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  • Larry

    weeks of drilling and setting explosives to bring down a building. which would have not gone un-noticed, there would have been visible ignition wires laying everywhere. Was not a planned,

  • George

    Heavens_Joke: See this is why people think conspiracy theorists aren’t very bright. You do all of your “research” on websites like infowars and abovetopsecret and you end up with decades old info that is no longer correct or relevant. Silverstein got a grand total of $4.6 billion and that is only if you count the money insurance companies are still fighting to not pay out. See the insurance policy wasn’t even finalized when 9/11 happened. Silverstein wanted to only insure the complex for $1.5 billion but his lenders wouldn’t let him. He ended up insuring it for the minimum they would let him which was $3.5 billion. Does that sound like someone who knew about it ahead of time and was trying to make money? Of course not. Also the entire time the buildings were destroyed until they had paying tenants, he was still required to pay the Port Authority $120 million a year in rent. That was in their lease agreement. Funny how you failed to calculate that extra $1.5 billion in rent in your calculations. Also per their agreement he only gets to keep 57% of the insurance money. The rest goes to the Port Authority as well. Also he hasn’t received a dime of the bonds yet because none of it has been released. Also he only received 60% of the Liberty bonds which means over the life of the 80 years left in the lease he will only make $3-$4 billion. He won’t see that of course because he isn’t immortal and would be dust by then. His interest payments are currently killing him considering he has only received around $400 million of the insurance money and has had to borrow for the rest. Over half of the buildings for site are on hold because Silverstein can’t come up with the funds to finish them.

    This is the problem when you do your research at conspiracy websites. You get straight out false information as well as irrelevant, misleading, and lying by omission information. You obviously fall under the category of “not very bright” for your reliance on conspiracy websites to tell you the truth.

  • Heather Matthews

    thanks for posting these facts, they are thought-provoking…and thank you for reading the list.