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  1. 5minutes
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    #0.5: Introverts need to be “fixed”.

    I’m an introvert. My wife’s an introvert. My best friend is an introvert. We’re very content and don’t need repair, thank you very much.

    1. Lida
      Lida at |

      You know the titles are misconceptions, right?

  2. Ryjrx Cascolan
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  3. Don Beto
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    makes sense

  4. Hestie BG
    Hestie BG at |

    Interesting list. What happens when you’re both?

    1. George_Batman
      George_Batman at |

      It says that no one is one or the other, these behaviors are just two extremes. People fall somewhere between the two. I’m in between too, because I definitely need alone time so figure things out but for a couple hours, not a couple days, but I talk about stuff with everyone too, but everyone meaning good friends, not just any acquaintance. So I think it means some people have tendencies with both but not so extremely.


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