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    Number 5:
    “Its inception came during the the 1950s, when Soviet weapon designer Mikhail Kalashnikov decided to mix the best attributes of the American M1 and the German StG44. ”

    A common myth. Before You start being Germanocentric, learn what were the methods of operation for the AK-47 and the StG44 – they were two different designs. Same with being Americanocentric and claiming that Garand was the best and base for all the automatic weapons. First see what were the AVS (also introduced in 1936, and actually based on pre-Soviet 1916 AF rifle), SVT and SKS. The evolution in the Russia/Soviet Union was independent to the American evolution of authomatic weapons.
    And while we may argue if AK-47 was indeed Kalashnikov’s “lone genius” work, or was it a work of a collective (that included captured German engineers and Soviet engineers much better educated than Kalashnikov) it is undeniable that it was an original design. There maight had been some inspiration from the StG or all the SMGs of the WW2, but M1’s inspiration is actually hard to see.


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