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(Shockingly, the subject of gorgeous ladies is a popular one.  With that in mind, we now present TopTenz’ third list of the most beautiful international women in the world who will never date you ever).

From Sandra Bullock to Beyoncé Knowles, there is no shortage of beautiful celebrity women who grace our lives.  They do their thing in a wide range of professions: actresses, models or in some cases, just being famous (the Kardashians come to mind).  But when many of us start compiling our list of top beautiful women, it tends to have an American flavor.  While America certainly has its share of gorgeous ladies, the country by no means has a monopoly on beauty.  Indeed, hot ladies with international pedigrees shine just as bright as their American counterparts.  Just take a look at our top 10 international beauties, and I’m sure you will agree.

10.  Aya Ueto (Japan)

Unless you are familiar with Japanese offerings in television, films or music, then you probably never experienced the stunning vestige of Aya Ueto.  And oh, what an experience!  If you don’t know her, then the misfortune is truly yours.  This 26-year-old beauty is a national darling in Japan.  Born in Tokyo, Aya’s personage can be found everywhere across this island nation – billboards, magazines, television, films and the like.

And with good reason too!  Aya’s famously sterling smile is guaranteed to move a product, as well as make a guy’s heart skip a beat or two.  A seemingly magical combination of cuteness and heavenly innocence manifests in Aya’s sparkle.  Aya’s beauty, in one sense, is “girl next door” in that it is not blatant in-your-face sexuality.  Rather, she radiates a subdued, but nevertheless illuminating, presence.  In fact, the thought of a beautiful fairy tale princess comes to mind with Aya.

To her credit, she is just not another pretty face.  An equally talented actress and singer, she has recently added fashion design to her resume.  For certain, it is only a matter of time before this Japanese beauty transitions from national stardom to international sensation.  We can’t wait.

Where You May Have Seen Her: Aya holds the record for being the actress with the most television commercials in Japan.  She was a member of a quartet called “Z-1”.  Aya also has a solo career and has released multiple albums.  She has appeared in the TV series 3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi sensei 6, and starred in the movie Azumi.

9.  Eva Riccobono (Italy)

Image result for Eva Riccobono

This lady could almost make the list on her name alone.  “Riccobono” sounds hot and sexy

as it rolls off the tongue.  But believe me, Ms. Riccobono certainly is more than just a pretty name.  A model by trade, the 27-year-old beauty hails from Palermo, Italy.  Italian women are known to be sultry, and this is certainly the case with Riccobono.  She literally burns her way off the pages she appears on, as well as setting the runways on fire when she is doing her thing in person.  Her fair complexion and long, lithe body (not to mention the piercing eyes), are among the reasons she has graced the covers of such prestigious magazines as Vogue and Elle.  And for those who care to know these things, the lady doesn’t have any problems with nudity.

Really, Riccobono is one of the most photogenic women one is likely to see.   She literally doesn’t take a bad picture.  Without doubt, this lady is a head turner, a “stop and see” beauty who will continue to dominate the fashion/modeling industry for years to come.

Where You May Have Seen Her: Cover of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Italian Playboy.  Advertisements for Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and L’Oreal.  Runway for Calvin Klein, Gucci, Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren.  2009 Lavazza Calendar photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

8.  Shania Twain (Canada)

Image result for Shania Twain

No, Canada is not a part of the United States, so anyone hailing from the Great White North qualifies for this list.  And Shania definitely deserves to be here.  At 46, the Windsor, Ontario native is the oldest entry on this list, but you can’t hold her age against her.  Shania’s beauty seems to be age-defying.  What is appealing about Shania is that she has a look that is “girl next door” in nature.  This is to say that she has a natural beauty that just seems to radiate.  Her claim to fame is as a singer, but this 5’4” beauty brings a lot more to the table then just great vocals.  With a body to die for, flowing dark hair, and probably the most beautiful facial features of anyone you are likely to meet, Shania is the total package.  No wonder she has been consistently featured on Sexiest and Hottest women lists for years.

Even more telling is that Shania has a wonderful personality.  A lot of celebrities come across as pretentious and arrogant.  Not Shania.  With a humble background that included having to raise her three younger siblings when their parents died, Shania blossomed into the woman she is through hard work and perseverance that is reflected in how she interacts with the world.  Whether on stage, in person, or gracing the pages of a magazine cover, Shania Twain is sure to garner attention.

