I know just how bad it can get. XD

    • Agreed. Well, I think Leonard Cohen just released himself singing it now, and it sounds better than his younger self, but yeah, Bon Jovi did an amazing cover.

    • Exactly and ive seen a intervie with Cohen where he says the his absolute fav version of that song is when Bon Jovi Does it so whoever did this list is a moron.

  13. ……………………………i cant believe you can say that ton jon ………………………whats the matter its his style whats the problem……………………….i know the beatles did a best and a legendary play but ………..maybe jon like it and i like it to …………………………………………………plz fix your ears and also your mind ………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1