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Top 10 Facts about Evan Andrews

  1. He lives in Richmond, VA and attended college in the great state of North Carolina.
  2. He has an obsession with books, movies and music that borders on unhealthy. He writes a blog about movies at
  3. He enjoys fishing, and is always on the lookout for the elusive large mouth bass. Maybe even a catfish or two.
  4. He is a big soccer fan, but is way too out of shape to actually play it.
  5. Darts are more his speed.
  6. He loves history, especially the weirder stories that tend to fly under the radar.
  7. He plays the keyboard. Badly.
  8. He had way too much fun and wasted way too much time researching the Sasquatch for the Top Ten Cryptids list.
  9. He was a big fan of the "Top Ten Best Comebacks” list, and has been trying to find ways to work them into everyday conversation.
  10. He’s always looking for more writing opportunities. E-mail him at: [email protected]