Where You May Have Seen Her: Listed in “People Weekly”s “Most Intriguing People” list. (December 25, 1995/January 1, 1996 issue).  She was named #39 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.  She was named #33 in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005” special supplement.  She was named #30 in FHM magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006” supplement.  VH1 ranked her at #15 on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists.

7.  Doutzen Kroes (Netherlands)

Image result for Doutzen Kroes

Ms. Kroes is an angel – literally!  Selected as one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angels in 2008, Ms. Kroes entered into a whole new level of fame and recognition.  The lady deserves angel wings because her beauty is truly divine in nature.  The statuesque model (she’s 5’10”) is not just hot but sexxxy hot!  The lingerie shots of this 26-year-old model from Oostermeer, Holland are all pinup material.  With a tone body and angelic facial features, Ms. Kroes has taken the fashion industry by storm.

Her friends call her Doutzy, but most guys who see or meet her for the first time can’t get much out of their mouths besides “wow”.  Stunning is the word that best describes this international hottie.  And she’s adventurous as well.  It’s been reported that she has a reservation to take a trip into space on the Dutch’s first commercial space flight in 2014.  This lady is every guy’s fantasy girl come to life: she’s drop dead gorgeous AND she’s into cool activities like space travel.

Where You May Have Seen Her: She was ranked #9 in the Top Sexiest Models list by  She was ranked #21 in the 2009 on Ask Men list of the top 99 “Most Desirable” women.  She was ranked #20 Sexiest Women by the Spanish version of DT magazine in 2011. In 2010 she was ranked #50 in the FHM UK list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World”.

6.  Rihanna (Barbados)

Image result for Rihanna

This Caribbean Queen hails from the tropical paradise of St. Michael, Barbados.  Only 23 years of age, Rihanna has been a sensation since hitting the scene as a top charting R&B singer.  Rihanna is simply a Presence.  There is simply no other way to explain it.  Not particularly tall at 5’8”, she nevertheless projects a taller physical stature that is more akin to a model.  With a caramel complexion, long legs, and great…physical attributes – Rihanna has made a name for herself as one of the sexiest vocalists in the music industry.  Her videos, for a legion of appreciative male fans, leave them wanting more.  Her exotic beauty has allowed the pop star to crossover into fashion and modeling.  She has been featured on the cover of Italian Vogue (no small feat), as well as being the youngest black woman to hit the cover of American Vogue. Quite naturally, Rihanna continues to be ranked in the top 10 of most sexiest/beautiful women list that are put out.  And with good reason.  We would be amiss if we failed to follow suit (and blind as well).

Where You May Have Seen Her:  Appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue for there “Extreme Couture” edition. [September 2009].  Became the youngest black female to grace the cover of American-Vogue [March 2011].  In 2010 she was ranked #43 in the FHM UK list of “100 Sexiest Women in the World”.   She was named the “Sexiest Woman” for 2011 by Esquire magazine [October 12, 2011].

5.  Aishwarya Rai (India)

Image result for Aishwarya Rai

More than likely, a few of you who are reading this list are probably scratching your head and saying “who?” with this entry.  Well, if you don’t know this incredibly accomplished lady from Mangalore, India is, you might want to look her up.  At 38 years old, Ms. Rai is the third oldest person on our list.  Once again, we find that in the case of this South Asian beauty, age is only a number.

The former 1994 Miss World has done it all.  Primarily a Bollywood actress, she has also dabbled in modeling and has appeared in over 50 music videos.  And with good reason.  Not only is she talented, but her beauty is something truly to behold.  With ethnic features that are common to her part of the world (dark complexion, long flowing black hair), a smile to die for, and very beautiful facial features; it’s no surprise that Ms. Rai has accumulated the accolades she has (she was won over 100 awards since she was 20).

Interestingly, even movie critic Roger Ebert has weighed in on this international beauty, once commenting that Ms. Rai is the most beautiful actress in the world!  That’s pretty high praised indeed.  It goes without saying, especially once you see her, why she is consistently ranked on many of the top lists that rank beautiful women around the world.  While her claim to fame is that of an accomplished actress, she is nevertheless a beauty of the world.

