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  1. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    The end of this sentence bugs me:

    “Jupiter was married to Juno; however, he had affairs with numerous other women, which he had children with.”

    I’m no expert, but I think “which” isn’t used when referring to people. It should be: “…with whom he had children.”

    1. ned
      ned at |

      I am a grammar nazi as well but there are far more glaring errors in this article such as the inaccurate ratios of planetary orbits. Perfection is not possible.

  2. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    “The gravity on this “Giant Planet” is two and a half times stronger than Earth’s and if someone weighing 100 kg stood on Jupiter, they would weigh 150 kg there.”

    I’m no math whiz, but 100×2.5=250

    1. TheodoreDeBear
      TheodoreDeBear at |

      There’s another problem with this. Kilograms are a measure of mass, which is independent of gravity, not weight, which is dependent on gravity. 100 kg on Earth will still be 100 kg on Jupiter or in outer space.

      So what it really should be is 100 lbs on Earth, 250 lbs on Jupiter

    2. Crudus
      Crudus at |

      Also, you have the same mass no matter where you are. If you have 100kg of mass on Earth you would have 100 kilograms of mass on Jupiter, on the moon, in space, in a blackhole, etc. It is your weight that changes. So if you were 100 pounds on Earth you would be 250 pounds on Jupiter.

      1. vesey
        vesey at |

        sorry science wannabees but if you weigh 100 kg on Earth you would weigh 551.25 lbs on Jupiter..

  3. bfg666
    bfg666 at |

    “The gravity on this “Giant Planet” is two and a half times stronger than Earth’s and if someone weighing 100 kg stood on Jupiter, they would weigh 150 kg there.”

    The basic arithmetics error notwithstanding, there’s still one huge misconception: Since the planet has no surface per se, no-one could stand on Jupiter. Due to its very high inner pressure levels, its dense gaseous matter that we can see in the upper atmosphere gradually turns into a metallic core without an intermediate rocky state.

    Corollary: on Jupiter, there is no “ground level” to make measurements, and since the gravitational pull is dependent on the altitude (or more exactly on the proximity to the gravity center), saying that gravity is 2.5 times stronger than Earth’s doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Angie
    Angie at |

    I believe that we are or we belong to this planet in specific. I have just had a dream with the revelations and landscapes of Jupiter that never in my life he had seen the detail and I remained amazed with them therefore is all as much as I saw in my dream. We are not alone AND nevertheless, not nor we should divulge our origins. By now… All we have between 29 and more than 40 years. I did not see greater people. The voice, in a neuter tone, he spoke me that we have different characteristics and we are in this world on account of a disaster but in my case, reveals me that there is where I belong and that I should return. I have felt and I have special qualities, I continue believing in a divine force that conducts us to all where we belong. Upon seeing landscapes of Jupiter, I have remained amazed. ..! It is SUCH AS him I saw in my dream. I expect this testimony, offer light to all those that know about some or another form that are different. That we do not belong to this world, but that we are here with a purpose. My affection with all my unknown brothers, some. You known other… Angela.

    Recomendations to explore if you feel like this or you have lived different sensations being asleep, in trance or if you posses different characteristics, making you feel litteraly “out of this world”


    1. bfg666
      bfg666 at |

      Ah, the joys of LSD…


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