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  • rea

    im so sure arnel pineda would make this list!!

  • Zane

    Whoops> Fact check: Italy was a member of the Allied Powers NOT the Central Powers during WWI. So Italy fought against Germeny.

    • TopTenz Master

      Thanks for the correction.

  • David Verney

    What about the Cranberries song “Zombie”. That had an amazing cover done on it by a Spanish Flamenco band called Los Sabraos. That really should have had a mention here.

    • TopTenz Master

      And here it is.

  • redjme

    My Favorite…the Red Army singing “Crazy Music” by Ottawan. I find the strong Russian accents in this song hilarious.

  • Jelly

    That Ärzte song is NOT banned in Germany. Some of their earlier stuff was banned for “indecency” (like that song about Claudia and her, em, *loving* relationship with her German shepherd dog), but not this one.

  • marcel

    I guess the ramones spiderman didn’t make the list since they aren’t international?