10 Cancelled Military Operations That Would’ve Changed Everything


In the quest to end a war or conflict as quickly as possible, ingenious battle plans are drawn up all the time. Sometimes, these plans fall by the wayside, for one reason or another. Whether the cancellation was good or bad for civilization, it makes one wonder what would have happened if it was seen through to the end. Here are ten such war plans that could have changed history completely, had they not been abandoned during the blueprint stages.

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  1. noone important on

    The problem with number one is that, well, Warsaw was actually reduced to ruins after the Warsaw Uprising (not to be confused with an earlier Warsaw Ghetto Uprising) by the Germans. So the thing is that actually directly after the War Poland had no capital (with unofficial capital being Lublin), which in turn led to a lot of resources redirected to rebuilding of the city, meaning that other projects, like rebuilding the cities on the “reclaimed” lands were postponed.
    On the other hand – the two of former Capitals of Poland – Krakow and Gienzno – survived the war more or less intact, as well as the than second largest city – Lodz, which had led to the plans of moving the capital to one of those cities and leaving the ruined Warsaw as a memorial site. The city was rebuilt because part of the new government were strongly for it and in the end Stalin backed-up the plan and provided help. Actually, one of the leaders stated in his memoires that it was Stalin’s decission that led to the city being rebuilt.