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  • David

    bloody mary?
    aviator fuel?

  • Zach Gillette

    Rum and Coke?

  • Fandango

    Nobody enjoys Guiness?… speak for yourself!

  • lawn

    Flaming Homer?

  • A E

    A shot a friend and I invented, The River Styx:

    1 Part Jim Beam ‘Devil’s Cut’ 90 Proof
    1 Part Knob Creek 120 Proof

  • rajimus123

    if you’re american and come north of the border you have to try a Caesar, way better than a bloody mary, just dont ask whats in the mix haha

  • Peter Boucher

    And just remember Ladies and Gentleman. If you are mixing a drink that calls for Jagarmeister and you don’t have any ? Just use Ny-Quil. It tastes the same and almost equal in alcohol quantity. Personally, There is not enough money that you could give me to put that rot gut into my mouth and bloodstream.

  • Inor

    Isn’t the jagernuke made from a glass of Red Bull and a shot of Jägermeister? You’d have to be pretty bold, and have an extra liver to dring a full glass of Jägermeister,as suggested above.