10 Marvel DC Superhero Mashups


If you have been following Toptenz.net you might know that we publish our fair share of comic book related lists. I still find time to see what’s going on at the Xavier’s School for Mutants, The Daily Planet and the Avenger’s Mansion when I can. Rather than publish just another comic book list, (we seem to have gone overboard recently) I thought it would be fun to showcase original artwork. I found some artists who were willing to follow my bizarre instructions: create a new superhero character  that is a mashup of a Marvel superhero and a DC superhero.

Of course we brought in the heavy-hitter characters everyone knows, Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man and so on, but we picked B-list characters too, such as Robin and Captain Marvel. We even went to the C-list and used Nightcrawler and Cyborg. I have included links to the artist’s  site so you can see more of their work.

Please be respectful and do not copy these images. These characters were paid for and created for Toptenz.net exclusively. If you are interested in using one on your site, please email me ([email protected]) and we can discuss it. Don’t steal our images, please. Or I’ll send CyThing after you.

Green Wolverine (Green Claw?)

Mashing up a blood thirsty killer turned hero and a hero who went insane probably isn’t a good combination for mental stability, but you know he will keep it interesting at the JLA or X-Mansion. You must admit that having claws made out of green energy is pretty cool. Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

Green Lantern and Wolverine Mashup as Green Wolverine

Green Lantern and Wolverine Mashup as Green Wolverine

Wonder Phoenix

The mashup of two powerful super-heroines, Wonder Woman and Phoenix (Jean Grey) is a natural combo of two heroes with great hair. An Amazon combined with the Phoenix Force would be a hot date unless you are blue-haired, asparagus-looking aliens. Illustrated by Rick Marin.

Wonder Woman & Phoenix Mashup as Wonder Phoenix

Wonder Woman & Phoenix Mashup as Wonder Phoenix

Captain Bat

The mashup of two characters that both have an unbeatable, indomitable will is a nice character trait. But think about this, Batman uses the bat to instill fear and the Captain America uses the American flag for inspiration. Together they inspire fear like no one else.  Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

Captain America and Batman Mashup as Captain Batman

Captain America and Batman Mashup as Captain Batman

Thor Hawk (Thunderbird?)

Two guys that swing a deadly, blunt instrument, a hammer for Thor and a mace for Hawkman. Seems like a good mashup of beings from other worlds who came to defend earth or Midgard. Illustrated by Kelly Ishikawa.

Mighty Thor and Hawkman mashup as Thor Hawk

Mighty Thor and Hawkman mashup as Thor Hawk


The Flash & The Hulk may not come to mind as good combination superhero, but super-speed and super-strength actually make him…um, Superman….if he couldn’t fly and was green and had anger management issues. Sounds like a good guy to have at parties, “Flash smash fast!” Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

The Flash and The Hulk Mashup as FlasHulk

The Flash and The Hulk Mashup as FlasHulk


Two loveable, but sometimes brooding characters who would rather have the body they were born with rather than the body fate gave them. The Thing and Cyborg are more alike than either probably realized, so better to mash them up into CyThing! The Thing would be even more badass with a cannon for an arm, yes? Illustrated by Rick Marin.

The Thing and Cyborg mashup as CyThing

The Thing and Cyborg mashup as CyThing


Daredevil, the Man Without Fear combined with Aquaman, the King of the Seven Seas is a typical fish out of water story mashup. Doesn’t ol’ hornhead need buildings to bound from? Well, at least he has something to throw, and this “billy club” has dangerous barbs. They both share a sonar capability for navigating dark waters. Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

Daredevil and Aquaman mashup as Aquadevil

Daredevil and Aquaman mashup as Aquadevil

Iron Robin

Even I’m not sure how I came up with Iron Man and Robin as a good mashup. Maybe I was going for a mashup that really makes no sense. They are such opposites. Metal armor vs. tights. Solo hero vs. sidekick. Cool name vs. bird name. Playboy vs. just a boy. I better stop, Robin might be reading this and the differences are quite depressing from his point of view. Illustrated by Felle.

Iron man and Robin mashup as Iron Robin

Iron man and Robin mashup as Iron Robin

Captain Crawler

Blending Nightcrawler’s distinctive features with the wholesome good looks of DC’s Captain Marvel (Shazam) gives us a dashing guy in a hoodie who can teleport and stand toe-to-toe with Superman. Does he remind anyone of Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed? Yeah, me too. Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Nightcrawler mashup as Captain Crawler

Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Nightcrawler mashup as Captain Crawler

Amazing Super-Spider

Red and blue superhero costumes never looked better than when worn by Spider-man and Superman. Mashing up Marvel and DC founding superheroes, who seem to be just a bit more of a hero than anyone else, just feels right. And who didn’t want to see Spider-man in a cape with webbing and Superman shooting webs, even though the webs are redundant when he can fly? Illustrated by Rick Marin.

