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8 Responses

  1. David at |

    bloody mary?
    aviator fuel?

  2. Zach Gillette at |

    Rum and Coke?

  3. Fandango at |

    Nobody enjoys Guiness?… speak for yourself!

  4. lawn at |

    Flaming Homer?

  5. A E at |

    A shot a friend and I invented, The River Styx:

    1 Part Jim Beam ‘Devil’s Cut’ 90 Proof
    1 Part Knob Creek 120 Proof

  6. rajimus123 at |

    if you’re american and come north of the border you have to try a Caesar, way better than a bloody mary, just dont ask whats in the mix haha

  7. Peter Boucher at |

    And just remember Ladies and Gentleman. If you are mixing a drink that calls for Jagarmeister and you don’t have any ? Just use Ny-Quil. It tastes the same and almost equal in alcohol quantity. Personally, There is not enough money that you could give me to put that rot gut into my mouth and bloodstream.

  8. Inor at |

    Isn’t the jagernuke made from a glass of Red Bull and a shot of Jägermeister? You’d have to be pretty bold, and have an extra liver to dring a full glass of Jägermeister,as suggested above.


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