Top 10 Amazing Cat Stories


When not scratching doors, yowling, making hairballs, or biting, cats can be neat and cute pets.  Problem is, they usually don’t want to.  However, when they choose to, the resulting stories can be worth all of the scratches, yowls, etc.  Well, maybe not ALL of them, but certainly a good percentage.

10.  The Cat Super Thief


No, NOT “Cat Burglar”.  That joke’s more over-done than a steak tossed into an active volcano.

Despite their sometimes-diabolical nature, cats usually won’t steal anything inedible.  That makes the spree of Dusty in San Mateo County, California all the more bizarre.  Since 2007, he went around to neighbors’ houses and stole over 600 things, mostly articles of clothing.  The news reported a predilection for stealing entire ensembles instead of just, say, one stray sock. The cat’s owner has taken to setting up lost-and-found boxes for the owners of the stolen goods. Given that this apparently has allowed the cat to get away with it, thieves the world over will soon be kicking themselves for not trying that with the goods they stole.


9.  Cat > Black Bear


Some cat owners refuse to have their cats de-clawed because they fear it will leave the cat defenseless against other animals.  There is anecdotal evidence, though, that being de-clawed will not inhibit the cat’s willingness to get in trouble by picking a fight.  So it was in 2006-era West Milford, New Jersey, that a de-clawed orange tabby named Jack chased a black bear (that presumably had claws) up a tree to keep it out of his yard.  That bear is probably still in therapy after all the abuse from other bears.


8.  Cat Saves Baby’s Life


Now here’s the sappiest story ever to involve a cat and a baby.  In April 2006, outside a home in Cologne, Germany, a cat began making exactly the sort of racket we mentioned in the introduction to this article.  When the homeowners went down to investigate, they found an abandoned baby along with the cat.  The baby would have experienced life-threatening hypothermia if it had been left there until morning.  No trace of the parents was reported, and it’s highly unlikely the cat was able to adopt the baby.


7.  Cat > Bunch of Pit Bulls


Pit Bull packs are well-known to be a threat worthy of S.W.A.T. Teams, but occasionally a cat is all you have handy to deal with them.  Very occasionally, that’s enough.  Few people have learnt that lesson better than 97-year-old Harrison, Michigan resident Sophie Thomas in 2010.   A group of four pit bulls attacked her in her yard while she was gardening and bit her enough to make her fear for her life.  Then her cat, aptly named Tiger, jumped into the middle of the dogs and led them away from Thomas.  When the dogs were gone, she went into her home and washed her wounds, thinking the dogs would kill Tiger.  But before long the cat came back, unharmed, and likely was unbearably smug for quite awhile.


6.  Disappearing Dixie


We all know about how independent cats are as pets, but Dixie the cat takes that to new extremes.  This Birmingham, England feline was reported dead to her owners in 1999 from a car accident, but the body was never found.  This was because the cat was not dead and went off on her own for nine years, which is most of an average cat’s lifespan.  Between that time and being returned to its owners in 2008, she did not go feral, with the owners reporting that Dixie was essentially the same as when she left.  That’s pretty much a dead giveaway Dixie had made some kind of arrangement to “disappear” for some time.


5.  Can’t Kill This Cat With Fire


Cats don’t just save babies from the cold or old ladies from pit bulls.  Sometimes they save themselves from fires that devastate the home they’re hiding in.  In the case of a firestorm survivor named Chase, his method of survival was to hide behind a stove.  Can you imagine how horrifying that would have been?  A vacuum cleaner scares my cat to death.  I can’t imagine what would happen if the stove was turned on.


4.  Cat > Alligators

This 2010 video from Louisiana may well be the most negligent one of a cat ever shot.  With their American Shorthair facing off against an alligator, the owners just stood there laughing and recording the confrontation.  Sure, it wasn’t a very big alligator, but it’s still a damned alligator.  Also, when it received backup from another alligator, they had enough collective jaw power to take the cat out in one bite.  But what’s really unforgivable, is how the other cat is just standing too far back to be of any help, while another member of its species has to stand up to two alligators.


