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  1. Dave Smiling Coyote
    Dave Smiling Coyote at |

    #2. I never thought that I’d hear or read the term “dog farmer”.. lol!

  2. Raven
    Raven at |

    “And Roman Emperor Heliogabulus is said to have enjoyed camel heels.”

    I get the unshakable feeling this is a mistranslation of something much dirtier.

  3. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    Dolphins are mammals, not fisf.

  4. Clive888
    Clive888 at |

    I’ve eaten jellyfish. It tasted like noodles.

  5. Wilm
    Wilm at |

    I’ve had Emu before, it’s quite good, very similar taste to beef.

  6. msmedieval
    msmedieval at |

    I’ve had a camel burger a couple of months ago. It tasted very close to beef, but leaner. Quite good.

  7. LGChrist
    LGChrist at |

    To paraphrase a quote from the travle documentary Full Circle with Michael Palin:
    “A plate of fried maggots is good grub!”


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