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  • Kyle

    wheres the cajun accordion songs? Jam mushc harder

  • badmthfckr

    No The The – This is the day?

  • Gustavo

    Anything by brazilian music/composer Luiz Gonzaga should be on this list. Accordion is huge in Brazil’s Northeast – specially on Baião and Forró, two local rhythms.

  • Raven

    No Shipping Up To Boston? A travesty!

  • Michael

    This is just one type of accordion…..the piano, quite easy to learn matter of fact….the diatonic accordion played in Irish and Cajun music is much much harder to play. Leaving out that music makes this list pretty shallow

  • jojo

    Flaco Jimenez anyone? The greatest of all time…

    • Dan

      Greatest of all-time of his style Jojo. There are many greatest of the accordion world that no one knows. Petar Ralchev, Zoltan Oroz, Richard Galliano, Gus Viseur, Eddie Monteiro, Tommy Gumina, Charles Nunzio, Cory Pesaturo, Ionica Minune, Ibro Lolov, Jarome Richard, do I need to continue?

  • Kees Wyser
  • Chris

    No Flogging Molly…at all? That’s disappointing.

  • ParusMajor

    Here’s another good one, “Sugar Bee” by Cleveland Crochet & the Hillbilly Ramblers (Goldband, 1960).

  • Jaygee

    The really heartbreaking part of the version of “Sandy” posted above is that is the very last performance of the song featuring Danny Federici. He was in the final stages of the skin cancer with eventually claimed his life. Both heartbreaking and heroic.
    Rest Easy Phantom Dan.

  • ParusMajor

    This is also good, a zydeco song “My Toot Toot” by Rockin’ Sydney (1984): The song was also covered by Fats Domino and Doug Kershaw and John Fogerty, but the original was made by Rockin’ Sydney.

  • Tom

    “Yankovich”? Come on. His name is Yankovic, and he’s a musical legend. I don’t understand people always getting his last name wrong. Doesn’t happen to any other musician of his stature.

    • Not sure how this got past the writer and the editor and me, but it is now corrected. Thanks.

  • ParusMajor

    Here’s an accordion joke version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit by the Finnish band Eläkeläiset if anyone’s interested: They mostly do cover songs in this weird “humppa” style. Here’s a Black Sabbath cover: 😀

  • Tim

    What about any of the several Fleetwod Mac songs that feature Christine McVie

  • PaulD

    Everything and anything by Yann Tiersen?


    It’s really too good.When i am listening to this video,i went to another world.Thanks for the share.

  • Dan

    How about the Actual WORLD ACCORDION CHAMPION that’s From the US and his Pop Project with his electric accordion? And his hot sidekick –

  • Stephanie

    I’m assuming you are not referring to actual polka, since you reference rock in the opening paragraph. None the less, no article about awesome accordion skills would be complete without Myron Floren, he played on Lawrence Welk and was THE reason a lot of kids took up the instrument back in the day (including me, so I’m a bit biased). Just check out that dude’s skills!!!