Where You May Have Seen Her:  Pepsi Ads, Coca Cola South Asia Ads.   In April 2003, L’Oreal signed her as its new international brand ambassador (spokesperson).  She was the first Bollywood star to appear in Rolling Stone magazine (Issue 932, October 2, 2003).  She also appeared in Bride & Prejudice (2004).

4.  Salma Hayek (Mexico)

Image result for Salma Hayek

Ms. Hayek is the epitome of hotness.  Yep, she’s 45 and only about 5’2”tall, yet this beauty from Veracruz, Mexico is perhaps immune to the rigors of age that affect everyone else.  Ms. Hayek got her break in the film Desperado with Antonio Banderas and has not looked back.  Describing Ms. Hayek is difficult because words simply don’t convey or properly articulate the incredible beauty of this lady.  Her short stature accentuates her sizable natural attributes. Further, with model-level facial features that are usually framed by flowing black locks, Salma is every man’s fantasy.

What is not generally known about this international beauty is the extent of her heritage.  Her mother is Mexican and her father is of Lebanese decent, a combination that apparently is a secret tonic for natural beauty.  Ms. Hayek, perhaps as an extension of her mixed heritage, is fluent in Spanish, English, Arabic and Portuguese.  What is sexier than a hot lady who can speak to you in not just one foreign language, but multiple ones (and has a sexy accent)?  Ms. Hayek is one of those ladies that when you see her, you want to be with her.

Where You May Have Seen Her:  Lonely Hearts (2006), Frida (2002), Wild Wild West (1999), Fools Rush In (1997), and Desperado (1995).  She was chosen by People (USA) Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1996 and 2003.  InStyle named her the most stylish celebrity of 2003 and ranked her as the best dressed female celebrity.  Ranked #31 in Stuff Magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women in the World” (2002).

3.  Liya Kebede (Ethiopia)

Image result for Liya Kebede

Mesmerizing.  There is no other way to articulate the capturing beauty of Liya Kebede.  When you see her, be prepared to become fully engaged because turning away is not an option.  It’s no wonder that this African beauty queen took the modeling industry by storm (and why she is one of the highest paid models in the world).

Hailing from Abbis Ababa, Ethiopia, the 33-year-old model and aspiring actress is still turning heads with a natural and defining beauty.  Grace and style is what sets Liya apart from the competition and one of the reasons why she is the face of L’Oreal.  Liya is one of those rare beauties that truly puts the “super” in “supermodel”.  Liya, however, does not rest her laurels or her stunning good looks.  She has parlayed her fame into awareness for a number of causes especially for maternal health issues and serves as an ambassador for the World Health Organization.  Beautiful, intelligent and passionate, Liya is the total package.

Where You May Have Seen Her:  Cover of Vogue, Essence and Harper Bazaar.  She was featured on the campaigns for Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Revlon, Dolce and Gabbana, and Louis Viutton.  Liya has performed in the following movies: Desert Flower, The Good Shepherd and The Lord of War.

2. Garcelle Beauvais (Haiti)

Image result for Garcelle Beauvais

It’s not surprising that the Caribbean features two ladies on this list – one expects these kinds of things from exotic locations.  Ms. Beauvais is one of the most beautiful and noticeable women who grace the small screen (or any screen).  The 45-year-old beauty from St. Marc, Haiti is a former model-turned-actress.  There is a saying that women of color age gracefully, and this definitely seems to be true in the case of Ms. Beauvais.  One can make a very good argument that she is more beautiful now in her 40’s than she was in her 20’s.

At 5’9”, Ms. Beauvais has model height.  What she brings to the game, however, are great physical attributes, a creamy complexion, and big beautiful eyes that adorn an angelic face.  She has marketed her beauty with a business acumen that is rarely seen, which accounts for her longevity in the entertainment industry.  She has appeared in a number of television shows, modeled, was a member of the Groundlings, and done music videos.  At every stop, she turns heads with a level of beauty that is seldom matched, much less surpassed.

