1. How is LG Dare a knockoff, the picture you posted shows an lg with the interface totally different from the on iOS has. Or do you believe that only Apple has the right to have a green bar above the screen ?

  2. I would be so embarresed if i wrote this article. Shiz will be here to show how bad you are at your job. You may want to take off the incorrect information.

  3. iPhone and Android are parallel advancement; inevitable that some are close, to the other. However I prefer the open source option. The big thing is “Jailbreaking” for some people, doesn’t need to be done with Android phones.

    • Of course Android phones need to be jailbroken. That’s why they come with dozens of apps you don’t want that you can’t delete. Several are running processes, hogging memory, that can’t be shut down.

  4. The Prada phone was already announced BEFORE the iPhone was released. And; LG Dare SO does not look like the iPhone. Many other OS use the same interface as the iPhone does.

  5. does anyone really care about the iphone clones anymore? china produce tons of iphone clones that some of my pals are using it on day to day basis.

  6. I purchased the CECT P168++ a few years ago. The worst cell phone I have ever had. So what do you think I did this time? I bought another CECT phone of course. This time I did a lot of research and praying. I was not going to spend $400+ for a phone just because it is an American phone company selling it. Crap for five times what the makers of most of those phones want for their products.

    So this time I bought a CECT N97. So far it is a great cell phone. The best I have ever had. I'm a close to a true geek so I love discovering new things my gadgets can do now and then. This phone has so many I am still finding them. TV, WIFI, Radio, Two cameras (front and back), flash and flash light, okay, I will stop there but the list goes on and on. It all words very well. All this for $117. I bought two. One for me and one for my wife. I'm not sure why they used N96 software but then, what difference does it make? I guess the big question anyway is can you get reception on your new Iphone?

  7. the only real knockoffs on this list

    oPhone – name

    tPhone – name and logo

    A88 – design

    HiPhone – name

    the rest is your run of the mill subpar smartphones, beeing a smartphone does not makes it a iphone rippoff

  8. I'm not the writer of this list, but I am an editor for toptenz and thought I better check out the facts behind #10 before anyone's head completely pops off over the controversy. Yes, it looks like the LG Prada was available for sale before the iPhone. In that case it doesn't qualify as a knock-off, unless there is an iTimeMachine coming out soon that I don't know about.

    On another note, the lists on this site are written by humans just like you, which means mistakes are made. The Internet is full of all sorts of intentionally misleading information- why not save your time (and your name-calling) for that instead of picking on this writer?

    I also challenge any of you to write your own top 10 list and submit it… come on, you know you secretly want to participate – and it can be a lot of fun! I often invite the harshest critics to send in their own list and I haven't received one yet – prove me wrong and send it in! (Check out the guidelines from the home page).

    • Instead of challenging someone to send their top list, why not edit this article and correct it. In that way it will not mislead. I know you are pissed off with the name callings and stuff like that, because the writer is also a human capable of mistakes. But guess what, its the internet.

      • Hi Alister, I understand where you are coming from but we don’t usually rewrite whole sections of the lists once they have been published. If the error had been caught during editing, the list would have been sent back to the writer for changes, but I missed it. Instead, the corrections live in the comment threads – it’s not that common, but it does happen. The list is 2 years old now so definitely won’t be changed anymore. I haven’t challenged anyone to submit a list in a long time, I think I’m much mellower in my senior years as a TopTenz editor 🙂

  9. My friend it appears your lack of research skills has been called…by people on the internet no less. You must immediately shutter this site and post no more forever. Someone attach the rock of shame!

  10. Who is the retarded who does this list?, Iphone is a ripoff of Prada!!..crapple fanboys!!.

    • How is it, exactly?

      Its more powerful than any iphone ever made.

      Better camera, better calling capabilites.

      Uses a truly open source OS insted of being tied down to crapple.

      So how is it a knockoff? Because it has a touch screen and a candy bar shape (apple knocked them off other companies…)

      • CallingYouOnIt on

        Just because something is (arguably) an improvement over it's predecessor, doesn't mean it's not a knock off…

  11. yes someone cares and that is me, if you can't get you fact right…. don't make a list !!!!

  12. I'm sorry but yeah if you're going to publish something online on a site that is well read, get your facts straight. the iphone is more or less a knock-off of this prada phone by LG

  13. dose anyone really care that there is one thing wrong because god forbid that someone post something that is not entirely correct on the internet. Like that has never happened before ever in the history of the internet

  14. Yeah the LG prada was in SK and came out way before the Iphone, you need to get your facts straight before posting stuff like this on the Internet.

  15. Just FYI. The Prada is actually an LG phone that was designed by Prada. It came out in 2006 whereas the Iphone came out in 2007.

    Therefore not an iphone ripoff.

    • YES! thankyou! I was about to write that in a comment.

      You'd think someone writing this sort of artical would have look up their facts.

      Its good to see someone with sense.

    • Shock and horror. Information on the ‘net turns out to be inaccurate.
      So, the Prada phone is not a ripoff copycat, but the rest are.
      And yes, every ‘android’ whatever phone IS a knockoff. Anyone can do a tear-down-and-copy job.
      So do you want a Hyundai Sonata or a 328i?

    • Ok let me get this straight. So every phone that comes out from now on with a touchscreen (and even a full keypad in the case of #6) is inevitably a rip off of the iphone? Yes I know there are truly full-out Chineese copies, but LG and ALL Androids? There where many phones that came out earlier than the iphone with similar features. My next list will be titled “Top Ten LG Prada Ripoffs” and take a HUGE guess with phone will be #1! If you want to argue that LG still ripped off Apple by use of a time machine or something, (probably also made by Apple right?) there are plenty of others that predate the Iphone. The Siemens SX56 (HTC Wallaby) was introduced all the way back in 2002 and came equipped with the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition, an Intel CPU, and a Flash ROM, and what else but a touchscreen! Go buy another black turtleneck and a pair of old-man jeans Mr. Jobs.