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14 Responses

  1. marc at |

    what about Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation album?

    1. Henry Turner at |

      Came here to ask this. Leaving happy.

  2. Riff at |

    Very interesting list. I didn’t know most of this stuff, and I consider myself well-read in the realm of rock trivia. I was expecting to see “Metal Machine Music” on here, but I wonder how much those cassettes of the Zappa album the radio listeners made were going for before the music was finally officially released?

    1. Ortho Stice at |

      Oh, yeah, Metal Machine Music should be here, definitely. Young’s Arc/Weld should have made the list as well.

  3. ulyssesmsu at |

    You forgot about Jeff Lynne, the Beatles, etc.

  4. Jim Fry at |

    You forgot Metal Machine Music – Lou Reed

  5. mErocrush at |

    What about “Sandanista”? The Clash owed CBS three records and mistakenly thought a triple album would count as all three. Still a messy masterpiece, the true heir to “Exile on Main Street”.

  6. Alan Haber at |

    I like the People Like Us album a lot. It’s always been a favorite of mine. I honestly don’t understand all of the hate thrown at it over the years. The songs are solid, the vocals perfect, and the production crystal clear.

  7. Elise at |

    Hendrix -Band of Gypsies

  8. Rudy at |

    What about Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys?

    Great album but was released under Capitol .

  9. John Collins at |

    Prince’s Chaos and Disorder is actually a great album, well worth tracking down, especially if you like his rockier side

  10. James at |

    Tori Amos’ “Strange Little Girls” is another great one. A covers album that she cut specifically to fulfill her requirement with Atlantic Records after they refused to let her go but also refused to promote her. As detailed in her auto-biography, she found out they were calling up radio stations and offering them tickets to her concerts in exchange for airplay of OTHER artists on the label. With this album she was able to get out of her contract without giving them any new original material.

  11. whistletaste at |

    Arc Weld ?

    Just because you don’t like an album doesn’t mean it was a contractual obligation.

    1. James at |

      ? Are you responding to my comment? Not sure what “Arc Weld” means… and I didn’t say I disliked “Strange Little Girls” at all. Tori Amos specifically says in her own autobiography “Piece by Piece” that she recorded that album, a covers album, to give Atlantic Records the last record she contractually owed them without handing over any more of her original material.


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