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    While not a riot, per se, I think some recognition should go to yet another North Carolina race event: the Kirk-Holden War. Shortly after the Civil War, former slaves in NC were given positions of authority by appointed boards. In Graham, NC, Wyatt Outlaw, a former slave, was patrolling the streets at night as a night policeman and town commissioner when a crowd of klansmen were harassing a local black merchant. Outlaw fired shots in the air and dispersed the crowd. A few days later, he was found hanging from a tree down the street from the courthouse.

    To the north of Graham, in Caswell County, a Republican state senator by the name of John W. Stephens was lured into the courthouse by a Democrat he was trying to sway to run as a Republican. Little did he know that the man was also a member of the Klan, and waiting for him were about a dozen men who gave him one last look at his family before pinning to him a table, strangling him, and stabbing him 3 times in the throat.

    These events led to Governor William Holden declaring martial law and suspending habeas corpus in the 2 counties. He sent in the militia, let by Colonel George W. Kirk to take over the Caswell Courthouse, where shots were fired. That situation was quieted by the actions of a detachment of US Army soldiers camped nearby at the Presbyterian church. Kirk sent militia troops gathered from Tennessee and Western NC to Graham in Alamance County and occupied the 2 counties in an attempt to quash the Klan. The troops, unfortunately, were not well-behaved and had a habit of public nudity and sexual assault. By September, the governor declared the insurrection over and recalled the troops. In November, the state elected a Democrat majority legislature who promptly impeached and removed Governor Holden from his post, the first such removal in US history. Holden was rewarded for his actions with federal appointments from Republican allies, and Klan activities in both counties were quelled for many years.

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    Why not use the term “a false rumor ” when describing the hands up, shot in the back for the Ferguson incident, like you did with the Watts riots? Evidence is pretty clear. You are intentionally trying to stoke the fires with this most recent incident.

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    This list loses all credibility when the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 is left off. I mean, come on.

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      So nothing is credible on this list?

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    10 worst race riots and seems to be majority caused by black people and you put a photo of Koreans with shotguns as the article thumbnail.

    Bigot much, you fucking racist.

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      They were guarding their stores from the rioters who were black. And IIRC they defended them very weil. We need more of these citizens with guns defending their properties.

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    no Tulsa race riot? wow. America really did manage to cover up the worst race riot in history.

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    This is a BS list.


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