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History battle-of-prague

Top 10 Battles Fought After The War Had Ended

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Just because the people in charge decide a war is over, doesn’t mean every soldier knows about it. Many wars have experienced a number of bloody, violent, and fatal battles fought days, weeks, or even months after the war officially ended. This is yet one more reason that war is bad; because stupid carp like this happens far too often.

Politics william-gladstone

Top 10 Honest Politicians

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When you think of politicians, just about the last word that comes to mind is “honesty.” That’s too bad, because there are actually quite a few throughout history known for their devotion to the truth. Sadly, they’re in the minority, hence the Top 10 list. If this were about dishonest politicians, we’d be posting it on

History zombie-haiti

10 Zombies Different From The Ones In the Movies

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The idea of zombies, a creature that once died but is now alive again, but this time brainless and murderous, is a timeless premise. As such, it’s not just in video games and movies where you see them. They’ve been seen throughout history in various forms, sometimes in real life (allegedly.)

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