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  • schuyler

    Um, excuse me but you forgot “The Homer”…

  • fdx

    Cool list, number 7 looks a bit like Spirou and Fantasio’s Turbotraction

  • TruStory

    if you’re anything like me you never HOPED to drive any of these cars….you’re followup list should be in regard to concept cars from 2008 that arent here yet…and you GOTTA include concept cars from makers that died after the recession we suffered….now THAT’S a list. one concept on the top of the list should be the 2008 Chrysler Imperial Concept. It’s a beautiful car that they have yet to roll out.

    • Here is the video for the 2008 Chrysler Imperial Concept Car:

  • David Verney

    I was half expecting to find the Back to the Future car or Kit from Knight Rider

  • auto devis

    No flying cars

  • cheap rubber tyres

    These are some of the most memorable concept cars from the 20th century. The automobile makers have been responsible for some of the most impressive engineering improvements of all time and they all start here in the concept stage.

  • Private Number Plates

    It’s amazing how many of them look like the Batmobile from the old Adam West episodes. We think the Machimoto is the only one that remotely looks like it belongs in this century. Nice list.