Superman and Spider-man mashup as the Amazing Super Spider-man

Superman and Spider-man mashup as the Amazing Super Spider-man

Did we overlook any obvious Marvel/DC mashup characters or are their any superhero combos you would like to see. Add them to the comments and maybe we will do a reprise to this list.

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  1. Daredevil/Bat-Man “Devil-Bat” or “Devil Knight”
    Dr. Octopus/Aquaman, “Dr. Otto Aquarius”
    Spider-Man/Green Lantern with energy webs, Peter “Arachnid” Gardner

  2. Super Spider was kinda already done when they did Amalgams. They merged Superboy with Spider man for that one. Wolverine mixed with 1 of The Flash’s would be a cool one. You could also mix Wolverine with Aquaman instead of Daredevil and Aquaman. Aquaman and Hawkeye would be interesting as well as a Hawkeye and Green Lantern mix. Batman mixed with Angel would be cool since Batman would have wings. How about Joker and Quicksilver? Lex Luther flying around in a power suit looks like they mixed him with Iron man already.

  3. Dc and marvel had a colab published way back and again in the 90’z. During the colab in the 90’z they had both universes fuse and called it the amalgam universe it has a superman cap mash up n so much more. They even had several comics for each of the amalgamated characters. Thankz for the trip down memory lane. good timez…l8

  4. There was already a superhero combo like this called “Amalgams” Featuring “Super Soldier” (superman+captain america) and my favorite “Lobo the Duck” (if you can’t figure out who that is, get off these threads lmfao)

  5. I always thought hawkeye and green arrow could be considered parallel versions of each other, especially since they date blond, bird-related superheroines, mockingbird and the black canary respectively. Hm, maybe The Green Hawk and Blackbird?
    Also, even though this isn’t a marvel/dc mash up, what if wolverine, a decorated soldier during ww2, had been selected for the super soldier program instead of steve rogers?
    Last, how about the flash and storm, call her Thunderbolt.

  6. Yeah, um, I might give this more credit if Marvel and DC hadn’t already done something like this themselves. Over a decade ago. Amalgam Comics. Look it up.

    • Of course I knew this. That was why I chose all new marvel/DC character combinations. Sorry you weren’t able to give it more credit. We’ll try harder for you next time. We need all the credit from “heyguesswhat” we can get.

    • Yes, but they are different examples, and they (from here) are very good .Some of them better than the one from the one from Amalgam

  7. Bryan McCarty on

    Peter Parker + Nightwing + Jimmy Olsen = Peter James Grayson / Spider-Man

    The Flash + Quicksilver + Flash Thomson = Bart “Flash” Thomson / Quicksilver

    Catwoman + Kitty Pryde + Black Cat = Felicia “Kitty” Kyle / Shadowcat

    Steel + War Machine + Colossus = John Henry Rhodes / Colossus

    Hawkgirl + Wonder Woman + Storm = Princess Ororo / Stormhawk

  8. “WONDER-HULK” -SHE-HULK, & WONDER WOMAN, in “formal WONDER WOMAN ware”; the full cape, the “pleated armour” mini skirt, the croun, sward on hip, & so on -(sheild on left arm, right hand holding an impressive staff/septer). -Also with the glowing big green eyes.

  9. I’d like to see Powergirl and Storm aka ‘Storm Front’… if you know what I mean…

    And Nightwing and MoonKnight – Night Knight (sleep tight).

    Nick Fury and Luke Cage… Nick Cage?

  10. Richard Raymond on

    I think Wolverine/Green Lantern should have been Red Claw instead, based on the Red Lantern Corps and their affinity to “rage”. Also, Wizard Magazine already did a Batman/Captain America character called “The Dark Knight”. My 2 favorites from that article were Joker/Carnage called Asylum and Superman/Submariner called Supermanta.


    (2 pts if you can guess how I got this amalgam nickname)

  11. Well here are my combo characters.

    1.) Magneto + Captain Atom = Magnate. Jewish mutant who’s power activated upon witnessing an alien ship crash when being captured by Nazis. He magnetically grafted the metal from the ship to his skin and destroyed the German forces in the area before disappearing.
    2.) Professor X + Martian Manhunter = Mentor. Persecuted figure of Martian decent fr

  12. I just love how random they are. It made for some interesting mash-ups, but Captain Bat was my personal favorite, that and Aqua Devil.

    • It is the only one that makes any sense because the flash need to be super durable to live through the impacts at a great speed

  13. Combine DC’s Silver Ghost and Marvel’s Jubilee into Queen Elizabeth’s personal bodyguard “The Silver Jubilee”