3.  Cat Calls 9-1-1


The third and, by far, best story of 2006 just goes to show something awesome was happening to the cats in the world that year.  In this particular story, a Columbus, Ohio resident named Gary Rosenhein was suffering a heart attack when 9-1-1 emergency services received a call.  When they arrived, they found Tommy the cat by the phone.  Emergency services reported that it could only have been Tommy who somehow dialed 9-1-1 to get help for his owner.  The probability of this was helped a bit by Tommy only having to hit one speed dial button, which is still one more than you’d ever expect a cat to be able to pull off under the circumstances.


2.  Soviet Cats Go to War


Starting in September, 1941 after the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, they put the city of Leningrad under siege.  This was a city of three million people, and the incredibly destructive siege would continue until 1944.  Food ran dangerously short, and rats posed a severe threat to the city’s survival.  So the Red Army dispatched 5,000 cats from the surrounding areas, presumably only letting them eat whatever rats they could find.  The operation was rated a major success and statues of the cats went up around the city.


1.  Cat Saves Owner on Day of Adoption


If you get a cat with the hope that someday it will save your life and get you onto the local news, realize it’ll probably take a long time before that actually happens. Still, some who adopt cats luck out majorly like Amy Jung of Sturgeon’s Bay, Wisconsin.  She had a diabetic shock in her sleep one night in February 2012, the same day she’d adopted two cats.  One of them, named Pudding, woke Jung by first meowing in her face and then nipping it.  When her son didn’t respond to her cries for help, Pudding went to him and woke him up so he could call for emergency services.  Hopefully, having more than earned his keep on day one, his name was changed to literally anything but “Pudding.”


Written By Dustin Koski

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  1. I am 77 years old and have never been a Cat lover or owned one but now I would like to share this story with you. About two Months ago we moved into our home that has woods in the back part of our 1 acre lot. I put out a night camera to see what kind of animals we had in the woods. We got pictures of a possum, one armadillo and a cat that looked like it had a shiny collar on. We did not own any pets so we got another picture of this cat again with the shiny collar. About a week later my wife went out to the backyard and this cat came up to her and she saw that this collar was the top part of a large glass mason jar. The cat must have put his head in to get some food and could not get it out. Somehow the cat apparently managed to break the glass jar but the top part where you screw the lid on stayed on it’s neck. The cat let my wife try to get the glass collar off but to no avail. She came in and got a container of Vaseline and went out and the cat let her put it all over his head and neck. She then held on to the glass collar and the cat backed out of the glass collar. We then took the feral cat to the local PAWS for shots and to have the cat spaied as we thought it was a female cat. When we went back that afternoon we were told the cat was a male and about 4 years old and had previously been neuteured. Needless to say we now have a real smart Male cat named Sam who stays in our back yard and on my back covered porch. He loves for both of us to rub his head and neck and is a real Smart cat who knows what you have to do to survive.

  2. I’m a dog person, but this is just so cute and amazing that I actually would want a cat now. Aww =3

  3. Surpised the story of Scarlett the calico is not included here. She was the cat that was horribly burned while saving her kittens one at a time from a burning building. She was shown in the news all bandaged up and burnt but was adopted and then went on to live happily for another 10 years or so.

  4. Many years ago my wife was outside our house with our dog Huey, a lab who was chained to the stair case rail, when a neighbor’s Malamute, who was being taken for a walk by her owner without a leach, attacked Huey and trapped my wife between the two dogs. Unfortunately, my wife was bitten and Huey could not defend himself properly being that he was tied up. However, Huey and my wife were very lucky, because our two cats came to their rescue and attacked the Malamute, jumping on its back, and chased it down the street.

  5. I hear you, I’m a dog person too. But a lot of people love cats as proved by the popularity of But if you would rather read about dogs, here are few to look at, or the first dog astronaut,

    Of course if you are yet again bemoaning another list for no other reason than you personally don’t find it interesting, I can’t help you. But tomorrow is a new day with a new list, who knows? You may love it.

    • I better!! You remember that I hate most of the recent list’s huh? It’s good to know we have a rapport now 🙂 sooo whats your zodiac sign???