Where You May Have Seen Her:  As of June 2011, Garcelle is a character on the TNT law drama Franklin & Bash. She also posed for Playboy ‘s August 2007 issue. She co-starred in The Jamie Foxx Show.  Appeared in Luther Vandross’ music video, “Take You Out”.  Starred in R. Kelly’s video for “Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)” in 1996.  She modeled print ads for Avon, Mary Kay and Clairol.  Beauvais also modeled in catalogs for Lerner New York Clothing Line, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. She has appeared in Essence and Ebony and also walked the catwalk for Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi.  Beauvais is the cover model for Jet Magazine’s June 6, 2011 issue.

1.  Mila Kunis (Ukraine)

Mila is hot.  There is no discussion about this at all.  In fact, she seems to be getting hotter!  The 28-year-old beauty from Chernivtsi, Ukraine, made her breakthrough by playing a character on the hit television series That 70’s Show.  At 5’4”, Mila is a small package – but one that radiates heat on a level that is unmatched.  She makes petite the new desired body type of every man on the planet.  She has a “girl next door” look that only applies if you happen to live in a neighborhood full of models.  With a husky voice that is sure to generate goose bumps and hopeful desires, Mila has a sexiness that is not quite definable.  She’s cute, yet somehow more so.  She has a fit, toned body that somehow seems more desirable than one would generally think.

Where You May Have Seen Her:  Friends with Benefits (2011), Black Swan (2010), Date Night (2010), The Book of Eli (2010), Extract (2009). ranked her as #2 for the 2011 Top 100 most desirable women.  Maxim Magazine ranked her #5 on their 2011 Hot 100 Women list.  She won the title “Holy Grail of Hot” at the 2011 Guys Choice Award.  Dior recently announced her as the new face of the company as of January 2012.

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  1. 5’8″ not particularly tall? Yes, 5’8″ is particularly tall for a woman; thank you very much!

  2. Aya Ueto is a new face but she look pretty, Rihanna and Salma Hayek not only beautiful but sexy and the last Aishwarya i like her as a Indian

    • aishwarya rai is nothin b4 aya ueto , evn in 50 madona loks btr than aishwarya rai, aishwarya loks vry ugly nw than her 25. look aya ueto vl bcm mor fmous by 40, wait n c.

  3. Does the person who compiled this list of “More” international beauties, realize that 2 of the entries (#3 and #5) also appear on the original international beauty list?

    • This list was a bit of a snafu for Toptenz. We asked people to write lists and three authors took this article and we decided to publish them all. It won’t happen again.

  4. Archie Leach on

    Mila Kunis came to the United States when she was 7 and is as American (valley girl) as you can get.

    • Cosmetic Surgeon on

      If you find Mila Kunis beautiful, then perhaps you should see the picture of Haifa Wehbe, a Lebanese celebrity looking very much like Mila, except she is more beautiful. By the way, Selma Hayek is also of Lebanese origin.

  5. why is it, that it`s always the gorgeous women, who are really nasty, or bimbo brains like Catherine Howard from The Tudors, and the ugly ones who are really nice? I`ve never got it..

  6. darkknight9761 on

    Very good list. I’ve always had an affection for Salma Hayek ever since her role in “From Dusk Till Dawn”. She’s a classy lady, and quite an accomplished actress.

  7. Roderick Rutledge on

    Congratulations and thank you for another wonderful list. Yes, all the women of the world are beautiful, unfortunately many of the unfairer sex are not. I find it difficult to understand the criticism that this list will inevitably attract. Quite obviously, this is one mans/groups list, and subject to bias, if you don’t like the list , go make a website and publish a list, and wait for the criticism. Or shut the xxxx up, as it were.
    Thank you again, and I hope to see more lists (perhaps including a Polynesian and a Colombian beauty).

    • Lee Standberry on

      Thanks for the compliment – those are some good ideas for a list – what does our resident webmaster, owner and master of this domain think? Lee

      • I think we are on our third list like this and we need a break. I don’t want to be confused with a gentleman’s site, know what I mean?

    • Please feel free to include some names in your comments. We can add pictures to comments to showcase any women you think should be included from those cultures.

  8. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t disagree more with this list. A few are well placed but in general there are many more beautifull girls who deserve to be here. And Salma Hayek’s “natural” attributes aren’t really that natural. Go check it up.
    And Garcelle Beauvais is very plastic wouldn’t you say?