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  1. Nathanael Hood
    Nathanael Hood at |

    What do you mean, African movies or unappreciated movies?

    My blog has entries on both. So if you are curious, check it out.

  2. Allan Jensen
    Allan Jensen at |

    Hi Ive been looking for information and the name of this african movie i saw on TV once. We have a multicultural channerl SBS in Australia it has some great movies. The one I saw was African and was about men and women and the balance of power bewtween the sexes. The plot included battling for control of a talisman a vaagina with teeth looking thing that represented womens power according to tribal stories. When it was controlled by men if I recall there was balance when women controlled it things became chaotic. Stiill done in a humourous way if not quite PC for today I quite enjoyed the film
    Thanks Allan

  3. Adam Haggerty
    Adam Haggerty at |


    Amazing list. We specalise in behind the scenes and would love to do one in Africa soon. Have only just started research but you wouldn’t have any suggestions as to who I should look into at the moment would you?



  4. Thandi
    Thandi at |

    I think this list needs other movies that do not conform to the stereotype of the ‘Noble African’ before slave trade and colonisation. Also the movies seem to conform only to either the Africa of either problems (read ‘dark Africa’) such as circumcision, poverty etc or the Africa of beautiful landscapes’ stereotypes. It would be good to include e.g. Sout African movies such as Tsotsi as well which show Africa as it is: with many realities i.e. good AND bad people, landscapes AND shanties and urban areas, poverty AND wealth etc.

  5. Junior
    Junior at |

    Pretty good list except for the inclusion of the gods must be crazy…it’s like taking someone to Taco bell to make them discover Mexican food, or to Panda Express to introduce them to Chinese food.

  6. Jason
    Jason at |

    Even though slavery movies generate good searches, there are not as many good mainstream slavery movies as there are heist movies, assassin movies, end of the world movies, and zombie movies. Gone with the Wind and Amistad are two well known slavery movies.

    Blood Diamond i considered a modern slavery movie. There are not too many slavery movies. It is a good topic to consider as a screenwriter.


    I am glad that there are movies for everyone’s preference… you just have to look! — DAVID WARDLE

  8. david
    david at |

    I would like to find a movie I watched years ago . cant remember the name. but it was about a group of people that was captured by a tribe and all of them were killed but one. and then they let him go and began too run after him. and the movie was about them chasing him hundreds of miles and then he finely mad it to a fort of soldiers

  9. Arleen
    Arleen at |

    I am searching for a movie filmed in Africa about a devoted father, who searches for his two children accidentally taken by poachers after they climbed into the back of the truck. I thought it started ” The Gods….but can’t remember the entire title. I had a copy and loaned it to someone, but would like to get another. It was a heart-warming tale of love, perseverance, and devotion, and also covered the crime of poaching.

  10. duanet
    duanet at |

    @ Arleen the movie you are describing is The Gods Must Be Crazy II. Should be easy to find.


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