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  1. CBomb
    CBomb at |

    “…flies that feed on the hosts’ tears ingest them and become an intermediate host.”

    That is the most terrifying and disturbing series of words I’ve read in quite some time. Very good article. 🙂

  2. Dawn
    Dawn at |

    I have had this problem for a babt a ur now er doc teated me for scabies and std.test came back neg health dep acted like i was on drugs…its started ad severe itching on my head and face mostly my eyes and eyebrows now my eye ducz are swollen if i lift my eye lidsu can see somthing almost like a stye but it moves my eyeswater a lot they get red and my vision is blurry i also have on on my kneck wat looks like ringworm…but the medicine dont wok i have recently been severe sick w upper resp and ba3cterial infections i have no primary doc or insurane believe when i say i feel somthing moving its making me crazy please help i can send pics

  3. Tessica J Pierce
    Tessica J Pierce at |

    18002324636 CDC ,CALL them they can find you a place to be treated for all parasites, even with out insurance they will HELP YOU


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